Reports: Indiana offers JUCO guard Mychal Mulder

  • 04/16/2015 1:10 pm in

MulderIndiana already has two players signed for its 2015 class and expects to receive a National Letter of Intent soon from McDonald’s All-American Thomas Bryant, but the Hoosiers may not be done recruiting for the incoming class.

According to reports from The Lexington Herald-Leader and, Vincennes Junior College (Ind.) guard Mychal Mulder has a scholarship offer from Indiana.

The 6-foot-4 Mulder, who is originally from Windsor, Ontario, averaged 15.7 points and 6.9 rebounds last season and will have two years of eligibility at his next school.

Earlier this month, Vincennes assistant coach Brian Davis told Inside the Hall’s Jordan Littman that Creighton, Georgia Tech, Minnesota, Missouri, Wichita State were the schools with offers out to Mulder.

Kentucky is also now involved with the JUCO All-American, per multiple reports. The Wildcats lost seven players early to the NBA draft.

“Mychal is a 6-foot-4, 180 pound athletic wing who can shoot it,” Davis told Inside the Hall earlier this month. “High character guy who is a great team guy. He shot 45 percent from 3 and can dunk with the best of them. He attacks the rim in transition and rebounds well. He would be a solid piece with other good players around him.”

According to Davis, Indiana has visited Vincennes three times to see Mulder and also watched him in the NJCAA tournament last month in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Indiana currently has 14 scholarships committed on paper for next season and the limit is 13.

Junior point guard Yogi Ferrell is expected to announce whether he’ll return for his senior season on April 25.

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  • Realityvill-an

    ohh “burn”. cream may cry if he ready some of these comments…that or just clap until his hands bled

  • BC Hoosier

    Please read previous post. For the third time IU will play different combinations of players and positions. For better or worst, CTC’s history and system tells us a traditional lineup will not regularly be used.

  • SilentBob

    It’s not the talent that doesn’t impress me. It’s the cohesiveness as a unit. Specifically on defense.

  • BMusic

    He has the look of an assassin in his eyes.

  • marcusgresham

    I didn’t even think about a Canadian connection there because I don’t think Canadian when I hear Maker’s name, I think Sudanese. If it’s there I’d take it though!

  • hardly

    actually i would start holt at the 4, push troy to a 3(i think he’s going to improve his jump shot this summer), and have Robert be first off the bench to relieve at both the 1 and 2, so he gets 25-30 min/game. given that bryant can step out, play colin a lot at the 4 so there are 5 legit long range threats on the floor. then can pick and pop/roll with bryant all day long and let yogi get into the lane. if the other 2 freshman can play meaningful minutes(it appears they will) then watch out.

  • Bill Graham

    Ya youre right. I mean 3 lottery picks in the past 2 years. Thats ridiculous. Can we get somebody who can actually develop players please?

  • who’syourhoosier

    I thought post season it was allowed to “name names”. I would like both the named players to stay, but based on CTC stated view on one, he is a likely candidate to be shown the door. I thought the point of this was our ability to provide our thoughts. Yes I said thoughts, not knowledge. I think April has some big time upside so I don’t understand this new offer. I like TP, but question whether or not he will ever be ready for the B1G. I don’t see anything wrong with stating that, especially in the midst of this recruiting great unknown.

  • who’syourhoosier

    If there is no improvement from last season to next, then I agree with you. Hopefully they all improve and we have an amazing year.

  • who’syourhoosier

    I agree, what is with this announcement? What is he trying to gain, especially if he stays?

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    They had stellar talent when they arrived, u no it! So now CTC develops players w/o talent for the NBA?! LOL. I WOULD RATHER HAVE A COACH TAKE ANY TALENT TO THE FINAL 4.

  • hoosier93

    The closest I see is the Thunder starting Andre Roberson at the 2. 6-7 like Troy but actually plays defense. Not yet a great shooter but being turned into a 3 and D type player which is becoming more common nowadays. That will be the only way I see Troy staying in the league. Ask Gerald Green where only being able to dunk will get you in the NBA.

  • hoosier93

    Well one has to go unless Yogi is leaving. And if Yogi is leaving then we are stuck with ZERO point guards. Priller will honestly never be a B1G type player but April could be. This Mulder guy answers no possible questions we may have so I don’t get it. But it’s whatever.

  • Mr. Mitchell

    The way Crean recruits he should never have a team undersized nor a team lacking certain parts. He always oversign but the roster always missing something. He already said he won’t have Thomas B long. Convince the kid to obtain a degree.

  • marcusgresham

    I agree with you in both regards. I think April could turn into a poor man’s Roy Hibbert if he’ll put in the work. Priller may not be able to win a foot race with Larry Bird (and I mean current Larry, not playing days-Larry.)
    What I said elsewhere is that some of this makes me wonder about the health of Devin Davis.

  • marcusgresham

    Unless he’s a lockdown defender.

  • marcusgresham

    Maybe it’ll be a platoon. lmfao

  • IUJeff

    There will be someone waiting to check-in more often than not I am sure.

