Former players react to news of suspensions

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Several former players took to Twitter on Monday evening with reaction to the turmoil in recent days for the IU basketball program.

Here’s a sampling of some of the tweets published:

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  • oldiugymnast

    But lets look at the actual facts.

    1. Hanner blew it. He had a bad game, lost his mind a little, got loaded and didn’t have the good judgement to not drive. That was really bad, and I am sure he has been thoroughly beaten up about this – and by most accounts has taken corrective action, and worked his butt off.

    2. Two players tried unsuccessfully to enter Kilroy’s with a fake ID and were arrested. This was stupid and embarrassing – and something that never would have happened when I was a student. I know, because even non-athletes almost never got arrested for this. The BBALL stars would have either walked right in, or been laughed, warned that the cops were working the place that night, and had their IDs confiscated and destroyed. I am not excusing this behavior, but it isn’t like they raped someone like the current Hiesman favorite. The have been punished and should have been. What that punishment was has nothing to do with you. Another hint – you are a fan, not a player. You did nothing to help or hurt this team and what happens with this team in terms of discipline is NOT YOUR BUSINESS. It is between the coaches and the athletes as it should be.

    3. Two players smoked some weed at some point this summer and had the bad luck of getting two drug tests within 30 days of doing so. They should have not done this because they knew they were subject to testing – and again, deserve and are being punished for this, both publicly and privately. You might want to look at how JD Anslinger and known murderer (who got away with it) William Randolf Hurst worked to make this plant illegal and why. Little hint – they wanted to get jazz musicians and Mexicans, and wanted to protect their timber assets.

    4. There was a horrible accident where a kid who hardly drank at all (clue again – college students drink sometimes, even IU basketball players. Ask anyone who knew Coverdale how squeaky clean he was), hit another player who jumped in front of his car in the dark. Should he have been drinking at all during season – obviously not. Is he the first or even a rare case for IU Basketball players – also obviously not. Did he cause or did his drinking contribute to the accident – No. Unequivocally. Did he exercise bad judgement being out late before a team event – sure. He is being punished both publicly and privately.

    Are these events somehow indicative of a team with drug and alcohol problems? Maybe – but it really seems unlikely. A rational, well-reasoned person would utilize some perspective here. Coach will deal with discipline.

    Questions for you – in what ways are YOU striving to be excellent at something or in the top of your field of study, work or hobbies? Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever let yourself down? Have you ever let a friend or loved one down? Do you think that being religious = being a good person? Just curious.

  • IUfanforever

    Wow how did you get to the prohibition soapbox? Underage drinking is illegal and smoking weed is as well! I do not have a problem with an adult legally having a drink….however there are reasons for an age limit! It is called responsibility! The very reason a young man lays in the hospital today is for the lack of responsibility shown by two underage young adults. These young men on this basketball team are suppose to be working on their education and playing their dream of college basketball….not out partying all night smoking weed and drinking….sounds like their priorities are not in the right place! Everyone wants to know why this team was not a good basketball team last year? Well the answers are now being given to the public! Too much pot, booze and partying! The new freshmen are now being taught the ropes and it is not how to represent IU Basketball and Hoosier Nation!

  • oldiugymnast

    If there were even the slightest shred of evidence that the players on this team were partying all night and constantly drinking and smoking pot, I would agree. Instead, we know that two players might maybe – assuming the equipment was zeroed out and maintained – have had one beer. Maybe. We know that two players smoked pot once at some time earlier this summer. We know that one player who had a tough season last year got blotto and drove. Boozing and pot smoking all the time, and partying at all hours of the night? Not a shred – not even a speck – of evidence that this is the case. You just made that up out of whole cloth and because you did so, I am thinking you have little grasp on reality. You went from soup to nuts and skipped everything else in between.

    The prohibition diatribe was a direct response to you claiming that wanting to end the prohibition on pot and the drug war was causing all the problems on the team. Again – facts that are rectum derived. You obviously don’t care about the truth or even a reality based line of reasoning.

