Fred Glass on Tom Crean to ESPN: ‘He has my full support’

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Indiana coach Tom Crean is not in danger of losing his job, IU vice president and director of athletics Fred Glass told ESPN on Thursday.

In an interview with Andy Katz, Glass said that he met with Crean on Wednesday and reassured him of his job security and the AD added that he remains “bullish” on IU’s head coach.

“He’s a great coach,” Glass told ESPN. “He has my full support. I have a great deal of confidence in Tom’s body of work. This team overachieved early and then hit a tough patch.”

Glass also told both ESPN and the Bloomington Herald-Times that Saturday’s result against Michigan State has no bearing on whether or not Crean remains the Hoosiers coach — he said to ESPN “it’s ridiculous to say that someone is coaching for his job for one game.”

In regards to the Hoosiers’ recent slide in results, Glass on Thursday blamed it on a variety of factors — that James Blackmon Jr. “has hit the freshman wall,” that Collin Hartman is out injured and that they have also been without Devin Davis for the entire season.

Indiana has lost four of its past six games and seven of its past 11 after starting the season 15-4 and 5-1 in the Big Ten. They currently are listed as one of ESPN’s projected last four teams into the NCAA tournament.

That said, overall, Glass believes that Crean has “done a really good job with these guys.”

“We have a chance to win our 20th game and be 10-8 in the Big Ten,” Glass told ESPN. “I would take that in a heartbeat at the beginning of the season.”

Glass also wanted to dispel the notions that he is keeping Crean on board due to his large buyout of $12 million. On July 1, that drops to $7.5 million, although Glass said that does not have any impact on any future decisions.

“The buyout in some quarters is overblown,” Glass told the H-T. “I get that it’s a big number. What people don’t realize is, if that were to occur, it would get paid out over five years. It’s not like he gets a $10 million dollar check and walks out the door. It gets paid out over time as if it were his regular salary over five years, which mitigates the impact on the department and it has a set-off provision so that if he went to another school or to TV or had some other employment, that gets set off.

“I hesitate to even talk about it because it makes it seem like that’s some sort of consideration. It’s not. My main point is Tom is the coach here because I think he needs to be the coach here, not because we feel backed into it because of the buyout.”

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  • Smart gets every one of his players to bust their butts for him every game. They play some of the most intense D I’ve seen. Results were great considering the talent he’s worked with. I’d still rather wait for Stevens, if not next year, then the year after.

  • just a fan

    Any recruit who’s top flight (read center position) has to look not only at the stability of the coach’s tenure, sure, but at HOW he’ll be developed as a player. Bryant ( any other recruit to the center position) can’t help but notice that Crean’s coaching strategy ignores the center. YOU want to commit to a program where all you are is a body under the basket? You want your kid to go to that school? We need a coach who understands there is more to basketball than a three guard weave, and on the other end of the court 250th place in Divvy 1 defense is a joke. You or I would cringe to hear Bo Ryan’s unabashed opinion of TC.

  • BT

    For the sake of argument, does a player bust their butt for the coach or for the program? I’m not sure IU players want to play for the program right now and the fans have a lot to do with it.

    Granted, the idea of a defensively-minded coach is enticing at the moment, but what’s the old saying, you can’t beat a good team with a press?

  • KmanCRK

    bizarre assumptions. Coaches get fired every year and it doesn’t amount to the entire roster turning over. Sometimes a committed kid or two change their mind, and maybe one or two guys leave, but let’s face it, these kids are smart and would most likely realize a better coach is on his way.

  • calbert40

    Nope. I meant gravitas. The perception is that he has none, but rest assured that if he left of his own accord, he’d have plenty of programs seeking his employment. Because his name carries weight with a lot of people.

  • Snookafly

    Sounds like your panties are wrapped tighter than usual tonight. UK wasn’t even in the equation before this semester. It was 1)Syracuse, 2) Indiana, 3) Mizzou for the longest time. Now UK is said to be ahead of us.

