• SilentBob

    Kid does not shy away from contact. Looks like he has a solid passing skills for a kid his size too. Anyone know if he has a jumper?

  • jacobdetroy

    Was about to write the same thing about contact. Kid plays physical and is exactly what this team will need when he gets here. Heck, we need more of that now. Encouraging highlight.

  • GaHoosier

    Finally a highlight film that includes a big man passing, playing defense, and rebounding. We got shooters…we need defense and rebounding!

  • TomJameson

    Yeah, we just need to get them all here at the same time. lol

  • SCHoosier

    Saw him play in the Peach Jam past summer…and yes he has an outside shot. Kid really played team ball though. Big thing was..because of foul trouble he had to guard Swaningan..the 6-9 280 kid from Ft. Wayne area. Morgan really got pushed around giving away about 80 lbs..but didn’t back down. Makes a good 3 now..will need some strength and heft to play the 4 successfully IMO. Can shoot a jumper and the three..but didn’t much that day.

  • hagster

    Nice but I thought he was bigger I guess.

  • GaHoosier


  • Hoosier Pride

    going to be nice to see what coach jackson can do with that body

  • Hoosier Pride

    didn’t really read that before I sent it, could have worded that a little bit better,,