2015 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board

The 2015 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board is a collection of information on recruits that Indiana is believed to be recruiting for its 2015 class.

Information that appears on school lists is collected from public recruit profiles on ESPN, Rivals, Scout, 247Sports and various news outlets. School lists only denote reported interest, not offers. The board should not be considered a complete list of prospects being recruited and is not endorsed by Indiana University.

If there is a prospect we should consider adding, please drop us an email at [email protected].

Projected Class Size: 4 or 5

Last Updated: 6/9/15


Juwan Morgan (Signed letter of intent)

Forward, 6-8, 220-pounds, Waynesville (Mo.), MoKan Elite
247Composite: 4-star (93); ESPN: 4-star (NR); Rivals: 4-star (109); Scout: 4-star (96)

Notes: Morgan announced his commitment to Indiana in a press conference on Sept. 10 and became the first commitment for the 2015 class.


O.G. Anunoby (Signed letter of intent)

Forward, 6-7, 200-pounds, Jefferson City (Mo.), Team Thad
247Composite: 3-star (271); ESPN: 3-star (NR); Rivals: 3-star (NR); Scout: 3-star (NR)

Notes: Indiana offered Anunoby during an unofficial visit on Monday, Aug. 4. He visited Bloomington on Oct. 4 and committed on Oct. 14.


Thomas Bryant (Signed letter of intent)

Forward, 6-10, 220-pounds, Huntington Prep (W.V.), Team SCAN
247Composite: 5-star (20); ESPN: 4-star (20); Rivals: 4-star (27); Scout: 4-star (28)

Notes: Bryant committed to Indiana on Saturday, April 4 at the DICK’S National Tournament in New York and signed with the Hoosiers in the spring period.


Max Bielfeldt (Committed on June 2, 2015)

Forward, 6-7, 245-pounds, Michigan graduate transfer

Notes: Indiana hosted Bielfeldt for an official visit on May 17 and 18 and he committed on June 2. He’ll add frontcourt depth following the dismissals of Devin Davis and Hanner Mosquera-Perea.

  • HoosierGrampy

    Having just viewed Hyron Edwards’s latest Twitter post w/courtside video, I’d put him back on the “2015 Wish List” STAT. 5’10 w/serious hops (2-handed jam in the video),goes from 0 to 100 in 3 dribbles while maintaining outstanding court vision, gets the rock to teammates timely and puts them in position to shoot in stride, uses BOTH hands well. At the risk of being called a name or two, he’s at least as good as Ferrell right now in the open court. In the vernacular, “Dude got skilz”.

  • HoosierGrampy

    Daniel Giddens is now a Suckeye commit. I so wish he were coming to B’town instead of Columbus. Happy Birthday to him at any rate.

  • IUBizmark

    RIP Spalding…

  • CreamandCrimson

    Thanks for the update, great work as always…I think Dean Wade is 6’8″, not 6’2″.

  • Cm

    I don’t think Caleb Swanigan and PJ Dozier are twins, need to update Swanigans photo

  • Kyl470

    I’ve often criticized CTC, but I won’t criticize the ITH staff. You guys do a great job of keeping us die hard fans informed.

  • Kyl470

    I’d also like to hear Swanigan talk about IU more. He fills a definite need for the team and is the highest ranked prospect in the state.

  • Kyl470

    Blackmon is a shooting guard.

  • TJ21

    Brain cramp, deleted my own comment

  • Boycott Homeland

    impossible with Crean

  • Brklynhoosier

    Right. Because we weren’t nat’l champion favorites… one single year ago…

  • Benhyoung14

    No more Zimmerman?

  • ForeverIU

    We have an in-home visit scheduled with Stephen Zimmerman in September, right?

  • IUBBfan

    Shake to SMU Think we have a chance with Bryant or Zimmerman?

  • Hoosier1388

    and William Gates for the Hoop Dreams fans…

  • Hoosier Hall

    Will there be a 2016 board soon?

  • aross

    Any word on if the Syracuse self imposed post-season ban increases our chances of landing Thomas Bryant? I thought it was just most likely Syracuse then Indiana and Missouri and Kentucky.

  • Ryan Howell

    IU didn’t make the cut for Swanigan. Take him off. Once again Crean misses on a physical forward. I have no hope for next year without a big. Hanner isn’t doing it.

  • Bill Graham

    no big deal. its not like he was the best big in Indiana (pshh like we even need a post player next year)… Plus its not like we’re gonna have to play against him ever (i mean its not like he’s gonna be a spartan or anything).

  • Overdorf

    Hopefully, Crean can get his teams to play D. Then he can install a real offense that works against teams that play D themselves. This three man weave out on the perimeter isn’t cutting it.

  • Overdorf

    It’s not an issue of talent at IU, it’s a defense problem. Defense is work, defensive liabilities should warm pine. Need more shut down defensive players, enough sharpshooters with no defensive skills!

  • Bill Graham

    I could be wrong and I’m not claiming to be prophetic…but if I had to guess I would say that we get a transfer (most likely a Big).

  • Ryan Howell

    I agree. I hate UK but Calipari isn’t afraid to bench some guys if they are playing poorly on both sides of the ball. If Nick Zeisloft isn’t hitting shots, he doesn’t need to be on the court, same goes for Hartman and Parea.