  • IUfanforever

    Wow what more shred of evidence do you need? How about a 17-15 record last year with a 7-11 mark in the Big Ten! How about Luke Fisher leaving in mid season last year! Are you really so naive to believe that Jeremy Hollowell was benched a month last season for missing a team meeting? You must be tokin on a joint right now to not see the signs of what has been going on with his team. Hanner was drunk out of his mind last year 1 day after a horrible defeat at home to Penn State and 2 days before playing our biggest rival Purdue! Wow you are just out of your mind to not believe that these players are not partying and are focused on representing the IU basketball program! You have not one shred of reality and the pot has deluged your rational thinking!

  • IUfanforever

    First of all yes I have made mistakes since you are so willing to point that out! Now let’s look at the obvious.

    1.) Yes Hanner made a huge mistake, but do you think he was thinking about the team… was in the middle of the Big Ten season and between 2 pivotal games in our horrible season….where was the leadership for this team then! Why did you think Luke Fisher went home! Because he didn’t want to be a part of this type of behavior!
    2.) After a horrendous season and the embarrassment of Hanner 2 of best guards are arrested for not only fake ID’s but for underage drinking!
    3.) During the summer our returning forward Troy Williams and one of our best Guards Stanford Robinson decided hey let’s smoke some pot knowing they would be Drugtested per IU and NCAA policy! Wow now that is intelligence. I am not that stupid with my employment and job to not realize that I could be tested! BTW I along with most of the corporate world would be terminated immediately…no questions asked!
    4.) The Devin Davis as sad as it is was so avoidable…..with everything that had happened above and with all the leadership that should have been given by Hanner, Yogi, Stanford,and Troy there was none! So a week before the season and the night before Haunted Hall of Hoops another night of partying and the teaching of the same mistake to a new freshman teammate to carry on the torch!
    Look everyone makes mistakes however the above is the same mistakes over and over again. When a mistake is made you as a team and as individuals learn and correct those mistakes.

    Please do not throw the religion card on me….you do not get to go there with my personal life and faith. I was with Coach Crean 2 nights before this happened and no I really do not blame him totally but he is responsible and I believe he knows this without me telling him that….but I have the right to voice my opinion without your telling me that I do not have a voice of my disappointment and the right to not support the current actions of the players.

  • oldiugymnast

    A bad season is not evidence of what you claim. Luke Fisher? You have firsthand knowledge that his stated reason for leaving was something other than what he said it was?

  • oldiugymnast

    Neither player was arrested for underage drinking, just presenting a false ID. Are you really claiming Luke Fisher left the team because of something that happened two months after he left? It is demonstrably not true that pot = dismissal for anyone other than line employees. And it shouldn’t be based on science. The guys were hardly partying when their BOC was a beer a while ago level. The evidence does not match your diatribe. You know coach? Right. Whatever. At least I know what kind of character you have. You absolutely have a right to an opinion, however you have continually claimed facts that are inconsistent with what you know. You may suppose that players are partying all the time, but it is clear that you don’t KNOW this. You made it up. If you cannot understand the difference, then you are a much bigger embarrassment than any player.


    Or, “IUfanonlywhenthingsarebeingdonethewayIthinktheyshoud”

  • IUfanforever

    Ok believe what you want but yes I was at a benefit with CTC as I have went to many…check your sources and I am sure it will come up that I was correct. I do not know CTC personally but have spoke to him on numerous occasions and know that he understands IU basketball and agrees with my disgust over this situation. Yes the Luke Fisher issue is true and was one of the weighing factors of his leaving. Your pot smoking and drug agreement character has determined to me that you have no love of this program and nor do you respect the laws that this country has enforced. So with that said this conversation ends….your high on way too many drugs for me to continue to have any more intelligent discussions!


