• MillaRed

    Max and Priller interview an instant classic.

  • Gosh, REALLY makes you love these guys even more.. They are really something.

  • Bill

    Seem like good kids.

    Yogi -top 40 recruit
    jBJ – top 40
    Johnson- top 50
    Stan – top 60
    Troy – top 50
    Hanner- top 60.
    Holt- unknown

    Nick z – fearless. Remember screaming for Austin to shoot last year?

    Max- no fear bulldog
    Tim – will shoot when open plays hard
    Collin – 3 star baller. He looks really good as a role player.

    Look defenses will get better. Bigs will get dominated. But we are more talented than most. Can we get 20 plus wins?

    I think so. Thoughts?

  • SCHoosier

    U can tell the team is tight. This interview is a good example..and Tim was getting chest bumps from the bench after a block and that one tip in. Chemistry is cookin’ this year which will mean good things.

  • Joe Pop

    Hahah uncle tim!! That was hilarious and max is gonna be a baller

  • Joe Pop

    I thought Stan was the 99th rated player, but your point is well taken. I think this is a tourney team if they take care of the ball. So much better than last year.