Fred Glass on Tom Crean to ESPN: ‘He has my full support’

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Indiana coach Tom Crean is not in danger of losing his job, IU vice president and director of athletics Fred Glass told ESPN on Thursday.

In an interview with Andy Katz, Glass said that he met with Crean on Wednesday and reassured him of his job security and the AD added that he remains “bullish” on IU’s head coach.

“He’s a great coach,” Glass told ESPN. “He has my full support. I have a great deal of confidence in Tom’s body of work. This team overachieved early and then hit a tough patch.”

Glass also told both ESPN and the Bloomington Herald-Times that Saturday’s result against Michigan State has no bearing on whether or not Crean remains the Hoosiers coach — he said to ESPN “it’s ridiculous to say that someone is coaching for his job for one game.”

In regards to the Hoosiers’ recent slide in results, Glass on Thursday blamed it on a variety of factors — that James Blackmon Jr. “has hit the freshman wall,” that Collin Hartman is out injured and that they have also been without Devin Davis for the entire season.

Indiana has lost four of its past six games and seven of its past 11 after starting the season 15-4 and 5-1 in the Big Ten. They currently are listed as one of ESPN’s projected last four teams into the NCAA tournament.

That said, overall, Glass believes that Crean has “done a really good job with these guys.”

“We have a chance to win our 20th game and be 10-8 in the Big Ten,” Glass told ESPN. “I would take that in a heartbeat at the beginning of the season.”

Glass also wanted to dispel the notions that he is keeping Crean on board due to his large buyout of $12 million. On July 1, that drops to $7.5 million, although Glass said that does not have any impact on any future decisions.

“The buyout in some quarters is overblown,” Glass told the H-T. “I get that it’s a big number. What people don’t realize is, if that were to occur, it would get paid out over five years. It’s not like he gets a $10 million dollar check and walks out the door. It gets paid out over time as if it were his regular salary over five years, which mitigates the impact on the department and it has a set-off provision so that if he went to another school or to TV or had some other employment, that gets set off.

“I hesitate to even talk about it because it makes it seem like that’s some sort of consideration. It’s not. My main point is Tom is the coach here because I think he needs to be the coach here, not because we feel backed into it because of the buyout.”

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  • ForeverIU

    So your alternative is to sit back and cheer for the mediocre status quo? I think what we are seeing here on the part of some people is elitist disdain for popular opinion. Don’t count me in. I want to be elite, not elitist.

  • Bud Jenkins

    The alternative is to have some class and be a supporter… (root of that word is support). Once the season is over… let’s pick it apart.. I’ll be the first one.. if i were you i’d wait until the pilot lands the plane before you berate him/her, until then he/she is your person !

  • ForeverIU

    I’ve said that I support our players and our team, but your point was that fans don’t “make any difference at all in the choice to hire/fire a coach”. That’s about as cynical (I’m not going to say unclassy) a thing as you can say.

  • Bud Jenkins

    reality check 2015 (cynical.. perhaps)
    college == business
    college sports == big business
    big business == is all about the benjamins

    I stand corrected, if ticket sales plummet and tv deals dry up… then yes the fans can effect the outcome, however as long as the money is coming in…

  • Dooteetime

    I am wondering if the players are so sensitive they cant handle a little booing then maybe we have the wrong type of players.

  • ForeverIU

    That’s true, but fans are smart enough to know that in the long run only fundamental consistent non-sensational basketball is worth the money. The pocket speaks, but it speaks more wisely than you might think it does.

    In any case, isn’t great that we have a space in which to carry on this conversation, and a very important one?

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Why not play Noah & Luke together?

  • Joel Whitaker

    How soon we forget: Crean took over a program that was in shambles, rebuilt it largely with walkons, turning it into one of the top programs in the nation in just four years. Now, one so-so season and we’re calling for his head? Please.

    Bobby Knight had his bad years, as did Branch McCracken.

    I accept Glass’s analysis and support his position. As for those who want to dump Crean, if they have season tickets, don’t renew. There are plenty of others who would love to get those seats.

  • Bud Jenkins

    agreed !

  • hoosier93

    He has to say this. And even if Crean is fired it doesn’t mean the Indiana fan base and Glass hate him and don’t support him in what he does afterward. But Glass would have never talked about the buyout before. You can tell it has been talked about or he’s thought about it. I’ll thank Crean for his time if he leaves and hope he wins where he’d be at next. Same with Mike Davis.

