Guardian says Kegler will make official to Indiana

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Class of 2016 Oak Hill Academy (Va.) forward Mario Kegler added an offer from Indiana on Sunday and the Hoosiers are in line for one of his official visits, according to his guardian.

Omhar Carter, Kegler’s guardian and his AAU coach for MBA Elite, told Inside the Hall on Monday afternoon that IU will receive an official visit.

“We’ll definitely visit Indiana,” Carter said by phone. “That will be an official.”

Kegler, who starred at Arlington Country Day in Florida last season and Callaway High School in Jackson, Mississippi prior to that, is transferring to Oak Hill for his final season.

Carter said that Kegler had been hearing from Indiana for the last month, but said the coaching staff wanted to make sure he had legitimate interest in the program before offering a scholarship.

“They wanted to know if they did offer if they’d be seriously considered being that we’re surrounded by SEC schools,” Carter explained. “I talked to coach (Chuck) Martin. I’ve talked to coach (Tom) Crean several times. Basically, they talk about the development, making him better and turning him into a player that can play at the next level.”

Rated the No. 32 player in the 247Composite for the 2016 class, Kegler has more than 20 scholarship offers.

Carter mentioned Maryland, UConn, LSU, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State and Baylor as just a few of the schools prioritizing him as he works to set up visits this fall.

Kegler is playing in the adidas Nations Global championship game tonight, which will be broadcast live on ESPNU.

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  • inLinE6

    Is it concerning to not have any 2016 commit yet?

  • CreanFaithful

    At this point they would only be verbal commitments anyway… I’ll be concerned if we don’t have any LOI’s after the early signing period.

  • TomJameson

    Not concerning at all (IMO). In this day-and-age the recruits are a little more discerning about where they can go and get the best “deal” they can.

    I’m not talking about money, I’m talking playing time, development, and what the school can do to get them into the NBA. If we want the very top-flight talent, we have to be prepared for the extra maintenance needed to groom them. LOL

  • Arch Puddington

    I hereby commit. It’s just a verbal and I will change my mind several times, but you can go ahead and put me down for 2016.

  • SilentBob

    Yea I did a quick glance at a few of these scouting services, and I didn’t count, but I’d guesstimate around only 30%, maybe less, of top 150 kids have committed thus far. Between now and mid November that will probably jump to close to 80% with mainly kids in the top 25 left uncommitted. And then it will cool down and close out between early March and mid April.

    But we’re top 3 for Davis, 5 for Bridges, 8 for Stevens, and 10 for Alkins. Considering getting an “official” usually puts you in guys top 5 I think it would be safe to assume we would also make that top 5 cut for Jones and Kegler. From everything I’ve heard we’re the team to beat for Jenkins and Brown, and I’m sure we’re still on Thon’s radar. Plus all the guys who have kept their cards pretty close to their best so far….. Id say we’re in pretty good shape to land a pretty fine recruiting class.

  • Hoosier Pride

    I guess ill take Rojo at the 1, Alkins at the 2, Bridges at the 3, 4/5 Thon and TB, with Davis, Jones, Hartman and Stevens coming off the bench…what a drag..

  • Hoosier Pride

    oh yeah and kegler

  • Bill Graham

    Ok Ok so bear with me here…I get excited about recruits as much as anybody…and am I super excited about this kid? Heck Yes! A 6-7 kid that can drain the 3! Uh Duh!…but I’m not as excited about this kid as I am as with a guy like Alkins or Brown. Reason being: What does this guy do that O.G. can’t do??? What does he do that Juwan can’t do??? Hartman??? My point is we are super deep at the 4 right now and I see O.G. stepping in to fill that 3 spot. So I’d rather have a 2/3 than 3/4. If that makes sense.

  • Bill Graham

    And yes I’m aware that brown is a 1/2…so maybe not the best example but we still have a lot more forward depth next year than guard depth (assuming James leaves- assuming James plays defense this year)

  • Bill Graham

    Im with Bob and Tom on this one (haha)! I’ll take quality over quantity the big boys like to be courted for awhile (no pun intended) b4 they commit.

  • Bill Graham

    Why is Trey Lyles on this forum??

  • dwdkc

    Holt especially and Juwan and OG may have something to say about that rotation.

  • Dereck Johnson

    I honestly believe we land at least 4 of the following. Alkins, Davis, Bridges, Jones, Stevens, Brown, Kegler, Thon & Jenkins. Prob 5 bc they’ll be a lot of immediate PT. Plus with Thomas, RoJo, Hartman, Holt, Juwan & OG coming back. They really just need 2land 2 of the big 4 & 2/3 of the other guys, to be a legitimate threat next year. Big things this year could lead 2 a big recruiting coup. Go IU.

  • Dereck Johnson

    We’ll see how it shapes out but if we get out 2 a fast start. That could lead 2 the best recruiting coup on CTC’s career. Especially if Thomas Bryant comes back, next year.

  • SilentBob

    Makes perfect sense and too an extent I agree, more so with a player like Stevens who I love, but I’m really high in this kid. I was stoked when I heard we offered him. He has a really super advanced offensive skill set for a kid

  • SilentBob

    To me this kid may not be an NBA five star, but he is a college five star once he minimizes some of the careless mistakes he makes

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I agree completely with the notion that we should be very pleased if we land 2 of the top ones, my wish list 1 & 2 are Thon & Alkins. Then land 2-3 solid kids with potential, 3-4 star kids, and I think they are in GREAT shape.

    2016 wish list starters: RJ, JBJ, Alkins, TM, TB (understanding that it is a long shot JBJ stays for his Junior year and that TB may well be gone too).

  • Hoosier Pride

    I love holt, I would be happy with 1 or 2 of those guys.

  • TomJameson

    I don’t believe you Bill …. I think that pun was intended! LOL

  • TomJameson

    A quality big in the middle would be great to have every year or two. TB will hopefully stay for 2 years, so his “replacement” should come aboard from the 2016 class (and stay 2 to 3 years). Maker would be great, but we all know he is gone after one, and that translates into zero continuity.

    And that’s what I’m talking about, continuity at the center spot. And to me that means 6’10” or better, and quality – a line of TB-like guys would be just fine. LOL

    Actually some 6’11” guy that stays for 4 years would be awesome, as long as he had skills to bring to the table. Not necessarily a MVP, but just a good, solid, defensive-minded, center. And a succession of them! LOL

  • Bill Graham

    perhaps indeed!

  • Bill Graham

    I’m still learning his game. Certainly has the frame to do it.

  • Bill Graham

    I agree. And even the following yr. There is a reason why CTC is targeting more top 20’s in the 2017 class than normal. I think CTC knows we are going to have a chance to make some noise this year and the following year. 2 years of major success (especially march madness success) then puts us in a position to sway kids away from duke and uk.

    Also on the TB thing. I’m def expecting to lose Troy and James, but honestly I could see TB sticking around for another year ~ just an eye test impression.