Devin Davis cited for possession of marijuana, suspended indefinitely

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Indiana forward Devin Davis, who missed all of last season following a traumatic brain injury, was cited for possession of marijuana on Monday night by the IU police department.

The news was first reported by Mike Miller of The Herald-Times.

Davis was cited just after 8 p.m. after the IU police department was called to Hickory Hall, which is on Union Street. According to IUPD, officers could smell marijuana coming from an open second floor window and found marijuana in Davis’ backpack. He was cited for marijuana possession under 30 grams and will have a court date.

IU announced early Tuesday afternoon that Davis has been suspended indefinitely from all team activities.

“We have been made aware that Indiana sophomore Devin Davis was cited by IUPD for possession of marijuana in an IU dormitory room last evening,” IU media relations said in a statement. “Effective immediately, Davis has been suspended from all team activities. Any additional action related to Davis’ status will occur after further review of this matter. We understand that junior Hanner Mosquera-Perea was present at the time of the incident but was not charged by IUPD. Mosquera-Perea’s role, if any, will also be reviewed as part of this matter.”

Davis, a product of Warren Central, was hospitalized for 19 days following an accident last November that also involved Emmitt Holt, but was able to return to school for the second semester and even dressed for IU’s final regular season game against Michigan State.

He also traveled with the team for several games during the second semester.

The Warren Central product has three years of eligibility remaining and averaged 2.4 points and 2.6 rebounds in 8.8 minutes per game as a freshman.

Last month, Indiana coach Tom Crean said he was hopeful that Davis would be able to return to the court next season.

“He’s doing everything everybody else is doing except he does not play and he doesn’t get any contact,” Crean said. “But we won’t know probably – we’ll know a lot better in the summer, but we may not totally know until we get into the school year, but am I projecting him to be here? Well, certainly in my own mind I am, but does that mean he is completely? Not yet. Medically speaking not yet.”

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  • SCHoosier

    Oh come on..Ole Man and I were just engaging in a little light sarcasm there. Light one up….eeerrrr I mean “lighten up”.

  • mark

    My controlled study is Colorado, If you have any objectivity at all left in you (most liberals these days don’t, thanks to a media that is dominated by liberal activists), look up articles on the effects of legalization there. There’s dozens that prove my point, and other studies besides … but go ahead and keep cherry-picking. As for your argument that Reagan was “racist”, that’s a funny one since under Reagan black unemployment declined by 20%, whereas under Obama it has risen significantly; under Reagan, more blacks escaped poverty than under any other President in modern times; race relations were relatively good, whereas now, well …. if you think Reagan was racist, you must think Obama is part of the Klan, huh?

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    wow, you’re telling me not to judge while depicting me sitting behind an ivory keyboard? and you’re basically calling those officers racists?

    i’m not even going to get into your ridiculous logic as to how he’s a victim, because it’s exactly that. but i do hope you realize how incredibly hypocritical you’re being.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    yes, it is. he knowingly and willfully broke the rules. period. you make it sound like he was doing it to make some kind of political statement or something. he knowingly and willfully broke the rules. period. he put himself before his coach and his team because he wanted to get high. he didn’t have medical clearance, he isn’t of unsound mind, he’s not the victim of some racist sting. he knowingly and willfully broke the rules. period.

    seriously, is it that big a deal to not smoke weed??? you make it sound like it’s an absolute necessity to sustain life. ‘boo hoo, coach told me i can’t smoke weed. what am i going to do without it! my life is ruined!’.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    is it soooo important that they do smoke weed??? soooo important that they jeopardize their education (and therefore future), put their coaches and team (who steadfastly supported him the first time he did something stupid) behind the 8-ball? if it’s that important to him, then he shouldn’t waste time playing basketball at iu. instead of those grueling two hour practices, he could be spending that time toking it up and playing hacky sack. he can’t have it both ways. fair or unfair (and i think it’s entirely fair), you’re held to a higher standard when you play basketball at iu.

    it has nothing to do with people expressing their self-righteousness (though that’s exactly what you’re doing). it has to do with the fact that he broke the rules, and once again brought negative attention to a team that needed anything but.why? so he could get high. not because of some political statement, like you prefer to portray it. why is this so hard for people to understand!

