• Speed

    Turgeon had to be shell-shocked! What a game! I have criticized CTC when his teams did not perform well but on this night he deserves the credit! Terrific shooting, good defense, out-rebounded them and fewer turnovers. They shot 50% from the field and 3 pt land and lost by 19! WOW!!! Go Hoosiers!

  • Yogi shell shocked derp twerp turtle trimble. Clear statement about who is the best guard in the country. No contest.

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    Well, I was hoping they would have the article up, but not yet.
    I have to work so I can’t wait for it, so let me say here this was a great effort from all.
    Kudos to the coaching staff for a well prepared game plan, and the decision to take it down in the post to start the second half.
    With all the 3’s we were hitting, that was a brilliant move.

  • eville87

    I have been on coaches but all year but I must eat some crow now. If we can get some road wins he will be btn coach of the year. His substitutions still drive me crazy.

  • Darrell Allen

    Hey … the Indiana Hoosiers are back! Watching these past couple of games with the new starting five and the coach playing that same five for the majority of the game is fantastic fun to watch! With all 5 starters capable of putting the ball on the floor for a drive to the basket, kicking out, shooting 3s and helping each other on defense is how the game should be played. I know we have a couple guys on here who view SR as their “stud hero”, and he may personally be the nicest guy in the world, but his presence on the floor hurts this basketball team. His whole game is driving to the basket, and at this level, he seldom is successful. Opponents know he has no outside shot. This current starting five is so effective because of their shooting ability, athletic ability, low turnovers and group rebounding! Bench players, EH, MH & NZ all contribute well. Super win! Go Hoosiers!

  • RatKingSports

    Does anyone else notice how much different we have been with Hartman in the starting lineup? A heady tweener who can spread the floor, makes the extra pass and has great hands. Yeah, we are small.. but love our chemistry with Hartman in there.