• Mr_What_It_Is

    At 3:15 Yogi points out to Troy that James at 7 boards, Troy had 4, and Hanner had 0.

  • Oregoniu

    Great win for this young team!! I’m a little concerned about team defense. Jim Jackson kept commenting on how IU definders had their arms down at their sides, against really big guys. HMP and TW seem to always be in a “cocked” position on defense, ready to jump out of the gym but not ready to defend, block out and rebound. I found myself concerned when CTC took CH out of the game because he ‘gets’ defense and rebounding. “Arms up” seems to be game skill CTC could teach and yell during games, becuase we all know he is constantly yelling, it seems. I personnally still cringe when CTC lets Yogi make jump passes beyond the end line. This team can shot and handle the ball, IMHO,just need a little more fundamental play in the frontcourt.