• eville87

    I love it!!! You tell them coach. Get the awareness and the scouting report down boys. We need to practice.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Delighted to hear TC say things like: “We’re building awareness”, “They are working hard”, “Learning from the films”, “Played well against some ‘fast’ teams”. Not delighted to hear him say things like: “We’ve got to get their hearts and minds on the scouting reports”, “We got caught up in screens and switches”, “Best post defender cannot be Yogi”, “I’ve got to watch the film closer to comment”. Talked for about a minute and ended the presser saying, “That’s not the question you asked, about guard rebounding, but…..”

  • IUfanforever

    HoosierHuck….what would you want CTC to say? I think CTC realizes he has a young team who at times doesn’t follow the game plan and scouting report. So what do you really think should be done?

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Fair questions; thanks for asking! Most IU fans know this team is comprised of 8 new names–7 with 0 D1 experience. We don’t have to be reminded of that every time he opens his mouth–he just might have something to do with the fact that there is a definite lack of experienced players on the roster, but that’s another story. I’d prefer he shorten his answers to the press for openers and use fewer cliche’ phrases. What the heck does learn to play uphill or downhill really mean? Get their hearts and minds on scout reports? Working hard? How is he building awareness? He’s not ready (physically, mentally, emotionally)? Game is too fast? I have to watch the game film closer to comment? Hey, he just coached the game…I’d like to see him give answers similar to Matta, Izzo, Pitino, Beilein, Donovan, Miller, i.e., succinct, honest and in terms my wife would understand.
    What to do with players who don’t follow the game plan? That’s a more difficult issue. 1. Maybe he needs to find someone like a Bacari Alexander at Michigan who can explain the plan in terms every player can comprehend. (Seen him a couple times and he’s very simple and effective.) Once everyone is on the same page, then I’d do what I see Ryan, Matta, Izzo, Pitino, etc. do: Any player who deviates from executing the plan gets to park his butt on the pine and remain there until he is willing to follow the script. I think RMK knew how great a motivator the bench could be and he used it w/regularity. TC gives a couple players multiple 2d chances but will use the hook on others after 1 miscue. 2. Truth is IU is not loaded with a lot of fundamentally sound ballers, and they don’t seem to talk to one another on the floor. Yogi takes plays off and for as much experience as he brings to the table it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether he has 2 years of experience or 1 year repeated 2 times. I hope TC gets real busy with defensive fundamentals in the days ahead. I also hope he never ever puts 5 guards on the floor against a good team unless he wants to see what a career night looks like for the best big on the other team.
    I would truly like to see 5 young men on the floor who played together as a team and gave solid effort on both ends of the court than a random assortment of shooters who played reach around and hope for a miss defense. I don’t think this team has found its heart yet. When it does, they can be very good, but until the magic happens, it’s possible that this will be another Steinbeck equivalent to The Winter of Our Discontent.

  • Brad

    This guy is a clown. Come on Crean. You are talking about one of the worst teams in the country according to Kenpom like they are the Spurs. This team is in very bad shape and all the awareness and scouting report nonsense you keep talking about is making me think you know you are on the hot seat. Get it figured out. No more excuses.