Eastern Washington’s Venky Jois on Indiana’s defense: ‘They weren’t doing anything’

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From far outside the Eastern Washington postgame locker room on Monday night, you could hear the screaming and the celebrating.

During his postgame interview, Eagles star Tyler Harvey mouthed to teammate Venky Jois, “Oh my god.”

As Eastern Washington (4-1) walked off Branch McCracken Court after their upset over Indiana (4-1), ending the Hoosiers’ 43-game non-conference home winning streak, the Eagles could barely even contain themselves. Parker Kelly looked up to Eastern Washington fans and shrugged, as if he could not believe what just happened. Players yelled as they left the court.

All that shock came from the performance the Eagles had against the Hoosiers on Monday night. They had won, 88-86.

“We deserved it,” Eastern Washington guard Drew Brandon said. “We work hard every day, and it just felt great to finish with the win.”

Indiana, meanwhile, was left reeling. After giving up 48 points in the paint in their win over Lamar on Saturday, the Hoosiers allowed another 48 points in the paint to Eastern Washington on Monday.

Though the Eagles were a very capable team from 3-point range — with 48.5 percent of their points coming from beyond the arc in their first four games — they barely even needed to shoot from behind the arc against the Hoosiers. 75 percent of their 88 points came from inside the paint or from the free throw line.

“Whenever teams want to pick their poison and it just so happens that they pick me, I’m happy,” said the 6-foot-8 Jois, who finished with 20 points and 14 rebounds (eight of which were on the offensive end). “It was good because more-so the second half, we got more looks inside.

“They were not double teaming. They weren’t doing anything.”

Heading into the game, Indiana coach Tom Crean admitted they wanted to stop the Eagles’ three-point shooting threat. But with junior Hanner Mosquera-Perea sidelined for much of the game due to poor performance and no other capable post defenders on the court, Eastern Washington quickly exploited the weakness.

The Hoosiers led for much of the game, though, reaching their biggest margin — 12 points — with 15:11 remaining. But Harvey, who came into the game a 47.5 percent 3-point shooter, quickly made two 3-pointers to trim Indiana’s lead. The Hoosiers had to respect Eastern Washington from behind the arc, too.

Indiana got back to a nine-point lead with 10:11 left, a 61-52 game. But the Eagles rattled off 14 points — all either from in the paint or at the free throw line — to grab for a 66-65 lead.

“We’ve got to get better at defending that paint,” Crean said following the game. “And we will. … You have to stop that first line of attack much better.”

After the teams exchanged baskets through the closing minutes — junior Yogi Ferrell scored 14 of Indiana’s final 22 points, and admittedly Eastern Washington coach Jim Hayford said “we didn’t have an answer for him” — the Eagles continued to penetrate the paint. They were able to get the knockout punch with less than a minute to go.

On an inside-out play, guard Parker Kelly, who had attempted only one shot in the previous 39 minutes, drained an open three-pointer to put the Eagles up four. Indiana would not see the lead again.

Following the game, Crean praised Eastern Washington by saying its performance is what “attack basketball looks like.” It’s what Crean wants to see his team get to, offensively, and to be able to stop, defensively — at some point.

But on Monday night, the Hoosiers were unable to do that. And the Big Sky squad came away with a big win.

“Defensively, our communication wasn’t there to let that teammate know down the stretch,” said Ferrell, who finished with 27 points. “We had guys not communicating in switches and that’s how they got to the lane so easily for those couple of late baskets for them. For that, we just didn’t do a great job of keeping our chest in front of the ball and stopping penetration.”

“We just gotta get out there, play defense. Just tell everybody we’ll be OK. Watch film, get in practice and we’ll just get back to the basics.”

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  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    and this one’s scary…what if coach cal’s players all stayed 4 years. or even just more than one. gulp!! getting to yourour point, any fan base can ask ‘what if’

  • Mr. Mitchell

    Props to the coaching staff at E.W. Just think if Texas Southern would have beat us. Sizzling

  • ForeverIU

    Absolutely, he’s been trying to throw him under bus ever since his (Crean’s) “fun and games” tantrum. I never liked the way he handles the “Hanner phenomenon”. He talks too much about him, and with unnecessary detail.

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    Ole Man, hard to debate who was the worst, no one was all that good last night. Hanner had zero intimidation factor, and guards shot 2 footers over him. I believe coaches have told him not to get into foul trouble, and opposing teams know that. I would rather see 25 minutes of aggression and foul out than 25 minutes of ineffectiveness.

