• SCHoosier

    Hats off to coach. He had his kids ready and they gave great effort the entire game. I’m gonna hate the one answer most every opposing coach is going to give all year “IU had a 17 point lead..and you cut it way down by half time..how did you do that…answer “We started going inside” Our front line is gonna kill us defensively.

  • InTheMtns

    Two great quotes from Coach Price that paint the opposite ends of the spectrum for us and both so true:

    “We started going inside” when asked how they staged their come back, and
    “You’ve got to pick him up in the parking lot when you first get out of the car,” when asked about JBJ.

  • TomJameson

    I tend to agree, but I think that Hanner is just TOO concerned about making fouls … he seems to just let ‘his’ man go right on by. But, I think EH is going to make a difference when he starts getting more minutes. He wasn’t in long last night, but IMO he made a difference when he was there.