  • Well Mr OZ .. The “Freshman wall’, as it is sometimes referred to is not an energy wall, as a marathon runner might feel. It is a place in their development where they are not as confident, other teams have figured out how to guard them, and often a combination of factors that cause a usually temporary leveling off or even slight decline in their performance. So, you can go on making up stuff, bashing Glass and the coach… and believing what you want to. But I am telling you you don’t know half what you thin you do about JBJ’s situation. My money says, Glass knows one heck of a lot more about what is going on than some loud mouthed ITH poster child.

  • Snookafly

    A mid-season change would be the worst thing we could do in terms of maintaining program stability.

  • ForeverIU

    If we win on Saturday, what helps our Tourney chances better, a loss by Purdue or a loss by Illinois?

  • Snookafly

    While I agree with respecting the players– and I voiced a very similar opinion to yours when Davis was about to be fired– there is something to be said for vocal disapproval from the fans. Institutions have a propensity to move slowly and generally do not like to upset the status quo. Many of us who have watched this game for decades understand the end game and the quickest way to get us there is by being loud. It’s often the only thing that will motivate departmental change. Starting the conversation as early as possible may prevent scrambling around for coaching candidates in the future.

  • Snookafly

    Luck had as much to do with them reaching the final as anything else, and you could argue it set us back in the long run.

  • SeeingRed

    If his name carries the weight you think it does, he should have the same employment opportunities whether he leaves on his own terms (never going to happen) or gets fired.

  • Snookafly

    You’re right. We should all put our Cubs hats on, sell out every game, and cheer wildly for our team no matter how disappointing– that’ll get the message out that the fans want something greater than mediocrity!

  • SilentBob

    Loss by Purdue easily. Illinois is our only decent road win all year. I think most selection committee members would rationalize that a fraction of those loses to Purdue came as a result of them having two seven footers and our tallest member being 6’9 on a good day. We didn’t even have that the first time and he only played 17 minutes the second because he was working back from injury/ foul trouble. I mean is there any other team in the field that regularly plays two 7 footers outside Purdue and Kentucky?

  • SconsinHoosier

    My expectations of the Hoosiers weren’t met in 2010/11. They went 3-15 in the B1G a year after going 4-14. They went 0-9 to close the season, finishing 12-20 a year after going 10-21. It was a team that had 8 3-star and 2 4-star players, not including Mo Creek. Hulls, Jones III, Watford, Pritch, Roth, Elston, Rivers all had plenty of experience under their belts. I believe the general consensus was an 8th/9th place finish in the conference, and they finished alone in last. I could certainly understand anyone’s position that they met expectations, but even with Creek’s injury I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect them to improve more than 2 wins (-1 in conference).

    As for the 2012 team, they were very good. But I didn’t feel they improved down the stretch, they lost on Senior Night with a chance to clinch, they struggled all year to get the ball to Zeller, CTC continued to demonstrate his inability to beat Bo Ryan regardless of superior talent, they were underwhelming against Temple in the round of 32, and the Syracuse game was one of the 5 most disappointing performances I have seen in 20+ years as a fan.

    It is possible to improve in the win-loss column vs. a prior year and still not meet expectations, just as it’s possible to take a step back in the win-loss column and exceed expectations (IU could have done that last year, but didn’t).

    I think two other elements shouldn’t go unnoticed in CTC’s 7-year assessment are 1) The academic performance over that time-frame has exceeded expectations. I’m very satisfied with the approach he’s taken and the commitment the players have to classwork. The APR is outstanding, and 2) Of the 22 players who committed to play for CTC that eventually left the university, I believe 12 still had eligibility remaining and left for non-NBA reasons. Given the scholarship situation, that number likely goes up again this year. Some call it Creaning. I call it unacceptable. It is far below my expectations for IU basketball.