  • bvillehoosier

    It’s a culmination of the 12-13 team getting embarrassed by Syracuse, last year was NOT a good year either, and this year we are fading fast. We are not trending well at all the last 2 years.

    I’ll admit I was ready to march on Bloomington after the Iowa game. I’ve cooled off a bit and will by the grace of God be able to turn on the TV tomorrow and root for IU to beat MSU. We win, we’re win. I love the NCAA tournament too much to not root for IU to be in it. 95% chance Crean’s back regardless, no matter what any of us say so for those rooting against IU so Crean gets fired…good luck with that. I can’t root against my team.

  • calbert40

    (Excuse this posts’s length, please) It is absolutely reasonable to have expectations “in the ballpark” of those schools, though we may want to define what “in the ballpark” means. But I think we need to be realistic about our expectations as a fanbase.

    In doing some research, I noticed an interesting comparison between Crean and Matta. Matta took over a team that was NCAA ineligible (granted, not the type of trouble we were in, but this is a similarity if not the same level of trouble).

    If we start looking at Matta’s career after that season, and start looking at Crean’s in 2011-2012, we see something interesting.

    Year 1: both teams had a lot of success. OSU won the B1G, but had an early tourney exit. IU lost in sweet 16 to eventual national champ…and gave UK their toughest game of the tourney.

    Year 2: B1G outright titles for both. #1 seeds and #1 rankings for both. IU didn’t fare as well in the tourney, though.

    Year 3: Both missed the NCAA. OSU was better than IU was in Year 3, but they missed the dance.

    Year 4: OSU 22-11, 10-8 in B1G, loses in NCAA 1st round. IU 19-11, 9-8 B1G, on tourney bubble.

    I’ll freely acknowledge that OSU’s peaks were higher than ours, and our valleys were lower, but there are some interesting similarities between Crean and Matta in Years 1-4.

    Izzo took over a program that had made 5 of 6 NCAAs, but he failed to reach the tourney until Year 3. Then, he took off.

    I say this not to suggest that Crean WILL BE like Matta or Izzo, but I’m certain there were rumblings about Izzo’s coaching ability after Year 2. I’m sure people wondered if Matta could get OSU back to where they were after his early success.

    Crean may never be more than what he is now. Or, he may flip the program completely. Try to look at it from the view of an MSU fan in 1998 or an OSU fan in 2007. Both schools have been rewarded for not having itchy triggers. I agree that Crean’s time to show results is at hand, but I think we need to divorce ourselves from our passion and look at his record objectively.

    Other interesting numbers. (I consider this Year 4 for Crean’s era)

    B1G outright titles:
    Izzo – 2 in 17 years, 11.8 percent
    Matta – 3 in 11 years, 27.2
    Ryan – 3 in 14 years, 21.4
    Crean – 1 in 4 years, 25.0

    Overall B1G titles (included shared)
    Izzo – 7 in 17 years, 41.2
    Matta – 5 in 11 years, 45.5
    Ryan – 4 in 13 years, 30.8
    Crean – 1 in 4 years, 25.0

    Tourney success:
    Izzo – 17 out of 19, 89.5
    Matta – 9 out of 10* (ineligible one year), 90.0
    Ryan – 14 out of 14, 100.
    Crean – 2 out of 3, 66.7.

  • Bob

    Wow. That is really well said. For me I think this is the key issue. We are seven years into a new system and the trajectory is not where many of us would have hoped. To me it is not about opinions and solid arguments of whether we are better than expected or not. The question is should we be satisfied to just “make the NCAA tournament”. Satisfied to be 10-8 in the B1G. Satisfied to graduate good kids and have a solid APR report no matter if we win or lose? Is it no longer possible in college basketball to do things the “right way” … have a solid APR and good kids … and win big as well? It all starts with the “right” leadership. Unfortunately, I believe we have a gap in that department and until it is solved we won’t achieve our potential as a program.

  • deebo

    Iu is flat out not what it used to be fans need to accept that. we cant recruut with the big boys anymore and kids just don’t stay long enough for some reason to have a good 3 or 4 year run. I’ll be surprised if we ever get that “big named coach” also. I also dont want a knee jerk reaction and hire another crean!! Iu is in a tough position with what to do dealing with buyout and fans and expectations. I wouldn’t want that decision on my hands.

