Bielfeldt waiting out Hoiberg status before making decision

  • 05/28/2015 8:58 pm in

Michigan graduate transfer Max Bielfeldt, who is still considering three schools is his recruitment, is waiting to see what happens with Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg before making a decision on where he’ll play next season.

The Chicago Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau on Thursday and it’s been widely speculated that Hoiberg is the leading candidate for that position.

As Bielfeldt considers a final list of Indiana, Iowa State and Nebraska, he told Inside the Hall via text message on Thursday evening that he’s going to be watching the Bulls vacancy carefully.

“I think I’m going to wait a little longer to see what comes out of the Bulls coaching vacancy and coach Hoiberg,” Bielfeldt said.

Indiana’s recruitment of Bielfeldt began earlier this month following the dismissals of Devin Davis and Hanner Mosquera-Perea, which opened two scholarships.

He took an official visit to Bloomington on May 17-18 and had originally planned to announce a decision in the days following that trip. However, he announced on May 22 that he had eliminated DePaul and would use the Memorial Day weekend to ponder his decision.

That plan, however, has now shifted based on Hoiberg’s candidacy in Chicago.

A native of Peoria, Illinois, Bielfeldt averaged 5.1 points and 3.6 rebounds in 14.5 minutes per game last season for the Wolverines and will be eligible immediately. He was granted his release from Michigan in late April after it was announced that Caris LeVert would return for his senior season and won an appeal with the Big Ten that will allow him to transfer within the conference.

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  • Jeremy

    I think that sums up his first choice.

  • IUHope

    How many players from ISU will choose to transfer and open up options?

  • IURob1997

    Possible but they’d have to sit out a year and we need size next year

  • IUHope

    Even with a coaching change?

  • IUfanforever

    Hmmm…maybe if he likes Hoiberg so much…maybe he should just try out with the Bulls?

  • IURob1997

    Yes that’s the big argument against the NCAA and how coaches can do whatever and players can’t

  • inLinE6

    Exactly. I thought it is going to be between ISU and Bulls. We’ll just continue to work on Thon.

  • Hoosieriniowa

    Zero chance. They are a top 3 to 5 preseason. As much as they love The Mayor they are not leaving a program that strong no matter who the coach will be. My guess is it will be another alum named Hornacek.

  • jayrig5

    Not necessarily fair. Might be a toss up, and he just wants to make a fully informed decision.

  • Robert Golden

    “I think I will wait to see who takes over the position,” he told the Des Moines Register. So CTC is the “fallback” coach haha

  • TomJameson

    I can certainly understand Max’s thinking of himself. I’d like him to come to IU, but he would probably get more time at ISU, and if he connects with Hoiberg better than with Crean, then that’s okay as well. My understanding is that not everyone loves Tom Crean … even among the IU faithful … LOL

    I think Hoiberg goes to the NBA, so that would leave the question as to who would replace him at ISU??

  • Hardwood83

    Iowa St has made a living on transfers under Hoiberg, and they’ll be good,so makes sense it’s attractive to Max. However, I’ve been to Ames, IA….I’m not eager to return.

  • ScoopGeoff

    Why do you think he’d get more time at ISU? They have starters coming back at the 4 and 5 that will be getting huge minutes next year…. Meanwhile, the entire reason we have room for him on the roster is because we kicked two bigs off the team… Leaving us with a frosh C, and a PF who came off the bench last year (Holt).

  • TomJameson

    I’ve been reading up on that and you’re right, so I’ll back off a bit on what I said. But I don’t really thing there’ll be much difference in playing time. Of the 2 bigs we lost, I think HMP was the piece we needed to replace with somebody like Max.

    I think that TB has skills, but we also have Holt and Morgan (yes, another frosh) for backup. Even though our need may be greater I believe the playing time would be around the same with maybe a bit more at IU.

  • Realityvill-an

    hmmm…lets see. I can play for Crean or Hoiberg? wow..pretty tough decision. can you imagine what would happen to ol creamer if you tied his hands together for a game? he may actually be forced to coach

  • dwdkc

    Makes sense, ISU looks more likely to win big than IU but I would think his prospects for minutes are even less than IU. So he wants to win more than he wants to play. I think this would rule out Nebraska.

  • Outoftheloop

    Max mistakes being the only game in town with being important! Everywhere he is looking he will be the same player as he was at MI, a quality reserve off of the bench. If he picks IU, good, we could use one. If he does not, good, Morgan will get the time and attention that his considerable talent and potential deserves! IU will be very good either way!

  • TomJameson

    I agree loop! If Max comes we can certainly use him for depth at that position, practice, and maybe learning off his defensive skills. At the same time I like the idea of Morgan getting more playing time. Only problem with that is I don’t want him to get overwhelmed either, he is still a freshman with everything that entails. TB gets a little more slack because he is more talented and college ready.

  • SCHoosier me.. that news means IU is his second choice..if not his third. Tine to move on.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Snore – if he comes, fine. If not, I can’t say I really care —- He’s not that good.

    Now Thon, that’s a different story — I wish he would decide!

  • At the Quarries

    Good, the kid is being honest. At least we know where we stand with him. I’m going to assume he’ll be very good for us until I see otherwise. How’s that for positive thinking??!!


    Kinda what I was thinking. Reading between the lines, everything he says seems to say I’d rather go somewhere and play limited minutes and win and with a team that has a chance to win big than go somewhere and be ” the man “, but then again reading between the lines when it comes to recruiting isn’t an exact science, by any means, even for the experienced ones.

  • Eugene Debs

    Hopefully Crean replaces him at ISU.