• CreamandCrimson

    Keep fighting Mr.Jones. Tom Crean didn’t have to do this but I’m glad he did. He went the extra mile to make someone who is suffering tremendously a happy man, if only for a little bit. I know that ALS is a terrible disease and my prayers go out to Brian Jones and from one Hoosier to another, stay strong.

  • TomJameson

    Good words C&C. My prayers are joining yours.

  • Mack

    Thanks Coach Crean for reminding us all that there are fans everywhere–all over the country and the world that listen and watch these young men play and feel so much joy and connection to their athleticism and team work. We know from neuroscience that when we watch other humans who can move so beautifully and powerfully we actually feel it in our own body. It’s more than a college game.

  • iubase

    ALS is a really tough disease. Nice job CTC.