  • Bob

    I think I have watched about all of the CTC press conferences posted on ITH over that last several years. Do you notice how he often interrupts questions mid sentence? Bristles when challenged about how the team performs. Talks down to reporters and is at times very antagonistic in his tone. Great example would be to listen to his press conference after the loss to Iowa and how Fran handled it. Look at how Eddie at Rutgers handled it after IU thumped them pretty hard at home in a tough to swallow loss. I think that type of behavior is a sign of arrogance and perhaps over-confidence. I wish he would just take the time to listen and stop talking. He might actually learn something.

  • Ben thorne

    Classic over coaching.

    Let them play when he needs a timeout and send someone to the scorers table when he needs to let them just relax and play

  • “There are plenty of others who would love to get those seats.” You obviously did no see all the empty seats before tip off.

  • JacksonCounty

    Of course Glass has to say these things. IU and Glass are over a barrel. The buyout, even paid over five years is so huge that it would be gross negligence to not let this thing play out until July 1st, 2016 when it drops to four million. So Crean will get one more chance to turn things around. Indiana will also be in a much stronger bargaining position if Crean turns in a fourth straight poor season. Crean could never complain that getting a 8th season, to turn the program around, was unfair or too short a period of time. This also gives IU another year to get their plan together if things should turn out this way.

    The problem for Glass waiting one more year is that this also puts his own job in danger. So if the football and basketball programs continue to flounder then Glass himself has to give an account. He also let IU’s great baseball coach get away. So Glass is all in on Crean because he has no choice. This is his baby and he has to own it. Let it ride!

  • KmanCRK

    from the sources I’ve heard of, I’d say more like 25% chance that Crean is back next year. Hearing decision has already been made. Crean and his family are ready to move on. I can’t imagine what it must be like to raise kids in a town where everybody wants dad to get fired. This was the same for Mike Davis. He wanted out for the same reason. Whether Glass truly supports him or not, once a fan base turns on you, that isn’t a comfortable place to raise a family.

  • KmanCRK

    He’s just setting things up to help Crean get a job. Helping him get a job = less money for a buyout. Crean to Alabama. mark it down dude.

  • KmanCRK

    lot of rumors that if Crean doesn’t go, there would be a max exodus of players. That jives with I’ve heard from folks who sit near the bench and say the kids seem to have tuned him out the last 6 weeks.

  • Ben thorne

    I want to believe TC is a good coach. What I think he lacks is only a real “feel” for the game. Thus some bizzare substitutions and questionable use of timeouts, etc. His feeling or sense doesn’t match the players and thus the communication breakdown and court confusion.

    Hug it out and finished strong guys. Crush MSU and get everyone believing again.

  • Fans don’t just start booing for no reason. If the players have given up and don’t put out the effort, you’ll hear the boo birds. If the players play their hearts out, the fans will cheer for them regardless of the record or the games’ outcomes. I don’t recall hearing boos in 08, 09 when we were bottom dwellers, but our kids all played with passion. Our coach has lost his players. With the exception of Yogi, Troy, and Hartman (now injured), there’s little effort put out there, and it’s very apparent on the defensive end.

    To answer your question, the player commits to the program, then busts his butt for the coach. If there’s a disconnect between coach and player and it pervades throughout the team, then they will eventually lose support of the program.

  • hardly

    Anybody who says Crean is a ‘great’ coach is showing how little they know about the game. IMO this all goes back to the ‘type of game’ he wants to play: fast, fast fast and faster. Unfortunately, at the elite level(meaning not Marquette) that’s just not going to work because there are so many great athletes with size. So, something other than speed is needed to win. The speed game well with bigs(Zeller being the exception) – which is why he wouldn’t play Luke and Noah at the same time. Two big guys slow the game down too much for Crean, even if they are both elite. Personally, I think it is silly to play this way, and teams like Iowa and Wisc. show why ‘big and talented’ will trump speed. If the court was 200 feet long, IU would have the perfect team.

  • SconsinHoosier

    Outstanding analysis. I grew up in East Lansing and had a few friends that played on those first two Izzo teams. You are definitely right, there were rumblings after year two! But an important distinction between Crean/Izzo is that Izzo had never been a head coach prior to MSU. So, the rumblings were justified in a different way, more along the lines of “is he ready to be a head coach at this level?” MSU fans had no “body of work” to draw from other than those first two years. Crean had already proven himself at Marquette, and even if you exclude his first three seasons at IU, he is a proven entity with a 13-year body of work. I think at this point, we can safely say “he is who he is.”