  • marcusgresham

    I’m 200% in favor of using depth to your advantage, but if you have depth and quickness PLEASE press. Especially with a rim protector on the back side.
    I wouldn’t even be opposed to periodically going with the old John Wooden method of pressing with the forwards. Some duo made up of the group Williams/Mosquera-Parea/Holt/Morgan/Anunoby should be quick, athletic, and long enough to wreak havoc.

  • MDHoosier

    Who has CTC developed? You could make an argument for Victor, but he didn’t do a whole lot to develop Cody or Noah.

  • You know ‘Jerko’.. You can’t even compose more that three or four words at a time, that make any sense at all… So I hesitate to even honor your stupidity with a reply. And.. even though I know you are a TROLL, Let me just say this. Right from the start Alex has said there will be no speculation on potential transfers by anyone currently on the team on ITH. I know it is difficult for your tiny pea brain to comprehend, but it really is not fair to the player that is being speculated about. It serves nothing constructive and there is no basis in fact for such idle speculation. I didn’t make up these rules.. but I believe they are good ones to follow. So you can call me all the names you want, you’re the absolute lowest class poster on this site.. No one is even close.

  • You can ‘rip’ any of the players all you want. That part is up to you. You just are not supposed to speculate that a certain player is going to transfer.. And it doesn’t matter whether it is during the season or not. The basketball season, with recruiting and everything going on, is a pretty much around the year thing anymore. But you can make any comments you wish, relative to a players ability, if it makes you feel better doing so. You just are not supposed to speculate about them transferring.

  • You are a Troll aren’t you?

  • Are you kidding? That’s not what they’ve said…

  • William Anderson

    I think we can use both, more isnt known is who is leaving. April, Priller, Burton and a few others didnt offer much if anything to last years team. Are any or all of them headed off to a place they can play and help? As for what IU has or needs with the 3 new players and what is left no position is overly filled. JBjr, RJ, NZ, IU can use another ball handler and never to many shooters and drivers.

  • millzy32

    Other than those 5 banners what has IU ever done in the tournament? You have chosen to exclude their recent success so I guess what have Crean’s teams done in the tournament if you take out that one year in Marquette and the two sweet sixteens at IU?

  • millzy32

    You have a case for Oladipo. The other two were ready when they got to Bloomington. Plug and play and wait to get drafted.

  • MDHoosier

    I haven’t heard either extol the virtues of CTC coaching and/or development, but all you have to do is look at the facts. Cody was better when he left, but I attribute that more to his work ethic and having played B1G ball for 2 years, but he wasn’t ready to go to the NBA. You can argue that Noah didn’t improved much in the year he was at school, again, not NBA ready. Cody wouldn’t say anything publicly against CTC, it’s not the type of kid he is. I think what is more telling is the fact that Noah announced for the draft and didn’t tell CTC beforehand. While that has nothing to do with development, I think it speaks volumes to the disconnect between CTC and his players.

  • Bill Graham

    Well, your name is obviously indicative of your opinion, but I bet if you asked guys like Will Sheehey, Yogi Ferrell, Troy Williams, and a fella named Dwayne Wade they might argue that Crean helped their game…just a bit.

  • kaponya44

    That is certainly a valid point and very relevant to the way things are these days. How does in state/out of state tuition thing the rule work with kids who moved away like Priller? Is it tied to birth certificate or where you graduate H.S. I know he was born in Dyer ,IN if that matters.

  • Au contraire mon frer.. Noah absolutely has given the coaching staff and Crean the credit for his being able to enter the draft when he did. Are you close enough friends with CT that he told you that Noah hadn’t told him? These decisions are usually not final until the day they actually make it public. However, Crean worked very closely with Noah during the entire process. he has a lot of NBA contacts and he helped Noah with the entire decision process. You can bend and shape this any way you want, but Crean has an extremely close relationship with nearly every player that has gone through the system..
    So sorry but you are totally ‘out to lunch’, on that remark.
    I really don’t know why guys like you just make this stuff up to try to produce the end result you want.

  • Oh yeah, there is a terrible disconnect. I am really surprised with the players going down to Louisville to see Bryant and them tweeting back and forth, gosh, hard to believe he gets any players to even come here.. I mean one Mc D’s All American per year for the past five years or so.. He does have just a terrible disconnect. What are you smokin’ ? Or are you shootin’ it in your arm?
    You are so far out of it, I refuse to even comment further.

  • Hey Jerko, you see they did get deleted.. Smarta$$…

  • Bill Graham

    It goes beyond just NBA players. Check out film on guys like Hulls and Sheehey from Frosh to Senior year. And even if he didn’t aid much in V and Z’s development…it still contradicts the Mulder offer’s crit. I’d say whether its development or not the man has been responsible for putting 3 lottery picks in a Hoosier Jersey. I’m dont side with him on X’s and O’s but I’m homegrown so I like Knight style play…but the guy can recruit.