NCAA approves 30-second shot clock, other rules changes

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The NCAA announced via the March Madness Twitter account on Monday afternoon that the proposed rules changes for men’s basketball have been approved.

Chief among the changes are a 30-second shot clock, a reduction of timeouts and the restricted area arc moving from three feet to four feet.

You can read the NCAA’s release on the rules changes from last month here.

Last week at the “on the road” tour stop at Huber Winery in Borden, Tom Crean discussed the rules changes, specifically the 30-second shot clock and allowing only a total of 10 seconds to advance the ball to the front court.

“What I think it becomes is, who is going to figure out a way to not just play within that 30 second clock, but who is going to do the better job constantly, game in and game out, of creating more possessions, which is going to create more easy baskets, which is going to create more fouls, allows you to play more guys,” Crean said. “We want to have a deep team. When you go to the bench and there’s not a huge difference between 8, 9 and 10 versus 3, 4 and 5 in that lineup, now you’ve really got a chance to be good.

“The 10-second backcourt rule, if there’s a timeout called, you don’t get a new 10 seconds. I think that’s great so you’ve got to pressure and at the same time, your press offense is going to have to be good, your secondary break is going to have to be good. How you attack changing defenses… some of the people I’ve talked to are definitely going to look at pressing more back into a zone because what they’re going to do is try to create confusion, slow that clock down, make you try to make plays inside of the shot clock. Now where you get into your shot clock offense at 10, 11, 12 seconds, now you better really be good seven seconds and under, eight seconds and under.

“So that’s where the changes are going to be. It’s not about, let’s just get ready for these rules. Let’s see how far into we can get at an even higher level with creating those possessions and having an understanding of how well that ball has to move without wasting time and with playing the game with more of a pace constantly, especially on the defensive end.”

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  • hoosier93


  • Ivy Walls

    back court pressure, esp 3/4 court will carve 5-8 sec off 30, leaving 2 rotations, but Tom Crean & Co, dribbling in one place at the top of the key as the offense is getting set will kill you. The old motion offense really would work well against the M-2-M, the Syracuse Defense would be a killer, and the old Razorback 94 feet of pain would be difficult

  • hoosier93

    A zone only hurts of you’re standing and passing it around the perimeter…. which is IU’s zone offense. And should be the only defense any teams plays against us.

  • Jeremy

    30 sec shot clock, fewer time outs?? Coaches must now think faster on their feet? Holy S…….

  • hoosier93

    I never get why coaches call so many timeouts. Acting like they don’t ever practice.

  • At the Quarries

    A timeout IS part of the game. It punctuates the game in ways other than simply pure “instruction” to players.

  • I don’t like the fact that the NCAA is basically taking time-outs away from the teams, but keeping the tv timeouts. I remember ESPN commentators last season, particularly the uber-whiny Jay Bilas, complaining about having too many time-outs and that they needed to take away some of them. The whole reason there were “too many time outs” each game was because the league and media companies got together and engineered into the game extra time outs for commercials. So now it comes full circle, teams get fewer timeouts for themselves, but the NCAA and cable companies keep their arbitrary time-stopping commercial breaks. They caused the problem, so maybe they should also give up their time-outs, especially as tv time-outs are the most egregious violators of a game’s natural flow. And incredibly obnoxious and repetitive. Just one more example of how corporate capitalism cheapens the quality of things for no additional pay-off to anyone but themselves. Such a bad move, and the teams and their fans won’t even have the sense to take notice what happens right under their noses. Tv timeouts are horrible disruptions to the game. If people want fewer timeouts, then get rid of those artificial stoppages that have nothing to do with the game itself. Don’t take away the teams’ timeouts that have been a part of the game since forever. Poor leadership from the NCAA, and poor taste.

  • marcusgresham

    For the 6 billionth time…..IU’s offense is not the problem. You may not like how it’s run, but it’s effective.

  • hoosier93

    Timeouts really aren’t that needed. And there were way too many for each team. Really 4 is enough.

  • hoosier93

    TV timeouts are a must or you won’t have sports on TV.

  • Some guys just don’t get it do the Marcus?… Anything to slam the Hoosiers.. personally and I might be wrong about this, but the times that did happen, I got the distinct impression that was because Yogi wanted to take some time off the clock.. not that they were waiting for the O to get set.

  • I really doubt that the TV companies will ever be willing to give up their timeouts. After all that is what makes basketball a lucrative sport. People like to see it, broadcasters sell the TV companies on carrying the games, the companies running the commercials are doing it and paying the TV companies, because they get time to run their commercials and sell stuff… That’s why the TV companies carry the games. If that commercial money goes away, so does the money supporting the thing called college basketball.

  • Hoosier_PD

    You have to pay to watch the B1G, so the networks are making money.

  • Well said and in far fewer words than I so eloquently but profusely verbosely stated…

  • Miamihoosier

    The Bennett’s first at Wisconsin, Wasington St now at Virginia, and Bo Ryan depend on playing the game to a grinding halt. This rules change will really hurt their strategy. I love it, and think it fits IU ‘s system and players

  • hoosier93

    Actually it wont. They’ll still be fine. They just try to be efficient. Bo Ryan knows how to play quick.

  • SCHoosier

    How would you like to pay $20 bucks to your provider to watch a game?

    No commercials at all..of course that discriminates against various parts of our society who can’t pay that..but direct t pay per event is where they would go if the regulators let them. Commercial time outs need to be more tightly regulated..but I’ll take the commercials to having everything the average guy wants to watch going to pay-tv.

