Glass reiterates support for Crean

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A week after Indiana’s season-ending 81-76 loss to Wichita State in the NCAA tournament, athletics director Fred Glass spoke out in support of Tom Crean, who just finished his seventh season in Bloomington.

In a statement sent to The Indianapolis Star, Glass reiterated his support for IU’s head coach, while also stating that he expects more from the school’s signature athletic program in the future.

“While from a team perspective, there were certainly some positives this year, from a program perspective, we are not where we want to be,” Glass told the Star.

The Hoosiers finished the season 20-14, but were at one point 15-4 overall and tied for second in the Big Ten standings after a win over Maryland on Jan. 22.

Indiana finished seventh in the conference, which was slightly higher than where the Hoosiers were projected by most at the beginning of the season. After there was speculation late in the season that Crean might be coaching for his job in IU’s final home game against Michigan State, Glass told both The Bloomington Herald-Times and that wasn’t the case.

And while Indiana has reached the NCAA tournament in three of the last four seasons under Crean, Glass went on record that expects more moving forward.

“My goals for this program are to perennially contend for and to win multiple Big Ten championships, regularly go deep in the NCAA tournament and win our next national championship,” he told the Star. “Be elite, if you will. As a lifelong Hoosier and IU basketball fan, alumnus and current AD, nobody wants that more than me.

“Coach Crean’s status should be based on his ability to achieve those goals going forward, not what he has or hasn’t done in the past. Because I believe in the team he has assembled and is assembling, his leadership of it and their ability to start achieving our program goals, I continue to support Tom Crean as our coach.”

Crean has five years remaining on his contract, which he signed in November of 2012.

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  • MillaRed

    I think the answer is right there on our bench. Crean doesn’t rely on anyone outside of his own shirt to run the show. He is polar opposite of anything that is Izzo and we either have a bunch of assistants that do not realize guarding centers with guards is dumb or he doesn’t listen. Short answer – it’s his “way” or the highway.

    Your point is clear, it’s as if he chose to learn nothing from his HOF mentor. Or he wasn’t capable. One or the other.

  • calbert40

    First, Glass MUST show his coach public support. To do otherwise is completely foolhardy. Secondly, if you read between the lines, he gave Crean a timeline and an ultimatum: finishing in the middle of the B1G, qualifying for the NCAA and losing in the first round is NOT a bad season, but it also is not what we expect at IU. Do better, or you may lose your job.

    I think that is fair on both ends.

  • MillaRed

    Dan I think the real credit goes to the CTC inner circle when he came here. He was a one and done at Marquette in his last five years and although the job was a tough one to take he got paid, landed Cody (thank God for him, literally or he would be gone already) and got his extension.

    Now he is getting paid more than Bo Ryan. This is genius for The Crean family and a punch to the stomach for The IU Nation. Glass may not have hired Crean, but he gave him an extension that wasn’t necessary and handicapped the program.

  • MillaRed

    Not sure how long you have been in here, but the negativity is not sudden. Not even close.

  • deebo

    Blah blah blah we will just have to wait at least one more year to find out clappy is still a mediocre bubble coach that will take iu to a sweet 16 maybe elite 8 at best every 4 or 5 years maybe big maybe.

  • b_side

    On the flip side, no 5-star big is coming with a lame duck coach who isn’t getting public support from his AD.

  • MillaRed

    We are on different topics but I agree with you. Not my point though. It’s just never good for the coach when it needs to be said so frequently.

    And yes I know I owe you an olive branch. I’m working on it. Losing Max peed me off.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    BC, perhaps you can offer an explanation: When another team ran a high ball screen, yogi often defended by positioning himself against the screener…effectively turning so he opened a lane to the bucket. I could understand with a couple of superior big men, but to me it just seemed to make a weak defender weaker. Any thoughts?

  • BC

    I think that’s a great, great question. I agree, I don’t think I’m qualified to answer, but I’ll try lol. I think you are inviting the ballhandler to use that screen. I think this works if your big(assuming he’s guarding the screener) can “hedge” the ball handler. It worked great with Zeller. I thought that was Zellers best asset as a defender, the ability to hedge, bc of his great lateral quickness. I think this works if your a team like UK, even if the screener’s man isnt a great hedger bc ur inviting a smaller guy into the lane with the shot blockers. I think I’m doing my best to answer that one, best I got, lol.

    As for Yogi, ur saying he’s a weak defender becoming weaker bc of his defensive positioning, right? I agree this definitely puts him in a weaker defensive position. I don’t agree that he’s a weak defender. Yogi is smart enough, strong, and quick enough to fight over a screen and still recover. I believe he does what he’s told to do. This makes me respect him more bc he’s doing what he’s been told to do over and over despite the results. Great question, I hope I was clear!

  • MikeinNC

    No they are not, but we are not looking for a “typical” coach for Indiana, are we? We are looking for a higher standard, one of the premier coaches in the country. Should that not be our aim? Do you think that year in and year out, CTC will out-coach Bo Ryan, Tom Izzo, Thad Matta, et. al.?


    And even more reassuring, I read about it happening on the internet.

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    OK, so you are CTC’s son, it is not working . . . CTC still sux!

  • eville87

    No I don’t want to be like them I just want to be better than we are now.