    Matta is interesting – and I hadn’t noticed the parallel success vs. Crean. His “body of work” going back to Butler is stronger than Crean’s: 8 of his 15 seasons coaching he’s won his conference championship vs. Crean’s 2 in 16 (or 2 in 13). If I was an OSU fan, where football is king and basketball is a bonus with no real sustained high-level expectations, I’d be happy with the general performance of the program, current trajectory and proven performance of the coach. He also “is who he is.”

    Bo Ryan is “who he is” and while some Badger fans were probably wondering “really?” when they introduced him as head coach (despite his crazy success at the D-III level), winning the B1G his first two years put everyone at ease and they’ve been rolling since.

    You are getting to the crux of it, though. Do we have reasonable expectations as a fan base? No doubt it’s been 20 years since IU was a perennial powerhouse, so recent history suggests fans shouldn’t expect it. But there were a lot of things that went wrong during the last two decades that prevented sustaining any success. However, I would contend that a university willing to spend top-10 type dollars on a coach, with top notch facilities, one of the best in-state talent pools in the country, the backing of a huge fan base, in a power conference, a beautiful campus and excellent academic programs, can and should have the highest level of expectations for its basketball program. Even if other schools can meet those criteria, the history and tradition of IU basketball separates Indiana from most other programs.

    I really do appreciate the work Crean has done. A+ effort and has done a lot of things “the right way.” I continue to believe that, at the time, he was one of the “best available” and “best fits” for what IU needed after Sampson. But, if the contract is a non-factor as Glass says, I do not believe CTC’s 16-year (or 13-year) “body of work” can support or justify the idea that he is the “best fit” to achieve the highest-level goals that IU fans justifiably have. Even if next year’s team improved in the W-L column, is there any reason to expect that they’ll make adjustments throughout the year, or the substitution patterns will be less erratic, or someone is not going to get Creaned, or that they’ll develop some kind of post presence, or that they’ll beat Wisconsin? Put a different way, if IU was exactly where it is right now but under a different coach, and that coach got hit by a truck, and Crean was 16 years into a career including Marquette and some other high-major school in a power conference, and his performance at that high-major school was what it’s been at IU the past 7 years, would he be a candidate to fill the open coaching position? Maybe, I guess. But I don’t think many would consider him the best candidate or even on their wish-list.

  • Outoftheloop

    AD Glass is saying exactly what I would say publically. Keep everything totally silent. See what the next 2 games and more hold. But be absolutely prepared to drop the bomb on 7/1/15!

  • Outoftheloop

    Wrong. Glass can not allow Assembly Hall not to be sold out!

  • Outoftheloop

    I used to play with IU Football Coach Berrnie Crimmins and went to HS with sons of Coach Dickens and staff. I really felt for them. All really good people! And that was before the social media and “meanness” of fans today.

  • Outoftheloop

    Rumors are truly worthless!

  • Snookafly

    Where do “the Benjamin’s” come from if not the fan base? And FYI I don’t think he should be removed during the season either– but hopefully Glass has started quietly putting feelers out.

  • Kent Hyslop

    Well put and and appears to be an accurate summary. Indiana kids are making solid impact on many teams.

  • Bud Jenkins

    true that, and more importantly big rich boosters… haven’t you seen friday night lights?

  • MarkHoltzHoosier


  • calbert40

    Nice post. I agree with the bulk of what you have said. You’re right about total body of work. Crean’s isn’t on par with Izzo in longevity of success, Matta’s in magnitude of individual team success, or Ryan’s in consistency. He still does have a good resume with conference titles and a FF. (side note – there are those who claim Crean’s FF is a fluke. If that’s true, is Ryan’s a fluke too. He’s only been there once, and he’s been a HC longer).

    I understand that we all want an elite coach, because we perceive our program as elite, but we certainly weren’t elite when he was hired. Also, we are comparing him to three pretty fantastic coaches, and only Matta had any previous D1 success, so the success of Izzo (major D1 program with no HC experience) and Ryan (longtime D3 HC with immediate D1 success) is more rare than we might like to admit. And though he doesn’t have the chops of those three, he doesn’t compare as poorly as many would suggest, as we’ve seen.

  • I’m with you, Oz! Glass’s statement is so similar to that of other AD’s and GM’s – telling the media they’re behind their coaches is the standard monologue just prior to firing the coach. In our case, I hope it’s soon, because these kids have quit on him just as the group before did at about the same time last season (about 4 weeks ago).

