• Shaggy_C

    Great videos! Sad we won’t get to see any more in the series; I seriously can’t get enough Yogi and Crean hyping IU with the epic music in the background. Talk about two intense, win-at-all-costs type of guys. I really hope both come back next year and IU puts itself back in its rightful place as a season-long top 15 team. Yogi has gone from being role player on a #1 team his freshman year to carrying the program on his back his sophomore year to helping bring along the next set of young guns as a junior. He deserves a senior campaign to tie it all up with a nice bow, preferably with a B1G championship and at least two weekends of tourney ball.

    A side note – I’m pretty sure I spotted Collin Hartman pushing Jeremiah April around like he weighed nothing at about the :55 second mark of the 2nd video – guess that might explain why our tallest guy wasn’t seeing much action out there despite our big need for an interior presence! Hopefully an off-season in the weight room will put some tonnage on that frame. I would love to see that scene recreated during April’s junior campaign when he’s got the muscle mass of Hanner Parea with the height of Cody Zeller – Collin would likely end up on his backside trying to pull that move!

  • BigAd007

    Loved watching these, it makes me miss the season already

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    Excellent, thanks guys.
    We count on Inside the Hall to form the bridge to next season.