  • SCHoosier

    The point was..Bryant always had UK as his dream school per an interview he did this year. Didn’t think they would recruit him..but he got invited down. 6 of the top 10 2015 espn bigs have not committeed..all waiting to see what roster spots open up at UK. How do you know I wear’ve been stalking me haven’t you?:)

  • beer30

    So let me get this straight. So if Blackmon wasn’t a freshman & Hartman wouldn’t have missed the last two games (& if we had Davis the yr.), we’d be A O K??…Now he’s just insulting our intelligence. I like Devin Davis but he averaged 3 pts. & 3 reb. last year

  • beer30

    Wonder if the goals this yr. for the other top 10 highest paid coaches in the nation included finishing one game over .500 in the conference….Oh wait, I forgot that we lost Vonleh…

  • SconsinHoosier

    What are realistic expectations for a program like IU? Bo Ryan has managed 14 straight years with an NCAA invite, and never finished below 4th in the conference. Tom Izzo has made 17 straight at MSU, and last year was the first time he had a four-year player not make a Final Four. Thad Matta has won 5 B1G championships in 10 years (conversely, IU has won 5 since 1989). So, are we wrong to have expectations equal to those at MSU, UW and OSU? Maybe. Maybe we are who we’ve been for the last 20 years. But with the fan support, tradition and in-state talent IU has, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect results “in the ballpark” of those schools, if not above them.

  • pcantidote

    How the hell would you know?

  • Khoosier3

    I did read that his mom does not want him to go to pUKe. She doesn’t like the way things go around there… Haha, but he did say that his mom would not be making his decision.

  • TN Hoosier

    Presently, most of us recognize a coaching change as a very distinct possibility. Given the tradition of Indiana University basketball and the fact that IU offers a top-ten salary, nationally, for its head coach, we absolutely deserve to have one of the very best in the game.

    Our frustration and disappointment are understandable because we are proud Hoosier basketball fans and the team absolutely should be better on a season by season basis. I just think that our points of frustration, in every case, can be made with class and consideration for the man who currently coaches our team and has done so, however lacking otherwise, with a lot of heart, pride and dedication. I have no doubt that we’ve gotten his best effort from day one, day-in and day-out, even amid constant scrutiny and frequent harsh criticisms. If he is to be replaced, so be it, but Coach Crean has always displayed tremendous enthusiasm and reverence for his position as the head coach of Indiana basketball.

    If/when it comes to replacement, I guess I’d have the same guy on the top of my wish list as probably most everyone else. I can’t imagine, though, that this prospective (or desired, at least) coaching candidate isn’t embarrassed or even disturbed when seeing his name and image currently pasted on numerous forums and message boards pertinent to our team, because I would expect that he also feels that Coach Crean deserves to be treated respectfully.

    Frankly, I’m not a guy who often speaks out; especially in criticism of others (those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, right?), and I won’t expect this rant to effect much change. But maybe it will inspire some, at least, to be more thoughtful in their actions because I want to be proud not only of my team but also of my fellow Hoosier fans.

  • beer30

    Agreed. Boo your team & then wonder why they don’t play w/ any confidence in the future. smh

  • Ole Man

    Sorry, Fred, but he’s an average coach; not a great one.

  • enickman

    Maybe there needs to be a change with the AD as well?

  • beer30

    UCONN went 7-3 in their final 10 regular season games, though (& beat 3 ranked teams)…after the team had improved.

  • SconsinHoosier

    …and shared the regular season B1G title. This team with 11 losses is 7th in the conference, 6 games out. That team was good enough to secure a 5-seed. This one would have to win out to maybe secure a 5-seed, and it’s unrealistic to expect it. That team had players with heart and guts and toughness like Fife, Coverdale and Moye. This team is giving up. That team played defense. This team is ranked in the 200’s defensively. That team beat Eastern Washington at home. This team, not so much. But yeah, I suppose IU can go 18-32 from three every game and make a run. Maybe even get CTC a contract extension in doing so.

  • beer30

    Or they may throw a party

  • Khoosier3

    I like DD too, but it’s just crazy how people are making that an excuse for our struggles. Yeah he is a good player, but they’re acting like if we had him back our Big Man struggles would be over. I do like him a lot, but no way he is changing the fate of this team that much.

  • creamdelacrimson

    You couldn’t imagine it happening because RMK was coach!!! It is the fans objective criticism that keeps us from losing our blue blood status. The day the fans don’t get up and object to mediocrity is the day Indiana basketball will be nothing more than a regular college basketball program with occasional success. Everyone is smart enough to realize Crean is getting us nowhere. Nobody is booing the players and these players are not dumbed down little kids. They know what is going on and judging by the way they have been acting these last few games I think some of them may have the same feelings the majority of us fans have. Enough is enough and what other way do we fans have to voice our displeasure than booing the current state of the team? Were not the first fan base to get pissed off before the season is over and we won’t be the last.

