Report: Steve McClain hired at Illinois-Chicago

  • 03/21/2015 12:11 pm in

Indiana associate head coach Steve McClain will accept the head coaching position at Illinois-Chicago and will be announced as its new coach on Wednesday, ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reported on Saturday morning.

Update: UIC has confirmed the news:

McClain has been a part of Indiana’s coaching staff since April 2010, initially joining as an assistant coach before being promoted to associate head coach status in July 2012.

The 2014-2015 season was McClain’s 34th coaching college basketball, as he originally came to Bloomington from Colorado, where for three years he was a part of the staff and was the acting head coach during part of the 2009-2010 season.

Prior to his stop in Boulder, McClain served as the head coach at the University of Wyoming, From 1998-2007, he led the Cowboys to a 157-115 record, two Mountain West Conference regular season titles and four postseason appearances.

He also has Division I assistant coaching experience at Texas A&M and TCU.

This past season, Illinois-Chicago finished 10-24 and just 4-12 in the Horizon League, as Flames coach Howard Moore was fired after five years at the helm of the program with an overall 49-111 record.

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  • TomJameson

    I think Yogi “could” go, just not as a clear 1st rounder. Don’t really know where he would land, but overseas, d-league, or wherever, he would probably be making some money playing basketball.


    Wow, you’re serious ! I didn’t agree with a whooooole lot of what went on this year, but I’ll have to say that I don’t agree with you on this one… all.

  • BobbyBeGoodKnight

    His presser gave me chills. Superb speech.


    Is probably the biggest factor in all of it, IMHO.


    I don’t really have anything against Bennie, but I think the staff could really benefit from and infusion of new / fresh ideas, which means making sure you make the right hire.


    Going with the pretty girl framework, I’d have to say that he was down to us and the two prettier girls when it came out that one of the prettier girls (SU) had recently caught something socially and could no longer offer him what every guy wants and that now he is just hoping that the other pretty girl doesn’t end up thinking that she is too pretty for him and if she does do that, he always has us to fall back on to save face and then act like we were his first choice all along. And like you said, and I’ve been saying for a long time, ANYBODY, that thinks we have Bryant sewed up or even think we are the solid favorite is only kidding themselves.


    If anyone hears of a way to be able to upvote this more than a hundred or so times please let me know so that I can do just that !

    If Crean is serious about getting things turned around and figuring out what it’s going to take to be considerably better and considerably better on a consistent basis he has got to do something along these lines.


    I’ve never heard of defense being played as badly at IU as it was this year either, but then again just calling what we attempted playing defense is doing a disservice to those that play even slightly above average defense. I just hope he isn’t considering himself already, defensively innovative, because he came up with the failed, change the type of D half way through the other teams possession, thing.


    I’m not advocating for either option here, but you are 100 percent right. Is there a good chance that there is going to be some surprises and maybe a little bit of disappointment at first, that’s certainly possible, maybe even to be expected. If we make a coaching change and end up in the toilet for 3 to 5 years it’s because the powers that be TOOOOOTALLY blow it with the new hire.

  • SilentBob

    Of course even at that I don’t IU has a heck of a lot of room to talk. It’s kind of like hearing from your girlfriend herself that she cheated on you as opposed to being told by her friend or reading her emails, because IU had drug problems them selves and most of those players are still here. Of course we didn’t hide grades so it’d be kind of like being cheated on twice as opposed to once I guess. But when you consider what happened here 7 years ago….

    But even if it was a good girl versus pretty girl but bad personality complex, often guys (especially young ones) will pick the pretty girl.


    But who is primarily responsible for our team being the youngest. I won’t argue the fact that our youth was a big contributing factor, but that seems to be excuse of choice over and over, or maybe better put, year after year. Any way you want to cut it, it is Crean making ALL of the major decisions, thus it is up to him to be able to perform up to par with the results of those decisions without having to use the results of his decision making as excuses. And for the record the ” youth excuse ” has been worn out over the last 2 or 3 years. Legit excuse for a subpar season once in great while, but not nearly as often as Crean uses it.

  • SilentBob

    Of course maybe the more accurate analogy for the framework already in place would be choosing the girl who told you straight up she likes to party but gets good grades versus the girl who hid from you she likes to party and gets bad grades.


    Your last sentence in this comment pretty much says it all in a nutshell and is well put. If one is of the mind that Crean should be retained then they should be able to justify his being retained by what they feel like he is going to be able to do by citing factors that are much, much more likely to be actual factors between now and the start of next season. If we get a high quality big that can contribute immediately is not a way to justify his being here next year, IMHO. Tell me why he should be here next year based on what is a whooole lot more likely to happen and I’m more than willing to listen and factor those things in. On a side note anybody that thinks we have Bryant sewed up as a recruit or even thinks that we are his first choice are only kidding themselves. I hope he commits to IU just as much as anybody does and yes I think he could make us considerably better next year, but I just don’t think the chances of him coming to IU are as great as some do.


    And the few that aren’t hedging are being just as unrealistic as the ones that blame absolutely everything on Crean.


    Another very good comment.

  • SeeingRed

    His record at IU is the definition of mediocrity. Not counting the first two years against him, the average Big Ten finish of his teams is 6th. 6.4, actually. I mean, yeah, let’s keep this train rolling!

    His tenure had a nice bright spot with the run at No. 1, and the players who do hang around seem to do well in the classroom. Not a small positive, and he does deserve credit for that.

    I just think IU deserves (and quite obviously is paying for) a truly excellent basketball coach — not an average one.


    That last sentence ! That shining example certainly takes some of the accuracy out of, ” you get what you pay for “, doesn’t it ?