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All three July evaluation periods have come and gone and we’ve updated our 2016 recruiting board with the latest information on Indiana’s recruiting efforts in the class.

Check out our latest 2016 Indiana basketball recruiting board at the link below:

2016 Indiana basketball recruiting board

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  • Arch Puddington

    Seeing that Rawle Alkins has moved down on the list is sad, but understandable. Too many big names involved to imagine us as an obvious favorite.

    On the other hand, Bruce Brown is really exciting. I could not say from any direct knowledge, but if the reports are accurate, he would be just about as good a “get” as Alkins. I have argued repeatedly here and elsewhere that the thing IU has lacked above all in recent years is physically dominant guard play. Not that we haven’t had some really excellent guards, but for all their virtues, neither Yogi nor Jordan Hulls nor James Blackmon are the kind of players who physically impose themselves on other teams, especially defensively. For all the commentary since the Syracuse loss about Zeller’s and Watford’s struggles in that game, the only statistic that matters is that Yogi and Jordy were outscored 38-0. I turned the game off the first time I saw Brandon Triche back Hulls down and score. There was just no answer for that, and two years later we STILL don’t have a great answer for it.

    Alkins would be a massive step in that direction, but so, apparently, would Brown. Great frame, great athleticism, and seemingly an energetic defender. I’d take either of them over any other player on the board, including Thon Maker.

  • LTTelamon

    You don’t think Maker would have a bigger impact, Arch? Or are you counting on Brown/Alkins staying two years?

    Or maybe it’s just attitude related. I could stomach that.

  • N71

    Victor? Rob 2015-2016? Don’t get me wrong, we get Alkins or Brown and I’m doing a cartwheel…just saying we’ve had/have some good guards.

  • Arch Puddington

    I know it sounds crazy to say I’d take these guys over Maker. I guess all I can say is that between changes in the rules, changes in the way the rules are enforced, and changes in the way even big guys are trained, the ability to control the perimeter now seems to me to be the #1 need of any championship team. Just as in football you need a good offensive line to protect even the best quarterback, dominating the point of attack in an age of dribble/drive offense is, as I see it, the single most important attribute of winning basketball.

    As I say that, though, Thon Maker looks like something from another world. Maybe he is so incredible that he would make up for whatever else we lack all by himself.

    Maybe we could compromise — let’s get Alkins, Brown, AND Maker, and then fight over who contributed most to a national championship. Here’s hoping!

  • LTTelamon

    I look forward to that discussion!

  • Arch Puddington

    Vic was definitely the kind of player I’m talking about, but on that team he primarily defended the 3. With Yogi and Hulls at 1 and 2, he was not enough by himself to control the perimeter on defense.

    And while I think the RJ may very well emerge as that type of player in the future — maybe even this year — at least to me he was not that type of player last year. Very good for a freshman, but nonetheless 1/3 of a defensive backcourt that was without exception the worst I have seen in 40 years of watching IU basketball.

    If we land either Alkins or Brown, RJ may very well be part of a truly outstanding defensive back court. By that time he will be a junior, and I suspect he will be pretty ferocious.

  • hoosier93

    That Cuse game was a mess before it started. The injuries hurt and the dumb coaching hurt even more. The refs were pretty bad as well. Zeller still somehow got 10 and 10 but was murdered consistently all night. Indiana easily has the worst zone offense in the nation as well simply because we don’t have one. Getting the ball to the middle is simple yet never happens. That year Crean and Co should have watched what UofL did. Park Gorgui on the FT line and Harrell on the baseline. For us it would have been Watford at the FT line and Zeller on the baseline.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    looks like a handful of lesser ranked kids mixed in with a generous portion of top 50’s. bottom line, given the high turnover we’re going to have (projected class of 6), we’ve gotta get some of the top tier guys if we want to be closer to duke or pUKe than wichita st or wiscy. and we better be doing it on a yearly basis.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I agree with you and I disagree at the same time. Next year is such an important recruiting class for CTC. Here’s what I’d say, either Brown or Atkins + Thon, keep our fingers crossed that TB stays 2 years, and add any other 3-4 stars on the list to round out the class. I’d consider that a nice class and it would put us in the conversation for the final 4 again (assuming the PG’s are as good as they appear).

  • Bk39

    Is this one of the best groups of recruiting offers in CTC’s era? A lot of high level talent, just not informed enough to know from all of the past years offers to make any comparisons.

  • interesting that we’re not even listed as one of the schools on Maker’s list on ESPN. Neither is ASU.

