• SilentBob

    Well this was a nice pick me upper after what has happened recently in IUBB news. Yea he needs to work on his skills as most guys his age, but he is so tough and long that I have little doubt that he will be no less than a “focal point” (his own words) at IU next season. If that 7’6 wingspan is true then that would have been the best at the NBA combine this year and a half inch better than Anthony Davis’ measurements there. I wonder what his stand and reach is. My guess is it’s the best we have had under Crean.

  • Robert Golden

    Bryant’s most recent official measurement: 9-foot-4 standing reach.

  • robmac10

    The fact the pump fake and a jumper is already part of his game is so exciting. Also (I get it’s not the same caliber as B1G) the number of clean blocks he got in that video shows he has a good eye for gauging opponents shots. Let’s get this season started already.

  • SilentBob

    Really? That’s amazing. That would have tied for a combine best this year as well. And the players that tied it were all an 1.5 or more inches taller than him. Put some more meat on his bones, with that motor, and he will be dominant on the glass. If his timing is as good as these highlights suggest he should be able to eat up a fair amount of mistakes as well. There is also something to be said about his team first attitude and the fact he played for one of the most winning prep programs in the country. I’m excited

  • BobbyBeGoodKnight

    Where’s the dunks?

  • IU track Alumni

    Surprisingly nice face up fundamentals. The most polished player under Crean era out of high school

  • Was glad to see that he seems to have some strength (yes, against high school players) and likes to finish strong. Always looking to score, even if someone happens to be in his way. Lots of fire, as well, and I noticed he often beat the defense down the court. Overall an exciting player. Can’t wait.

  • crimson_chas

    Don’t get upset, great pick up…but it seems like he lacks jumping ability (im serious)…not much “spring.” Is anyone else seeing this? His length and size obviously makes up for it (I hope).

  • SCHoosier

    TB is not a great leaper..but he’s a baller with instincts for the game. I loved the defensive plays shown on the tape as well as his face the bucket jumper. Kid has a total offensive game and gets down the floor. He won’t look like a deer in the headlights and will mix it up inside. If TB gets ANY defensive improvement from our perimeter players & a decent back-up to give him a breather..Hoosiers are going to be 90% better in the post than they were last year.

  • crimson_chas

    Point taken.

  • crimson_chas

    Good Point!

  • hoosier93

    Cody Zeller is coming back?

  • bvillehoosier

    If he’s really got a standing reach of 9’4″ all he needs to be able to do is jump over a phone book and he’ll be fine.


    You mean Rik Smits like hops ? lol