  • mark

    In fact, speaking of “straw men”, please provide us with PROOF that the laws making marijuana illegal were “racist in intent”, and even more, that the “war of drugs is demonstrably racist in practice.” Then, PROVE to us that Reagan’s intentions were sinister, as you imply. For example, I could easily prove to you that Barack Obama has racist inclinations, for instance by noting that he sat in the pews of racist (anti-white) “pastor” Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, or by the fact that he sent 3 White House reps to the funeral of cop-attacker Michael Brown, while not having the DOJ even meet with the white cop who was attacked … but this is not even to mention the numerous statements of Obama , too.


    Very well put my friend, very well put.

    I really must do some studying so as to learn to get my thoughts and opinions out in much shorter form, but still get my point across like you do. Sometimes, when it’s something that I feel truly passionate about, it just seems to start rushing out of my fingertips and onto the keyboard, and before I know it, it’s a short novel.

  • mark

    You have absolutely no clue about “truly Muslim countries”. Saudi Arabia is Wahhabi, which is not “truly Muslim.” Likewise, Iran is not “truly Muslim”. Read the books of W Chittick (“The Vision of Islam”) or of H Nasr to discover what is “truly Muslim”. Or Titus Burckhardt’s books about medieval Spain. Just like Christianity, Islam has been greatly deformed in modern times, which is exactly what its Prophet said would occur towards the end of time (likewise Christ). As for “science”, no idea what you’re referring to, because real science only supports everything that religion has claimed for millennia. Now of course if some so-called “scientist” comes with a load of biases as do the majority of “scientists” today, you may believe otherwise …

  • mark

    Forgot to answer your claim that before us enlightened, superior moderns, there’s only an “undeniable history of bigotry, brutality and horror”. Ok, answer this: what was the bloodiest century in human history” Answer: the 20th century, and it is not even close. In the name of “progressivism” and secularism, Stalin killed 18 million Christians, Hitler killed 6 million Jews and Catholics, Mao killed millions and destroyed the Tibetan culture, Pol-pot killed millions … I could go on. Really, under close historical analysis, your argument completely falls apart.

  • mark

    Still need to address the “bigotry” idea now that your earlier errors, doubtless the result of decades of misinformation, have been dispelled (as St Paul wrote, “In the last times …. they shall not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts they shall heap unto themselves teachers according to their own passions … and shall believe fables …” He was St Paul, you know, called “the Apostle” by zillions of Christians for 2000 years including the greatest of theologians, saints, etc, , yet you think he was a bigoted buffoon!) (again, read the books I mentioned for further proof). So you are claiming that Christ (or St Paul, which amounts to Christ) was “bigoted”, for instance for saying that homosexual behavior is sinful or that women should not preach (obviously, you do think you know more than Christ). But let’s look at “bigotry”: right now in Indiana, we have people who are so bigoted against Christianity, as well as Islam and Judaism, that they cannot even tolerate that the followers of these religions do not participate in business that would support their homosexual behavior. In fact, so much of the real bigotry that has manifested over hundreds of years can be traced to the racism inherent in LIBERALISM: since people like you think we are so superior to the peoples and cultures of the past, in the name of that superiority we “enlightened” moderns can destroy the American Indians, the Tibetans, the Algerians, the Africans, the (Hindu) Indians, the Orthodox Russian Christians …. all of this REALLY HAPPENED WITH YOUR IDEOLOGY! Pretty obvious for anyone with eyes to see. Unfortunately, we live in a world that systematically denies this reality.

  • SilentBob

    I’m just saying its possible and I won’t pretend to know anything about the person. Perhaps Devin was unlucky enough to draw one of four practicing ultra conservatives on campus for a neighbor. Perhaps the dude had a vendetta against the basketball team which seems the most unlikely. Perhaps the dude had beef with Devin. I don’t know him either. Perhaps he is one of the those athletes that thinks you should worship the ground they walk on. Whose gonna start beef with a 6’7 230 lbs dude? Not me. Screwed him over when he had the chance perhaps.

    All I know is I knew the risk when I participated in such things and so should Devin. There is also a chance this might have shown up on a drug test anyway. So either A) be careful about it or B) preferably don’t do it. Your athlete. Your lungs are pretty important to your career. What’s that corny quote? If you play with fire you’re bound to get burnt?

  • Eugene Debs

    Yeah, I see the relevance there.

  • INUnivHoosier

    It’s two complete sentences.

    This is a college sporting website. While you don’t have to attend/graduate to be a fan, you do reflect the image of IU.

    He needed a comma before “and.”

