• Apoc

    “We spent too much time trying to drive and create…” Is this not your game plan every game coach? “We gave away too many points in the paint…” Did you not know that this would be their game plan coach, and what did you do to counter that? From outward appearance, nothing. There are big guys on the bench…Crean just recruited another one, yet he plays none of them. Best way to counter size is size. And while I’m on the subject of size, next year does not look promising, as all of their eggs are in Bryant’s basket, and if he falls through, IU has no big man again…or at least none with experience thanks to Crean. Even mid-majors can recruit and coach a big man.

    Back to the game…there were no adjustments from the first meeting between these two teams AT ALL. This is on Crean. As a coach, you can’t rely on making 3’s every game, and from there, what do you do to win games? Every team struggles at some point making points, and it’s obvious Crean can’t adjust in these games.

    As long as he is coach, IU will be relegated to mediocrity, and at times worse. We need to start demanding better…more. For IU to excel, they need a big time coach and I simply do not see Crean being that guy, IMHO.

  • Brian Stewart

    I stopped watching it after he said “we could have played smarter”, because “we” could have substituted smarter too. They had an 8 point lead and momentum in the first half and he substituted us out of that, then trailing by six in the second half we’ve got Max & Stan as our two “post” players while Troy, Perea, Holt, and Blackmon were on the bench. It’s not rocket science. Oh and how about come up with a game plan to get them out of what they like to do. Make them beat you from outside. You saw what happened the first time at Purdue and tried to beat them at their own game again. Hope Painter thanked you after the game. That probably got them into the NCAA.

  • SCHoosier

    My question is coach..why would u even consider going to a 1-31 when you did given that the guys on the floor weren’t prepared to execute it and when Painter’s guys were ready to attack it. Those two buckets against that zone..and Troys point guard TO driving to go between defenders (for the 1,000th time) changed the entire momentum of the game second half.
    That was Nuts!

  • SCHoosier

    How do you make them beat you from the outside when those two bigs just stood under the bucket and put back rebounds.or scored on easy low post feeds> Can’t do what you are no capable of.doing.

  • Brad Odom

    You are correct that Crean is an average coach but know IU now is a program that is going no where! Why would a “big time” coach want to go to IU? There is a reason they hired Crean……it was the best they could get! He is why they have such roster turnover (transfers) every year such as 7 footer Luke Fischer……the Big East has numerous players from IU.

  • INUnivHoosier

    At this point, all you can do is move on to the next one. Hopefully the team isn’t lingering on this as long as the fans are.