IU releases statement from Emmitt Holt

  • 11/03/2014 9:26 pm in

Indiana released a statement on Monday evening from freshman forward Emmitt Holt, who was the driver in the accident that seriously injured sophomore forward Devin Davis early Saturday morning near Memorial Stadium.

A four-game suspension for Holt was announced on Tom Crean’s radio show Monday night for what Crean called a couple of “poor choices.”

Here’s the full statement from Holt:

“Devin is not only a teammate but a great friend and it pains me to know that I have caused him harm. I sincerely regret my actions and I understand that I must be held accountable to the high standards that Coach Crean and IU have set for all of us.

“I want to apologize to Coach, to my teammates and to the entire IU community for not living up to the expectations that this program and university deserve.  I will work hard in the coming days, weeks and months to become a better man and teammate.”

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  • Speed

    Very well said. Let’s hope that others on the team follow suit.

  • SilentBob

    Lets hope everyone follows this. Still prayin’ for ya big guy

  • Bk39

    He really does have broad shoulders and puts full responsibility upon them. Good on you Emmitt.

  • Snookafly

    It’s a boilerplate apology, but I’m sure he feels torn up about the situation. Guilt and public scrutiny will probably punish him more than the suspension. Here’s hoping he learns and grows stronger from all of this.

  • Bryce Kepner

    So he is still getting blamed even though all the details have come out showing that Davis was drunk and tried to jump on Holt’s car? I understand that Holt is still at fault for underage drinking but the whole DD thing is all on Davis, no one else

  • AgentaAllstar7

    I’m going to try to be positive and hope that this can end in story book fashion.With the team rallying like brothers more mature ,hardened and determined by the adversity.With Devin Davis on sidelines cheering like Lance Harbor for Billy Bob and Jonathan Moxon.Is it unlikely ? Yes,but I won’t give up hope because right now Thats all we have.I hope these guys wanna prove something to everyone.I hope they’re Up at night and can’t get enough extra time in the gym instead of the Bar.
    Just like The Hickory Huskers we need some Jimmy Chipwood Magic.

  • Jamie

    Honestly… Emmitt is so young and new here. It’s this Allan Iverson-itus culture propagated by the others that I think is an issue. If you join a team where the leaders are all about exploiting their celeb status off the court, gettin high, partying, making sure everyone knows how dope you are through twitter, instagram or whatever else…… well that’s your team. You either take the not so “high” road and alienate your teammates, or try and fit in without throwing yourself away. The kid was basically the designated driver right? I see him as an innocent bystander to a large degree here. Now Troy and Stan….. I think need to grow up. God gave these kids a gift…. but you got to have some intelligence to make that gift give. Just ask Iverson. Broke, joke, ruined Iverson. That’s what you get when conventionality and rules don’t even make it onto your star studded radar. You get a ruined man.

  • AgentaAllstar7

    I live in southern Indiana and the Louisville media hacks down here disrespect us in every way possible.Usually in the form of ignoring us whenever IU does anything well despite there being a strong fan base here.This kind of stuff will get some run on their air waves.They gloss over anything negative about Louisville .I know kinda off topic but I swear UofL and Tom Jurich using them like a propoganda wing.We need some coverage down here.Alex knows I’m right ! For the record I could Undoubtedly curb stomp anyone associated with the Louisville media in any sports discussion.Eric Crawford..These guys are just Turrible.

  • hoosierfan2336

    Good. And I’m sure he will feel even more sorry after losing his scholarship and transferring to a JUCO right? Because there’s no way this program can allow this type of behavior. Have to remove the tumors.