  • calbert40

    I wanted to devote a different post to your last question: if we had a successful coach that we wanted to keep, but he passed away suddenly, would we have Crean on our short list? Excellent question, and I had to really pause to think about it.

    Let’s look at his resume dispassionately, because he wouldn’t have been our coach. Also, we need to remove those three lousy years at IU, because he wouldn’t have been taking over and building a program from the ground up.

    13 seasons (12 full…in the 13th currently)
    * 2 conference titles
    * 7 NCAA tourney trips out of 12
    * 9-7 NCAA record
    * 1 Final Four trip, 2 Sweet 16s.
    * Record: 284-140, .670 winning percentage

    But we also need to add three years to his resume that would have been much better than the three years he had at IU. His average season is 22-11, if we round. His three seasons would have worked out something like this, probably:

    22-11, NCAA berth, 1st rd loss
    26-8, NCAA berth, Sweet 16
    19-13, NIT.

    New resume numbers:
    350-173, .669
    2 league titles (maybe gets one more in that 26-8 season?)
    9 NCAA berths
    NCAA record 11-9
    One FF trip

    And he’s only 48 years old, and he would have done the vast majority of that at a lesser school within a stronger conference. If he coaches for 15 more years with no appreciable difference in his winning percentage, he’d end up with nearly 680 wins. One would think that getting a better job (IU in this scenario), he’d top 700 wins easily.

    So, I’d say, yes he would be on the list. Maybe not the top of it, but his resume is pretty solid. We might be able to do better, but we could certainly find a lot of coaches who aren’t as good.

  • JacksonCounty

    So you think Glass is going to fire Crean at the end of this season?

  • Eljay

    I’ve probably been around too long. I graduated from IU in ’76. Over the years I saw scores of exchanges between reporters & Coach Knight. Coach Crean just doesn’t strike me as arrogant. (…and I loved Bob Knight—-even when he made me cringe while verbally assaulting some reporter who asked some germane question).

  • Sam McManus

    Fred glass like TC doesn’t put any care into fundamentals or defense. That’s why he feels TC is a great coach.

  • 3AM Burrito

    At the end of he day, this team is meeting everyones preseason expectations for Big 10 record. Most all predictions I saw in preseason were 9-9 or worse, at best 11-7, so they have a chance at 10-8 – which is upper half of the Big 10. The obvious problem is how they got here – if they would have started season 5-7 and then finished it 5-1, we would be singing praises right now. Unfortunately, it is happening the opposite way, but at the end of the day they will likely (hopefully?) be 10-8 and in the tournament. Given the flawed roster, suspensions, injuries, youth, that is not bad – not making excuses, but all in all this team did some nice things this year so far and hope fans can see through it all and recognize that.

    That being said, that Iowa game left such a horrible stench and was such an absolute beatdown and disaster, I definitely understand the fan reaction. It was just one loss in the record books, but had the feeling of something more significant, i really can’t recall such a disgrace at Assembly Hall. Tomorrows game is huge for the direction of this program and big for Crean, not saying it is for his job or anything, but winning this game will start to right the ship and maybe highlight more of the positives of this year and really what a bright future this roster could bring. Hope the team and the fans bring relentless energy tomorrow and earn a victory and show that the Iowa game was an aberration and not the start of a trend.

  • cooper

    All it means is Glass is hitching himself to Crean which makes sense. He knows if he asks to fire Crean, he is gone too. Next year will be the last. And they should have to do more than just make the tournament. Just making the tournament isn’t acceptable.

  • mharv2631

    I just wish he would sit the heck down every once in a while and let the players become men and not baby sit them all the time. Maybe then he could see what’s happening on the court and make adjustments. Has he ever got a technical? If he did maybe his players would know he has their back.

  • mharv2631

    Exactly, and Crean say’s we don’t need height we will run them out of the gym. Problem is other teams are in shape too.

  • Eljay

    Go watch some video of Knight’s exchanges with the press before you label Crean “arrogant”.

  • HoosierOz

    Well Mr KEN… my point must have been misinterpreted. My point is that for Glass to be blaming an 18 year old kid instead of the grown man not doing his job (Crean) is just ridiculous.
    “Bashing Glass and the coach”? Yes, saying that consistently underachieving with fantastic athletes is a knock on Coach Crean but is that really “bashing” him? My honest opinion that does not in any way attack him at a personal level is “bashing” him? When did I say I know more about the situation that Glass?
    The ONLY person that said anything at a personal level is YOU. “Loud mouthed ITH poster child”? Really? REALLY? I would love to stoop to your level and make personally attacking comments but I’ll continue to be the more mature person here and just post honest opinions that clearly others agree with.

