• JBJ – horrible defense. period. there’s about 8 points there, given away, that are unforgivable. good luck getting those back, as they grow exponentially. that starts as 24 points next game, just to get even, on top of normal offense. block a shot get a steal. do something.

  • IUJeff

    James is really bad on D so hopefully whoever took Janeys place can get him stronger this off season.

    But James is not why we lost this game. PUke is the better team and way more of a complete team than IU this season.

  • Purherpes isn’t a better team, they just happen to be very tall at this moment and create a nightmare match-up, at this moment. A couple extra freethrows, one more 3, and 2 more stops, and this was a 10point win.

  • inLinE6

    I’ve said it before. If JBJ’s not making shots (I mean, a lot of shots), he’s a defensive liability on the court. Worst in the starting lineup and near the bottom among regular rotational players. Individual defense is more of an instinct. I don’t know how to get him improved to even average BIG starter level. Use more zones to hide him?