  • BigAl24

    I think the real question is: what is our lineup going to look like next year? I’m thinking it’s safe to say our definitive starters are Rob, Collin, and Holt. Maybe Juwan sneaks in there and OG develops into the sixth man energy classic OG role, but regardless we need a BIG man. I know we have a ton of spots available and that’s great, but signing 3 6’8 “bigs” won’t do nearly as much as being able to sign one 6’11 freak of nature to go along with the athletes that we already have and are developing. I also think it’s strange that we’re still so heavily involved with Deron Davis even after all the controversy his brother brought to this program. Devin was a good kid but just ruined his chance, and I don’t know if we need any more red flags at this point. But regardless, Viva la Hoosiers!

  • OhioHoosier

    They are not related.

  • MK

    So you don’t think Yogi is a definitive starter? or Troy?

  • TomJameson

    “Getting the ball to the middle is simple ….”

    Hahahahahahaha … I’m sorry, but that is a ridiculous statement.

    Come on, can’t we stop reliving the same argument about the past?

  • TomJameson

    I think BigAl must be talking about the 2016-2017 team … Of course Yogi will be gone, and probably Troy as well. 5 probably gone all together, maybe 6.

  • Kelin Blab

    Out of all these guys I really like Watson,Brown, and Stevens. I am not remotely sold on Maker….I don’t think his style of play fits at IU with Crean. Remember Vonleh was more face up and on the perimeter prior to coming to IU and moving to the block. Maker is not going to be able to play a ‘Durant’ type of game at IU.

    Love Browns in your face style of play on both ends…..constant attack on offense and constant pressure on D. Watson is a sleeper.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Maybe Thomas Bryant decides to stay a second year. Then you can put Maker at the 4. Still don’t like that? Ok, fine. Put Holt at the 4 and Maker at the 3. Just think about the mismatch damage that would create… Are you salivating yet? 🙂

  • TomJameson

    I wouldn’t be so certain that Maker wouldn’t just flourish in CTCs “positionless” system. From what I’ve seen Maker likes to run, has great handles, can block and rebound and play defense. Heck, I think he’d fit right in.

    Like HoosierStuckInKY said, call Maker a 3 or a 4 or whatever gives you a comfort level, but I think the guy would be terrific for a year then go in the top 3 of the draft. LOL

  • marcusgresham

    Maker runs like Zeller, shoots like Vonleh, and handles the ball like no 7-footer maybe ever.

  • hoosier93

    How is it ridiculous? UofL made it look pretty simple. Obviously Pitino is in another universe coaching wise… but 5th grade know how to beat a zone.

  • TomJameson

    If it was so darn easy then that’s all anybody would be doing. You’d have a ring of 3 or 4 guys just passing the ball in the middle for the score. It is a ridiculous statement because it is not just that simple.

    I know … everybody knows … that IU has not been perfect in all things that they do, but I’m a fan anyway. I think it’s atrocious that you slam them HARD for every single thing, It is getting really tiring hearing the same negativity from you ALL the time.

    You continually exaggerate their faults, and frankly it’s just getting tiring. It’s to the point that I’m starting to ignore your posts that actually make sense. You have a lot of BB knowledge, but your seemingly hatred for all things IU BB overpower my urge to glean any of you knowledge.


    At the risk of it looking like I’m piling on when it comes to what Crean does and doesn’t do, that game was a perfect example of one of my biggest complaints when it comes to his coaching style. I’ve said on more than one occasion that there is a place and time for just about everything and that includes getting T’d up. If there was ever a game that screamed for that to become part of the game plan it was that game. He says doing that will never do any good or ever change anything, but I whole heartedly disagree, there are times that it will and does and that game was one of those times. I think it would have made a difference, if done at the right time, it damn sure wasn’t going to make the officiating any worse in that game. Hell at least do something besides put your hands together behind your back, lean forward, politely ask a question and then just shake your head and silently walk away after getting some BS answer, if you even get an answer.


    I’m with you on the, “getting the ball to the middle is simple” thing. I know that he constantly rags on Crean, which does get really old at times. When he does make a good point I think it’s easy for it to get overlooked cause he puts it out there in between jabs at Crean. I think he does have a point when it comes to Crean not even trying to replicate, in some form, what worked so well for UL against them, plus that is a common option to try and use against that type of zone. When everything else wasn’t working he should have at least given it a look and as far as that goes probably should have practiced it a fair amount just to have as one of his contingency plans if his initial game plan went south. I think some people keep bringing up that particular game, for obvious, and painful, reasons, but also because they see that game as a good example of him being too stubborn to change his game plan when the original one isn’t working at all and/or him looking like he doesn’t know of anything else to try. I’m not saying that I completely agree with that train of thought, but I do think it is some of the main reasons why people continue to bring it up.


