Indiana offers 2016 point guard Xavier Simpson

  • 08/06/2015 9:45 am in

Indiana is making the point guard position a priority in its 2016 recruiting efforts and Xavier Simpson of Lima Central Catholic in Ohio is the latest player to receive a scholarship offer.

Simpson’s father, Quincey, announced the offer on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

The 5-foot-11 Simpson is rated the No. 79 prospect nationally in his class by the 247Composite. He is scheduled to take an official visit to Iowa State this weekend.

According to, he’s also considering Illinois, Purdue and Miami (FL).

Simpson was watched by the Indiana coaching staff in July and he closed the summer on a strong note as the King James Shooting Stars won the AAU Super Showcase in Louisville.

In 17 games on Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) circuit this year, Simpson averaged 15.6 points, 4.4 assists and 4.3 rebounds per game. He shot 48.7 percent from the field, 39.2 percent on 3s and also averaged 1.7 steals in 27 minutes per game.

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  • inLinE6

    Crean loves point guards under 6 ft.

  • Ole Man

    But most of IU’s fan base doesn’t.
    SO many other good ones who are taller.

  • IUBizmark

    Clearly this isn’t his first choice, so saying Crean loves them is hyperbole. Would you rather not land a PG in this class? He has to have options to be sure he lands a PG.

  • Lance76

    Agree with you. I would think point guard offerings may put a little pressure on a person visiting to commit.

  • marcusgresham

    Other than Yogi, who has he had under 6’at IU?
    VJIII was his first PG recruit, and he was 6’5. Same for Jeremiah Rivers.
    Johnson is a PT PG and he’s 6’3.

  • TomJameson

    At about the 2.25 mark … didn’t he just blow by another guy we’re recruiting?

  • Hardwood83

    Yes he did. Looks like a pretty quick little joker….but that was still poor defense. With D like that Fisher will fit right in at IU! (J/K)

  • SCHoosier

    Kid has a really nice touch from outside..built for the job…but Ole Man has a point about the availability of bigger points): Then again…recruiting never stops.

  • SilentBob

    I’m never sure whether you’re being sarcastic or not lol. But forget what the fan base thinks. I myself typically like guys taller than 6 ft, but if the kid can ball than screw it. According to scout there are only 5 pure point guards better than him who haven’t committed or we haven’t offered already.

  • whomikewho

    Fisher…someone else can have him with that D. I would rather have this kid. He is a coaches son, has a jump shot and a floater, and actually hustles on D. I just can not get past the blow by at the 2:20 mark on Fisher. That D is a joke!

  • BC Hoosier

    He lacks ideal size, but still looks like he can get where he wants on the floor. I see a little Mike Conley in his game. Many of those jump shots were there because the defense was playing off and respecting his speed. Love the floater as well.
    With that said, it’s not the offensive end that I worry about with a point guard under 6 feet. Can he defend his position at a high level in college, that’s the biggest question.

  • Bill Graham

    Thats hilarious! I literally just commented on the Fisher article about how there are tons of clips with him getting burnt!

  • Bill Graham

    Hulls. more of a 2 than a 1 but I think thats what he was referring to. Also, Daniel Moore…

  • Bill Graham

    I like the floater. Nice crossover. Quick. Negatives: small, reminds me of traditional purdue guards (ugh)… Rather have Brucey B!

  • Ole Man

    Now who’s using sarcasm with that last remark!! LOL! Big Ten guards, not always but for the most part, have of late been on the taller side. Hard for someone under six to guard 3 or four inches taller who is just as quick.

  • marcusgresham

    Hulls is 6’1 or so, and Daniel Moore was a walk-on, not a recruit, so I didn’t really count him.

  • SilentBob

    It’s true but I’m not sure they’d exactly match his speed. I have no idea how quick this guy is, but he looks pretty darn. He may have trouble with the physicality, but my crap memory only remembers three guards whose speed with the ball has really impressed me the last few years in the big. And that’s Tim Frazier, Keith Appling, and our own Yogi Ferrel. They’re all 6’1 and under. Of course there are plenty of players whose speed without the ball impressed me, but with the ball only those three are standing out to me. And defensively, I’m not calling this dude Chris Paul by any means, but he is a 6 ft guard in the NBA and is easily the best PG defender in the NBA. And 5’9 Tyler Ulis ain’t no joke defensively either

  • SilentBob

    Why not both? Pair this guy with Brown or Curtis Jones, or better yet both, and that’s a back court a traditional Rick Pitino back court would have trouble keeping up with!

  • Dagwoods

    Might I remind people that Louisville won the National Championship with 2 starting guards under 6ft. Height & rankings mean nothing.

  • Ole Man

    Maybe not to you, but to me Ulis is a joke. And if he is really 5’9, then I’m Chris Paul! LOL!

  • SilentBob

    Really? Everything I’ve ever read on the guy In high school and college rated him as a plus defender. Every time I’ve seen him he has put fantastic ball pressure on the opposing handler and did a very good job of funneling guys into their shot blockers. Heck of a lot better defender than his 6’5 counterpart Andrew Harrison at the very least.

  • Ole Man

    That last point is a no doubter.
    Yes; he is a good defender; hustles his backside off! However, you simply reach a point where you cannot overcome physical limitations. Today’s college game is, unfortunately, becoming more one on one with less team focus. That limits what short guards can do.

  • IU-Buckets!!

    This kid is basically a discount Steph Curry LOL

  • TomJameson

    I think that was Fisher’s sophomore year … but still. LOL