  • Overdorf

    The “Calipari Model”,as much as I hate the thought of it, is the way to run a program nowadays.I long for the days of Knight, when it was almost always a four year deal, but that’s the past. It’s got to be every year bringing in the best players you can get regardless.

  • Jeremy

    An update would be nice

  • Gordo

    How does IU handle the scholarship situation for next year? They have 13 scholarships available and 14 commitments for next year. If Thon Maker chooses IU they have to get 2 current players off of their basketball scholarships to create room.

  • papawglen

    wow dude. This has been talked about a thousand times. Who knows?

  • Junior Hubble

    We need Thon Maker!!!! Crean NEEDS to put forth a BIGGER offer!!!!

  • Gordo

    Clearly someone knows or they wouldn’t be in this position. I was hoping someone with a little insight into how this process works would chime in, instead I got you.

  • papawglen

    Just saying that everyone has been asking this for the last few months and nobody knows or is telling. Now we know.

  • LiveIUBBall

    Hoping for Bryant. Probably too good to be true though…

  • BobbyBeGoodKnight

    It’d be nice to bring in a big who has some D-I experience but I don’t see that the above players are much bigger than Juwan and OG. Why not focus on thoroughly developing the players we have coming in this year?

  • Kyl470

    Juwan and OG are not centers or post players. There are tall guys who like to play on the perimeter.

  • TomJameson

    At this point I would be happy with Max and Ododa. They are experienced, defensive minded big men who can bring relief to TB, and can immediately add to the team effort. A big plus is that they would not take up the 2 scholarships for more than 1 year each.

    Saying that, I think Dickerson would be a good addition as well. I haven’t been keeping a close eye on the 2016 recruiting board so don’t know we really want out of that class, but it might be nice for Dickerson to get some experience with the players we’ll probably lose after the 2015/16 season (especially Troy). That gives a little continuity to the team.

    I believe we’re going to have a big 2016/17 class, so a little continuity might be a good thing if it’s with a talented player. Sort of smooth out that recruiting bump.

  • hoosier93

    Juwan is a post player. Maybe not back to the basket but still a post player.

  • IU track Alumni

    Dickerson by far is the best option for us. He would come in and challenge for a starting spot at the 4 and be a starter next year for sure! He is a beast on the boards and has that edge and toughness. I really hope to get him if anyone on this board. Then we could focus on just recruiting guards and centers for 2016.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I’d give it a 0.00000001% chance! Laughing

  • Btown88

    I wish we were not in a position where we had to be in a recruiting mode for 2015. But reality says we are.
    That said, I would feel good about any combination of 2 of the 3 (Max or Ododa for their experience and Dickerson for pure athletic and future potential).
    I just think the physical upside to Ododa and/or Dickerson is higher than Max.
    The intangible would be Max’s combined experience in B10 and and being on the team with Michigan’s Final4 in 2013.
    If The Maker wants to come to IU at Xmas, then “We work things out”. But I would take 2 “Absolutes” now. I would even fill that second spot with a TOP guard, such as LoVett, if they are available.

  • Donnie Vick

    I’d love to have Maker (and another point guard). I read somewhere that a player can’t just play one semester and then head to the league. Is that true? If so, would that mean we’d have Maker for a year and a half? But I think it is also a risk bringing him in because of eligibility issues.

  • Outoftheloop

    No guards on the list? I didn’t think much of Max B at MI. Noah Dickerson sounds interesting. Not a very good list at this point. Thon does not seem like a good fit, he wants to come in in Dec-Jan and play for 2-3 months. Too many potential problems.

  • Outoftheloop

    Jeremiah April has not announced any plans yet. He might be an OK option for 1 year.

  • Outoftheloop

    You mean like half of the tall European players in the NBA?

  • Outoftheloop

    Please help me out, I know of zero commitments for 2016 yet, with the certainty that Yogi is gone, that Troy is likely gone, that James is a real possibility to be gone, and that Nick is definitely gone. That is 4 open scholarships for 2016. Thomas may even be gone, but I hope for 2 years from him.

  • LennyFassbender

    Why would Thon Maker wait until Dec/Jan to enroll? Is it because his academics are weak and he wouldn’t last the entire season without becoming academically ineligible?

  • TomJameson

    That was my argument for Dickerson as well. You didn’t mention that he would get a year of conditioning and practicing with Troy, TB, & Holt. He could be ready to start next year when/if needed.

  • TomJameson

    I believe it is because it would take that long for his academics to be at the point where he could “graduate”. Basically, he needs the credits to graduate at the normal time.

  • BrianS

    I kinda doubt the would bring him back for just one year, and his scholarship is valuable for upcoming seasons.

  • Daniel Zur

    Well it all matters on when he graduates from high school. If it does take him another half year to graduate, then I believe that we could have him for an extra year because the NBA draft eligibility rule states that a player must be one year removed from high school to be eligible. However there always may be loopholes and in every 2016 mock draft that i have seen, he has been on there since he decided to reclassify.

  • Mr. Mitchell

    Like watford?

  • Kyl470

    That’s a good comparison.