    Oops, should have read on and wouldn’t have had to type out a bunch of what I did above. lol


    I find absolutely nothing that I don’t agree with in your comments for this thread, all points hit the nail squarely on the head as far as I’m concerned.

  • hoosier93

    They really aren’t exaggerated faults. They were god awful on defense last year because they were lazy. That’s just a fact. They don’t have a zone offense that works. We’ve seen it over 7 years. We don’t have a coaching staff that can play towards a teams strength that isn’t 3pt shooting. It isn’t exaggerating. It’s fact. It’s what we’ve seen over 7 years. If you don’t want to believe it then that’s you. But some people have faced reality about where Indiana basketball is and what it’s going to take to get back to being good.

  • TomJameson

    The ENTIRE team was not lazy and awful. Colin and Yogi were both good defenders, they just had to play out of position because the others were out of position a lot and couldn’t keep in front of their man. YES, they all need to improve individually and as a team. The dribble-drive offense is what Crean plays. Can’t be any simpler than that. As far as a “zone” offense … well that’s just hitting threes to spread the floor, then it makes it a whole lot easier to … wait for it … get the ball inside. LOL When nobody is hitting outside then you have a lot of long, athletic players clogging up the middle. When your main 3-pt threat has a dislocated shoulder then you are screwed from the beginning.

    Same arguments back and forth as they’ve been since the night of the game. Nothing resolved, nothing gained.

    I happen to think Indiana basketball is on the rise. If you want immediate results coming from nothing, then I’m sorry. And yes, I think it is just now, last year and this year, starting to really come together. We had a setback for (IMO) 2 years because of the “chemistry” and legal troubles the boys were into, but I sincerely hope that is all behind them now.

    No program, EVER, has started with fewer returning minutes that the first team CTC put on the floor. That includes the Evansville Aces when they had that huge tragedy and lost almost the entire team in a plane wreck. I’ll give CTC the time … and the benefit of the doubt.

    And no … no koolaid drinking here … just a little overboard defending of the IU team. I see the problems, I just don’t see ONLY the problems.

    Back to the burn-pit. Cleaning up the back yard some and it feels like 800 degrees out there. lol

  • hoosier93

    Yogi was like our worst defender and defended the other teams PG. He was never out of position. He was just lazy. Hartman was still bad just not as bad as everyone else. Our best defenders were Troy, Holt and Perea. And you don’t need to hit a bunch of 3’s to get the ball to middle. UofL was just coached by someone that knows how to coach a great basketball team. But a ton of other coaches have figured out Cuse’s zone as well. They may not beat Cuse but they’ve figured out how to play against them. The easiest thing another team can do is just play zone against Indiana.

  • hoosier93

    In French Lick it’s 90… but feels 110!

  • TomJameson

    yeah … Newburgh — 94/111 And tending a fire getting rid of tree debris. I should be playing golf, and in French Lick! LOL

  • TomJameson

    Not going to argue anymore about it. Suffice to say I agree with almost none of what you just said, a little, but mostly not. LOL

    At least we can disagree and not get TOOO heated about it.

  • hoosier93

    It really isn’t an argument. Yogi was one of our worst defenders. The statistics show it.

  • Bill Graham

    Realistically, I don’t see either of them starting. I see our best lineup as: Priller at the point, Burton at the 2, Fuchs at the 3, Ritchie at the 4, and Niego at the 5.

  • Bill Graham

    I agree. Especially on the Maker point. Maker is a big 5 that can run the floor and get transition buckets….and since CTC rarely plays uptempo or uses the 5 for easy layups in transition I see no use for Maker.

  • Bill Graham

    Apparently via some inside sources that’s one of the main reasons Calbert left. He told CTC that we needed to play bigger guards like Remy and Mo but CTC said something to the nature of, “thats fine but thats not what we’re going to do.”

  • Bill Graham

    um you clearly have forgotten about Roy Hibbert. Crazy handles.

  • hoosier93

    Yea from what I’ve heard Calbert didn’t get along with Crean.

  • TomJameson

    The stats don’t take into account Yogi was guarding out of position a lot. Stats can (almost) be used to bolster any side of an argument. Don’t trust stats standing alone … at least I don’t.

  • hoosier93

    Yogi hardly ever playing out of position. He was always guarding the opposing PG. There is no reason to make excuses. Yogi just sucked at defense last year. All there is to it.

  • TomJameson

    Man, you are just absolutely wrong about that. I can’t tell you how many times folks have complained about Yogi guarding the center because of switches.

    Sometimes I just don’t know what team you are watching, but then I realize … you’re watching IU, but through your black, pessimistic, everything IU BB is bad, glasses.