  • Sarasota Hoosier


  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Couple points to ponder: 1.) At least 5 times in his lame presser our $3 million man remarked: “We’ll learn from this; They’ve got to learn; They need to learn”. I’d like to ask him specifically who is going to TEACH these THINGS which they need to learn? 2.) It seemed that Collin’s lateral motion is restricted (mental?? or physical??) as he got juked a couple times and simply couldn’t recover to stay between his man & the rack. Forward and backward motion looked OK, though. 3.) You’re really splitting hairs by saying that they’re trying to learn Man D w/each other as a “team”. Aside from occasional glimpses of good D play & effort by Stan, Robert Troy and Yogi (Emmitt for 5 minutes), this group–as individuals–couldn’t stop a good intramural team on penetrations, baseline drives or pick-n-rolls. If they flat out don’t know how to defend individually, how are you realistically going to expect them to play better D as a team? I’ll opine that the likelihood of having some sort of synergism like that occur rests somewhere between None and Zero.


    Even that basic aspect of D was not to be seen. Hard to believe that if a player was told to do something as simple as that, at halftime or during a time out, that they wouldn’t do it, but then again should a player at this level even need to be told something as simple as that, especially with as obvious as it was in this game. I guess if nothing else they should have overheard the announcers mentioning it at least once out of the many times that they pointed it out.

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    Yes, that’s correct, Crean has had ZERO success with big men outside of Zeller.
    Zeller committed, and they made it to a sweet 16 twice.
    Vonleh committed to IU because he knew he would get playing time, he was NEVER going to be around more than a year.
    What I’m saying is, based on the results with other big men, it could be why they are transferring and not signing.
    But I would be interested to hear your opinion as to why that is.

  • I love the quote from their big man: “They weren’t doing anything on defense.” normally I’d want to smack him in the mouth for talking trash, but he summed it up perfectly. Can’t get mad at that.

  • hgdownunder

    Why are you imploring? What is your interest in the issue to implore? Are you really IU diehard from CTC?

  • hgdownunder

    You know, I remember the Lou Watson era, and then IU hired this guy out of Army…

  • SilentBob

    If Hanner thinks he is being thrown under the buss by coach right now then he better hope he can set up a successful small business later in life so he never has to take criticism. Talk about energy all you want, but after a while it sounds like a little league coach telling a kid he has a good eye for not swinging. Except Hanner is swinging, just wayyyy too much. He has no control. I can accept bad games, but 5 rebounds in 3 games and you start to understand the day by day instead of day to day thing Coach was talking about. Also I think you have selective hearing. Coach talked much more about ball pressure being the problem as opposed to the post up game.

    Crean does has some faults in this game. Not trusting Emmitt, last night would’ve been a good time to start. Also he continues to use a 4 guard starting lineup and play Stan very little.

  • Hoosier Pride

    maybe more, didnt he put up 30+ vs zeller?

  • SilentBob

    Hate to disagree with someone who I almost always agree with, but here I go. Not only did I think that fun and games quote was perfect at the time, since the first two years that seems to be what it was, but I’ve loved everything he has said since. Usually when Crean talks about him it’s in response to a question. Yes he gives long answers, but he gives long answers about everything. The long answers are all about consistency. If that’s detail, then that’s being put under the microscope with the weakest lens. Maybe he should stop talking to the media so much, but if he isn’t 50x harder on Hanner in practice than he is in interviews then we need a new coach. This wouldn’t be a phenomenon if Hanner was playing better and being the day by day player we need him to be.

  • SilentBob

    Eh I don’t want to see Holt play with Hanner. I want to see Holt play when Hanner isn’t. Either way I agree coach needs to start trusting him cause we need him.

  • SilentBob

    No matter if I agree I still want to get a ladder so I can climb up and punch him lol. I wonder if knows that quote undermined his performance?

  • enickman

    I was there too. It turned out really well for the program as I recall!

  • mark

    Yogi Ferrell, who IMO made the bonehead play of the game by going for a 2 when IU was down 3 with 10 seconds left (and with other 3-point specialists just standing stationary all around him), is a JUNIOR. Can’t blame that on youth. . They’re out there with all their top-50 players, building up their muscle, but other teams come in hungrier, tougher, smarter, more skilled. And that’s what it’s all about.

  • mark

    Difference in the game right there. Maybe he snuck into the bar and had a few too many drinks before the game?

  • mark

    I saw Holt block out against Lamar. Maybe that’s why he didn’t play against EW?

  • mark

    Then PLAY THE SIZE YOU HAVE! That means HOLT. The guy looked good against Lamar, grabbing 2 boards in 5 mins. He needs playing time, otherwise will get to junior year and be another HMP.

  • mark

    Yes I was shocked by how easily they blew past JBJ. Thought he was a better athlete than that.

  • mark

    I also wonder, did we have a timeout available at the end? Why not call one and draw up a play with 14 seconds left and down by 3? That drive by Yogi was stupid, plain and simple. We needed a 3 and had 5 3-point shooters on the floor, so did CTC really intend that 4 of them just stand there while Yogi drives for a contested 2?

  • IUBizmark

    Thank you. Crean does a lot of things that make sense only to him. Crean recently said he heard from Doug Collins that during the last five minutes of the game you play your five “toughest” players. This is why we saw Austin Etherington vs. Frank Kaminsky last year. Not sure why you would blindly follow a Doug Collins edict, but if your five toughest players are 5’10, I don’t think those five players give you the best chance to win…but what do I know, I don’t make $3MM a year coaching D1 basketball.