  • SconsinHoosier

    When you flush out the numbers like that, you’re right, it would be a decent resume, and one worth considering. If he were on the short-list, I imagine other factors would start to come into play. For example, SOS (how many of those 20-win seasons were a product of soft non-conference schedules? Would IU fans tolerate that approach?), style of play (strong dribble-drive but lacking post/big presence, would it work in the B1G), sub-patterns (would IU fans welcome it?), academics (can’t be ignored), “Creaning” (can’t be ignored), price (if he was making $3M at a different high-major, would he come to IU for the same? What would it cost?). You’re right, though, it certainly does give reason to pause, because at the end of the day I imagine he would at least receive strong consideration, probably worth “putting the feelers out” for.

  • SconsinHoosier

    It is true, he doesn’t compare as poorly as many would suggest, and we as fans perceive our program as elite – and that gets to the bones of it: is IU that program? For the reasons I described above, I still say “yes.” But our record going back 20 years says “no.” There aren’t many programs that have gone through a similar experience to compare. Notre Dame and Michigan football are kinda/sorta in that ballpark. Granted, it hasn’t been 20 years like IU hoops, but neither went through a near death-penalty situation like IU did, either. But should the ND and UM fans still demand a high-level coach and high-level results? I think definitely yes and it’s not even close. But there are also programs that were once elite and the fans simply stopped having those expectations (Minnesota football was a powerhouse for the first half of the 20th century – their fans wouldn’t dream of having those kinds of expectations and haven’t for a long time). So, is IU at that tipping point? Could we to become the Minnesota football of the basketball world?

    Interestingly, I was talking to a friend about Archie Miller this weekend. He grew up in Dayton, is an alum, parents have taught there for decades, follows the hoops program closely. He believes there is “no way” Miller leaves for IU. Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, UNC maybe. Not IU. Says Dayton is prepared to pay whatever it takes to keep him, and it will simply be the draw of an elite program that pulls him away. He didn’t consider IU to be that level of program. So, here we are…

  • calbert40

    Michigan football is a strong comparison. If we wanted to look at a basketball program, I’d say UNC of the early part of the ’00s is solid too. UNC made a poor hire in Doherty, and after one successful season, he went 8-20 and then 19-16, missing the tourney both years. They, then turned to Williams, who had a similar trajectory (rough 1st year, amazing success including title, little dip, then consistency).

    I think IU has the potential to regain its status as an elite program. Traditionally, I think we still are elite, but in the same manner as UCLA is elite: based primarily on the past and not the present. I thought we had climbed that long road after the ’12-’13 season, but after doing some research, this little one to two season hiccup isn’t uncommon. Just look at UNC, Florida, even UK.

    RE: Miller, I think it is easy to say that you’re not interested in a school until that school comes calling. There are very few head coaching jobs in America that are considered more prestigious than IU, and though he has done great things at Dayton, Dayton is still a mid major. Not that I am pining for Miller, but I think if a contract was staring him in the face, he’d be hard-pressed not to take it. Even if we aren’t amongst the Top 10 programs at the current time.

  • calbert40

    That’s an excellent point. If Crean was at another school, we wouldn’t necessarily know anything about anything other than his record and tourney success. We wouldn’t be as familiar with recruiting, substitutions, transfers, etc.

    If that’s true about Crean, then it is also true about other coaches that have been mentioned as possible replacements (saving maybe Alford and Stevens, because we’ve followed both more than the average opposing coach).

    So, it would be up to the AD and other intelligent basketball minds to ferret out those things before we hired anyone. The point being that unless the coach is a known commodity (think Roy Williams leaving Kansas for UNC), there is a bit of uncertainty and risk for the program in canning Crean. The question for Glass is whether that uncertainty and risk is worth it? It truly is a fascinating question, IMO.

    One more thing…I’ve really enjoyed this discussion. We come from opposite sides in this discussion, but I’ve felt as though this has been a well-thought, measured and reasonable discussion. I feel like most people on the #FireCrean bandwagon act more like a mob seeking blood and vindication for their years of fandom. Not this discussion. Thanks. I appreciated the reason you brought to your posts. They made me examine my thoughts on the issue unlike most of the mob mentality posts do. I’ll argue with you any day!! 🙂

  • Bill Graham

    That sir was a fantastic response. I’ll take the apple anyway he can shoot better!