Anunoby, Morgan plan to sign early with IU

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Indiana’s class of 2015 recruits, Juwan Morgan and O.G. Anunoby, both tell Inside the Hall they plan to sign National Letters of Intent with the Hoosiers during the early signing period that begins today.

In a text message, Anunoby, a three-star forward from Jefferson City (Mo.) said he will sign on Monday, Nov. 17.

Morgan, a four-star forward from Waynesville (Mo.) said he will sign on Wednesday, Nov. 19, which is the final day of the early signing period.

Both players were on campus late last month for Hoosier Hysteria.

The 6-foot-8 Anunoby, who averaged 21.3 points, 9.9 rebounds and 3.4 blocks per game and was named first team all-state in Missouri for Class 5 as a junior, chose the Hoosiers over Georgia, Gonzaga, Iowa, Ole Miss and several others.

Morgan, a 6-foot-9 forward, chose Indiana over Vanderbilt, Washington and others. He was named the most improved player in Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) for the 2014 season, averaging 10.9 points and 6.8 rebounds in the league’s regular season for MoKan Elite and 12.4 points, 7.4 rebounds, 2.4 blocks and 2.2 steals in the Peach Jam finals in July.

Indiana’s two-man recruiting class is currently ranked ninth in the Big Ten according to the 247Composite.

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  • notfargj

    not unlike ole man, you won’t be reading this but i’ll proceed. my theory, with respect to your comments, is that you either fear confronting what troubles you about iu basketball. or, your views are so steeped in pride that you employ bullying language when attempting to make your point. or, should i say, you resort to kentucky fan mentality? are you aware of how many times you use directives to deflect that which troubles you? by virtue of the fact you announced that what i write doesn’t matter and you’re not going to visit the thread again, you are essentially saying that it very much matters to you and you will be – i presume now – reading this retort.


    I guess I don’t understand how someone can, say things, then agree that some of it was over the top, and then turn around and say that it was certainly worth every minute and still expect people to take them seriously. First off IU diehard did not state that “all” of them indulged in underage drinking and recreational drugs. As far as proof goes, FWIW I myself witnessed, on more than one or two occasions, Knight’s players “partaking” of both and not in small amounts either. I was also witness to them, while underage, being in some of the local watering holes via a fake ID or just simply being let in and then later leave and get behind the wheel. I seen it on campus and off campus, by end of the bench guys to players that had a very prominent role. I also was around to hear, out of their own mouths, how things had gotten swept under the rug in some form or another. I’m not the only one that had first hand witness to this kind of thing happening as I have read from more than one or two other people that say they seen it first hand as well. You are entitled to your opinion, regardless of what it is, and you can believe what you choose to believe, but you cannot change the facts and what I’ve stated are the facts because I, and others, witnessed them first hand. I will end with this, and before you jump to point it out, just because others in the past done it does not make it OK that the players on the current team do it, because it doesn’t, but to think or say that it didn’t happen in the past, and with a high (no pun intended) percentage of them, and on a fairly regular basis, is to try and deny the facts as they truly are.


    I’ll tell you what he could have done also. It’s widely known that Knight told recruits that if they would give him four years he would give them the rest of his life and would be there for them, regardless of what it was or where it was. I’m not Einstein but I’d say what A.J., as well as others, have asked of him would fall under what he promised them. I’m sure that the Knight apologists and Knight himself, could give us, what they feel is, a purely logical reason why it was alright for those players to hold their end of the agreement up and not him. I could see the logic in a situation where they had done something really bad and was asking him to bail them out in some sort of way, but to not come back to help honor them in something that he had such a prominent role in is just out and out selfish, childish and several other things that I won’t go into.

    To those out there that think I’m a RMK hater you couldn’t be more wrong and there are few people out there that would love to see him come back and be recognized for what he accomplished while at IU than me. At the same time I am also a realist and call it like I feel it to be when this subject is discussed, thus I will not be replying to anyone that wishes to have the Knight was the greatest and we need him back as coach, no Knight was terrible and deserved everything that happened to him and more, argument.


    Ah hah, I thought I could hear some coach speak bleeding through in the well laid out replies you had for notfargj. I don’t know what the scientific term is for somebody that has an aversion for the facts and reality, but whatever it is he has a textbook case of it.

  • notfargj

    who’s the moderator deleting legitimate comments? again, and i say this with respect to the site, it’s completely ridiculous that comments which support the program are welcomed yet anything that cuts deep are eliminated. is this merely a pat-on-the-back party?

  • notfargj

    first off, if anyone was over the top, it was iu diehard fro CT. comb through his posts and you’ll surely understand. of course i was over the top and don’t apologize for doing so. i do stand behind my comments, IUMIKE1. what’s more, i realize you didn’t address the topic but i must state it for the record, i never claimed our players were thugs. my words were “dare i say thugs.” sure, this insinuated they could be well on the path of suspect behavior but i didn’t firmly claim they were. it’s baffling why my initial comment was deleted, particularly because it was the only one in this thread that garnered the support of other contributors. in the end, i am getting the sense that the comment boards here are to be kept warm and fuzzy – God forbid someone speak plain. again, i’m not putting the blame on you but i think it needs stating.

  • Bringing the word “thug” into the conversation isn’t a legitimate comment. If you have any issue with that, email me.

  • CreamandCrimson

    “If anyone was over the top, it was iu diehard fro CT.” Followed by, “of course i was over the top and don’t apologize for doing so.”

    I don’t understand, you say that “if” anyone was over the top, it was somebody else. Then you acknowledge that you were “of course” over the top and then you acknowledge that you are completely okay with being over the top. “Over the top” means to be excessive or exaggerate. When attempting to make a logical point, why would you purposely be excessive and then stand behind doing so?

    As for your “thug” comment, you replied to my post by saying “if the shoe fits”…you are doing a bit more than insinuating (in my opinion). I’d like to get this straight, just for my own clarification because I don’t want to be confused by this: Do you believe some of our players are thugs?

  • IU diehard from CT

    Lol. Thanks bro. Ya, he’s suffering from it. Too bad isn’t it.


    Yea, maybe we can get MillaNun to take him on a monastery retreat and get him straightened out. LOL Don’t remember seeing you comment much before, or not under this name anyway, so you may not get the whole MillaNun and the monastery thing, it’s origin goes way back.


    Thank you, exactly ! Good luck getting that straight, yes or no answer. lol Getting something like that from him/her is probably about like trying to get intelligence from your average pUKe fan. I replied to him, not about his view in general, but rather a “part” of “one” of his comments that I had first hand knowledge about and he goes into something that had nothing to do with what I replied to him about when he replies back to me. Something tells me he was supposed to have already scheduled another doctor’s appt before now to have his meds dosage updated. Not his mom’s fault, she can’t do everything for him.

  • Jon

    Things always seem to work themselves out

  • IU diehard from CT

    I’ve been on ith for years….i just never commented. I’ve always enjoyed your posts. go iu