    Point being, it is easy to pick out grammatical errors and be a jerk about it. I mess up; you mess up; we all mess up. They all understood what she was saying, and they disagreed with her. Instead of simply disagreeing, they had to denigrate her. I don’t think it is necessary.

  • INUnivHoosier

    When there are team rules (or NCAA/school rules) that clearly emphasize certain behavior (e.g. not smoking marijuana, not drinking underage), those behaviors are viewed differently by the coaching staff/administration. If Tom Crean institutes a team rule against jaywalking, then I think your point stands.

    The fact is, these guys don’t have to be perfect; they just have to keep their noses clean. I don’t think it is hard for them to understand that jaywalking is not going to get them in hot water; smoking weed is.

    You are trying to draw a straight line between non-violent, victimless crimes. The fact is, we don’t even do that in our “normal” society. Why would they do it in the basketball or college sports world? Clearly we think some things are worse than others. Then, layer the fact that this is not only a violation of state law, like jaywalking, it is a violation of explicit NCAA and team rules, unlike jaywalking. It is clearly, and undeniably, different. Like it or not, and frankly, I don’t like it, marijuana use is stigmatized in our society. When you buck the system, you deal with the consequences. For DD’s sake, I hope whatever reason he had to buck the system was worth it.

  • oldiugymnast

    Wow – Just wow. For starters, Paul has not been called “the Apostle” by zillions of Christians for 2000 years. That is demonstrably false. He almost didn’t make it into the canonical books. But furthermore, the suggestion that all of us must tolerate the bigotry of a small fraction of Christians who want to treat a substantial part of our community as second class citizens – even the many that are Christian – is absurd on its face. The problem here is that you don’t understand what bigotry is. Bigotry is not something a group with little power can do to a group with all the power. You don’t want liberty – you want to be the authority. You want to maintain old, outmoded social structures that benefit you at the expense of others. That is the very definition of bigotry.

    And to think that liberalism is bigoted for asking that all humans be included in the rights that Thomas Jefferson so eloquently outlined is hardly accurate! It wasn’t bigoted liberals that killed millions of native Americans! That was the Catholic Church, followed by the protestant south, followed by conservatives who demanded that the native americans follow YOUR religion. The Tibetans were not killed because of their religion – they were killed because of power. The Indians in India were killed because of a CHRISTIAN colonial power oppressing them for money – a very conservative idea. And lastly, the Russian Orthodox were not killed by liberalism. They were killed by Stalinism – A decidedly illiberal authoritarian despotic regime, and the very much Christian NAZI’s (most of your 18M were killed by Hitler, not by Stalin – not excusing Stalin’s purge of the white russians and the pogroms against the russian jews). Your entire worldview is based on demonstrably false ideas. The idea that Wahabi Muslims aren’t Muslim – Surely the Sunni’s would disagree with you about how “true” their faith was. And the Shia? Seriously, you are claiming that the Iranians, Afghans and Pakistanis aren’t “true” muslims? And then to claim that two countries where women cannot vote and cannot own property are superior to liberal democracies because they have oppressive societies and low crime? Wow. Just wow.
    And the books you think are so awesome? They have been absolutely destroyed by people that use, you know – facts. Let me guess – Dinesh D’Sousa’s books are well researched too?

    You are entitled to your opinion. But facts are facts and you are making up “facts” out of whole cloth to support your world view.

  • oldiugymnast


    1. Hitler was a right wing Christian and NAZIs were fundamentally right wing nationalist and despotic. They were fascists for christ sake.

    2. Stalin didn’t kill 18 Million anyone. Most of that 18M were people killed by NAZIs. And Stalin was not a progressive or secular – he was an authoritarian despot. Because he claimed Marx’s ideas – and demonstrably not following any of the – does not make him liberal. Just as NAZIs taking over a small socialist group and turning them into a fascist group doesn’t make NAZIs liberal. Authoritarianism – even the leftist version – is entirely unrelated to the American concepts of liberalism.

    3. Mao was never a communist. Sorry – but a 1st year poli sci student knows this. He was a leftist authoritarian despot. These are not the same thing. And last I checked Lhasa still exists, as does Tibetan culture. Not excusing his murdering Tibetans, but you are engaging in hyperbole.

    4. Pol Pot didn’t kill millions in the name of secularism or progressivism. He did it in the name of restoring the Khamer regime. Again, not the same thing.

    And your idea of “close” historical analysis is awfully shallow.