  • SCHoosier

    There you go..owners/big media companies would charge viewers cash for each game if the regulators allowed them too.

  • SCHoosier

    Well you appy limited pressure..and its down to 25 sec before you can get into your offense. Tight defense will really mess teams up..and if we’re “lucky” we’ll see the passing game totally eliminated in favor of dribble and shoot. More like the NBA every day. Sad really..I hope somebody ask Knight what he thinks of it..that would be good for some laughs.

  • SCHoosier

    Have to beat the zone down the floor..cause teams that pass & screen effectively or screen can’t cut it with the reduced time IMO. Run and gun..any pass you see beyond two in a possession will be unusual..

  • Donnie Vick

    Absolutely. They strategize around the rules that have been given to them.

  • Donnie Vick

    You’re absolutely right but somebody’s got to pay the bills

  • oldiugymnast

    Agree 100%. We were number 9 in adjust offensive efficiency and number 72 in adjusted tempo. Not for nothing, but I think a shorter clock plays into our strengths and against Wiscy, OSU and State.

  • Robert Golden

    NCAA reducing the number of timeouts…they figured CTC wasn’t using them anyway!

  • Mr. Mitchell

    Faster game. Quicker look at the cash flow statement

  • hoosier93

    Now you’re just over thinking. It won’t be that much different. It shouldn’t be anyways. If you run a good offense then you’re fine. If you play basketball like it’s supposed to be played and not just stand around then you’re fine.

  • Mr. Mitchell

    Will somebody tell Hightower Teddy V pat Driscoll the rules changed please

  • Mr. Mitchell

    Very confusing when the broadcasters struggles with the Kia halftime show brought to you by Sprint live right here at State Farm studios

  • Well, supply and demand would still apply, and I doubt that they’d be able to demand $20/game. I just can’t imagine there’d be enough people willing to pay that much. Rather, I’d see them going with a streaming option at some amount per season, a la NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, but perhaps not so pricy.

    I don’t doubt they’d figure it out, unless college basketball just isn’t worth it to enough people. In which case, well, I guess that answers its own question.

  • Bill

    Seems like positive changes for today’s game.

    On a side note- no reason at all to think this – does anyone else think unlv sudden killer team is a little fishy. Seems rather … U know

  • At least they won’t be saying from the Comerica Assembly Hall mixed in there.. Comerica or any of the banks wouldn’t have put up 40 mil to renovate Assembly Hall Maybe they’ll just abbreviate it SS Assembly Hall. Seems everything nowadays has to have a sponsors name on it.. Gotta maximize the $$ coming into the coffers…lol..

  • Ole Man

    If they aren’t needed why is everyone on TC’s case about saving TOs?

  • Ole Man

    For the last time, you just don’t get it. It’s effective until other teams defense it. NW even stopped it last year.

  • Lance76

    To anyone who has studied the changes, can you still call time out falling out of bounds to save the possession?

  • At the Quarries

    LOL. That got a whole bunch of people scratching their heads.

  • Ole Man

    This puts even more emphasis on good D.

  • IULore

    All of these changes benefit Indiana.

  • Devout Hoosier

    It’s only five seconds. It won’t make a big difference. The ten seconds total time will make end of games more interesting perhaps.

  • Bill Graham

    And this just in, “Bo Ryan Retires.”

  • Bill Graham

    Haha! They’d have to know the rules first!

  • Dereck Johnson

    They were missing shots. It’s really that simple. Well plus the D was horrible especially in that Northwestern game. We scored 40 in the 1st half. I’ve read a lot of ur posts & I don’t understand, why u think our D will be about the same as last yr. I believe it’ll be greatly improved. Bryant, Troy, Rob, Holt, Hartman & Yogi leading the way. #Top50D

  • Hawg49Pan

    They’re going to keep messing with the game until it’s a useless as the NBA’s game. Two thumbs down! Terrible move!

  • hoosier93

    This right here…. makes no sense at all.

  • marcusgresham

    When you’re 9th in the country in adjusted offense you have a successful offense. Sure, you have a bad game or two but if you’re 9th in the country the numbers come out in defense of your system. Wisconsin was #1 and got held to 55 points by a crappy Penn State team.

  • marcusgresham

    You’ll pay a hell of a lot more if they don’t air commercials.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Kelvin Sampson is banned from coaching NCAA bball because of texting, then 3 years later it is ok for the NCAA to use Twitter!

  • marcusgresham

    As long as your feet are on the ground you can call a timeout. Thankfully a few years ago they did away with the idiotic timeouts that were being called while the guy was jumping out of bounds.

  • TomJameson


  • Ole Man

    Marcus….I get where you’re coming from….last 15 games of the season we went 4-11 and averaged just barely 70 a game.

  • Jtime

    Clyde you are absolutely right. And for those making the money argument:
    1. Clyde is saying the integrity, flow, coaching control of the game are compromised by TV timeouts. I’m not sure how anyone could argue otherwise. If you are going to eliminate timeouts, eliminate a TV timeout per half. For example, TV timeout every 5 minutes instead of 4.
    2. There will still be plenty of timeouts where ads can be run, he’s not suggesting eliminate all timeouts. He’s just placing higher value on a coach’s timeout rather a TV timeout. That’s how it should be.

    On the larger issue, I think the shorter shot clock really favors teams that can play great defense more than it rewards efficient offenses. But that is equally as debatable.