  • Khoosier3

    Everyone I hear on the radio and everywhere I read, they seem to think we are in even if we lose out… I find that hard to believe. However, I do believe that neither Illinois, nor PUke hold our fate in their hands. 1 win is what I believe we need to get in. Either MSU @ Assembly, or 1 win in the Big Ten Tourney.

    On a side note… The Illinois @ PUke this weekend could very well be a play in game for the NCAA. That’s just my speculation, but Lunardi from ESPN had PUke as Last 4 in and Illinois as 1st 4 out… That’s gonna be a good one to watch.. Go Illini! Lol

  • creamdelacrimson

    We’re not booing the players!! We are booing Mr. Clappy and his mediocrity that he orchestrates!

  • SconsinHoosier

    I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this. If there’s not a younger “clear-cut” “home-run” type of candidate (there are a small number of viable ones I can think of), I wouldn’t mind seeing them go with someone like Collins. Personally, if there’s no stand-out, and a top candidate indicates they need a couple more years to fulfill a prior commitment, I’d be intrigued by Larry Brown. He’s never interested in long-term deals and could buy the university a few years while making this team competitive immediately. He’s a Hall of Famer, and I imagine IU compares nicely with SMU with regards to prestige, visibility, likelihood for success.

  • eville87


  • pcantidote

    I mean really, what else is he going to say?

  • pcantidote

    This has to be one of the top 10 worst posts on this site ever. Completely misinformed with no knowledge of the game.

  • beer30

    HMP being out was the excuse/problem earlier in the year. Check out Hartman’s stat line in our most recent loss to Purdue. Not trying to dig on Hartman but sick of him, Blackmon, etc. getting singled out for our issues.

  • beer30

    Not say that the program has ever “overachieved” this yr.

  • Snookafly

    I’m peeping in your windows right now 😉
    The sad thing is, I halfway believe Calipari is making such a push because he knows we desperately need him.

  • beer30

    I believe you, however, everyone that hears it doesn’t take it that way (or understand that)…& that’s the problem w/ doing it.

  • creamdelacrimson

    Hats off to you Mike. Your a stronger man than me. I just can’t put much faith in crean anymore. He takes you on a crazy roller coaster ride every year and I think I am ready to get off after this year.

  • Key94

    OMG! Again with the Yogi bashing fourputts ?! Please tell us what he did to you that was so horrible! Nearly every single post of yours says how bad of a player Yogi is! Unbelievable!

  • karen

    PEOPLE REVERE IU BASKETBALL. To now see devoted fans
    leave Assembly Hall before the game is over is totally understood.
    How much are fans to tolerate when the team still can’t play against a zone, when the guy who is hot is substituted, when Crean embarrasses
    IU nation with his tantrums with other coaches, when they just can’t
    play as a team due to constant subs, etc.? It is time the fans are
    addressed with more than Mr. Glass’s standard answers.

  • creamdelacrimson

    Quit calling people idiots and saying were dumb. You are dumb. ’02 team played a hell of a schedule. Mike Davis always had us play a hell of a schedule every year! If you take away the +300 wins from this team this year we have a joke of a record. We have lost games this year we should not have lost if we were ever going to think we could have a shot at a National Title run. A team that’s built around the three point line is not going to win 6 straight ever. How dare any of us compare this years team to that of an ’02 team that played with more heart than this team could even think about having.

  • Ben thorne

    My last thought for tonight……if we go over 5 min of game clock without a basket please call timeout so everyone can get their mind right

  • creamdelacrimson

    Crean has a BA in parks and Recreation lol.

  • beer30

    Is he hinting that buyout donors would be able to make installment payments? LOL

  • creamdelacrimson

    Totally agree. And everyone on here thinks we were booing at the players. We weren’t booing the players we were booing the mediocrity that is Tom Crean basketball.

  • beer30

    I believe you, however, everyone doesn’t take it that way (understand that’s the case) & that’s the problem w/ doing it.

  • Gdaddy

    I believe you meant “we’re* dumb” not “were dumb”. Case in point.