  • IUBizmark

    First, I hope we don’t hire Mike Woodson. That would be a disaster.
    Steve Alford to IU isn’t happening and that’s good for IU and Steve.
    I wouldn’t want Shaka Smart and he appears to want the UNC job.
    I’d love Stevens, but that looks to be pretty long odds.
    Gregg Marshall would be a solid hire and the most likely.

  • Gdaddy

    The thing is we have supported him and will continue to support him until he is no longer the coach. However, the direction that the program is heading is scary. You will probably reply that Crean is doing his best with the situation he has, but the fact of the matter is that he has steered us directly into this situation. With no capable big men this year and none committed for next year we cannot compete in the B1G. The lack of experience hurts and may be a product of the times, but is more likely a product of an environment in which players do not want to stay fo more than 3 years. If you want to win the B1G then you have to have dominant post players and seniors.

  • Jordan

    unnecessary, sure he had a bad game but jokes like this are out of line. As an Indiana fan you root on your players, don’t knock them when they’re already down. Disappointed.

  • IUBizmark

    This isn’t your daddy’s Big Ten.

  • Brad Norrington

    If you have a chance to see the game again you’ll see that Blackmon was in the corner wide open waiting for the ball. Yogi drives to the basket and misses the layup and the rest is history. He clearly reverted back to last year in where he put his super man cape on and tried to win the game himself.

  • ForeverIU

    LOL, I don’t always agree with myself! But really, I’m putting CTC under a microscope right now. I need some reassurance that he’s not over-explaining things as (unconsciously) a way of justifying his own shortcomings. If Hanner is so elusive in his work and practice habits, I don’t want to know it. I trust that Crean is doing his job in practice, and I don’t need him to constantly assure me that I have to trust him. The “day by day” I want to see from Crean is how he manages Hanner during games, not in practice.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I really, truly want CTC to be successful.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Gregg Marshall is the best hire out of the names suggested, in my humble opinion (aside from Brad Stevens – which is a very, very long shot).

    Who knows, maybe in the coming weeks the team will continue to come together, watch tape, learn defense, and actually start playing IU basketball.

    They have the talent. And they actually have enough beefy players to pull it off with HMP, EH

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I was at Hoosier Hysteria, and he was more than a little snippy to Sage, which gave me pause for concern about his actual character.

  • Outoftheloop


  • ForeverIU

    Well that’s the only way he could have had a chance to score on us! How’s that? Lol.

  • PocketHoosier

    I think you’re being a bit unfair to Yogi saying that he “reverted to last year…putting his super man cape on and trying to win the game himself.”

    If you watch the tape one more time, you will clearly see that he has developed a new element to his game: “putting his super man cape on and trying to lose the game by himself.”

    Down 3, driving the lane for a contested layup with less than 10 seconds to go? Any way you slice it, that was a pretty stupid thing to do.

  • Eugene Debs

    Like I said, and I know y’all hate me for it, but 14 wins.

  • mark

    Wow, didn’t see that, thanks. I’m on record as saying I think Yogi has an NBA future, but I need to retract that now. If he doesn’t even have the court vision to find an open teammate beyond the 3-point line when his team is down 2, and he instead chooses to go for a contested 2 with 10 seconds left, well, he’s not an NBA PG. I guess after his arrest last Spring, we all should’ve seen he doesn’t have the decision-making ability he needs. I hate to get down on a kid like this, but really, the last 14 seconds of the game IMO illustrated terrible b-ball IQ from both the team leader and the coach. But then it’s all blamed on the immaturity of the rest of the team, and that’s what really gets under my skin.

  • mark

    Guys will develop (RJ, MH, SR), but need a big guy, desperately. Just can’t go another year with an underachieving 4 masquerading as a 5. Need a true center. Maybe Holt will grow into those long arms? But would CTC even play him then?

  • mark

    Actually only half joking. I’ve played a lot of ball in my life (including often against Will Sheehey’s father and uncle), and believe me, players do show up half-stoned to games sometimes. Do you actually believe the drug violations of TW and SR were a 1-time thing? And do you really believe they’ve given it up? Color me skeptical. Tigers don’t change their stripes. I bet they’re just more careful from now on. But not to pick on IU, for surely it happens at other schools too (I recall when IU beat Kentucky a few years ago, a Kentucky starting forward looked way off that day, and the announcers noted it too; looked to me like he probably smoked something a bit too much prior to the game). And I’ve heard through the grapevine that this sort of thing was one reason Etherington wanted out; it certainly wasn’t playing time (as media stated), because he’s not playing any more at Butler than he did last year at IU; he knew he’d have Roosevelt Jones ahead of him. Just wanted a better culture. Sorry to disappoint you.