    I’m glad he stated that he thought you were on a soapbox, cause some of the things that you covered need to have someone standing on a soapbox, or whatever, and putting it out there that this is the way that this is. Kudos to you sir !! I agree with the vast majority of what you said, especially when it comes to the facts that you laid out about pot. You laid out the facts plainly and completely and anyone with a half open mind can see that you are correct or with some research on their own can see that they are correct. People can have their opinion about if they think that it should be legalized or not and can believe they will not change their mind regardless of what they hear or read, but they cannot change the facts surrounding the subject, FACTS ARE FACTS. Your list of facts are, as far as I’ve been able to research, 100% correct right down to how Anslinger and Hearst become part of the story, and I won’t even start into how big pharma have had their hands in on the distortion of the facts. I have researched cannabis very extensively as my son has epileptic seizures that cannot be controlled by any current medications or any combination of them. The CBD oil, a derivative of cannabis recently discovered by The Stanley Brothers, and which goes by the name of Charlotte’s Web is giving tremendous relief to thousands of people, mostly children, and in many of the cases it has been, without exaggeration, life saving relief from seizures that are literally the cause of death. Unlike in many states now this oil remains totally illegal in Indiana and my son and I both could go to jail for him taking it. The person who you so valiantly tried to educate, I would love to put him in my shoes for just one day, just one day, I’m pretty sure he would change his mind in a heartbeat if he was in my shoes and had a son with a condition like mine does. It shouldn’t take something like that with all the facts there are out there for someone to see just how stupid are current laws are, but then again some people are so F’n stupid that they would, as the saying goes, cut their nose to spite their face, so we have that out there as well. I’m sure some of the first things he would be asking himself is how can it be right that my son and I would go to jail if I provide this to my son when, it is simply a plant, that, unlike the meds he currently takes, has no known side effects and doesn’t cost, WITH HEALTH INSURANCE, $800.00 dollars a month. How can I be barred from legally giving it to him simply because of my zip code ? Fortunately KY is in the process of making the oil legal and available and my son is on the list to obtain it as soon as it is. Maybe “that” person should have sit in on our visit with the Harvard, Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins trained neurologist that is helping us obtain the oil and listened to what he had to say about the whole subject. If he had he would have heard your response echoing rather loudly. Needless to say that if it becomes entangled in political bureaucracy by someone of his dark age thinking I will have a new zip code and it will be one in Colorado. Uproot my family and their lives to simply be able to obtain something like that legally ? Absolutely ridiculous !!!!!!

    OK, sorry for the rant, it is officially over now. I now turn full control of the soapbox back over to you.

  • oldiugymnast

    Funny. So you saw CTC at a benefit and that gives you special insight? Wow. Just wow. Hey, I saw Jerry Brown at a benefit and chatted with two Congressmen, so I know every little detail about what is going on in Sacramento and Washington! I am not sure how you got that I am not disgusted with the situation. I just think the Coach has to resign, Stan has to be kicked off the team and Holt should be beaten publicly and suspended for a year for being pretty responsible and moderating his alcohol intake to one beer. We can disagree on the severity of punishment and a lot of other things without coming unhinged.

    So you have first hand knowledge that Luke Fisher decided to leave the team for some other reason that what his current coach, future coach, current team mates, and future team mates have stated? Or did your brother’s girlfriend’s best friend know a guy who met a guy who told him this. If you know so much, why hasn’t any of this been reported by all the people that work really hard to report on these things? Why does Luke Fisher insist it was because he was homesick and missed his girlfriend?

    And just for the record, there is no relationship to my applying scientific knowledge to note that it makes no sense for pot to be illegal and schedule 1 since it isn’t addictive, has many medical uses that are proven to be valuable, and has never resulted in an overdose death in recorded history to my own use of intoxicants. I can look at the science and see that a policy doesn’t make any modicum of sense and be against that policy without being a drug user. You have made one of the most basic logical errors here known as argumentum ad absurdium. Please tell me you didn’t go to IU and graduate!

  • oldiugymnast

    I am sorry to hear that your son is struggling with seizures. That must be horrible. I have a 7 year old boy and I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for you. It is absurd that your son is not allowed to access a medicine that is clinically proven to work. I live in CA and know of resources that might help you if you ever find yourself way out west. Please feel free to reach out on a PM through Discus and I will share my contact info. I am not in that business, but I know a bunch of UC Davis botanists who are. I hope you are able to find a way to control his seizures that is both affordable and effective – and without harmful side effects.

    And for our friend who thinks that “facts” are the same as “opinions,” – are you aware that some 4k people every year die from Tylenol? Maybe, given the fact that it is barely an effective analgesic with an almost insignificant effectiveness improvement over a placebo, maybe that should be illegal. It is good for reducing fevers – but since it has the closest difference between effective dose and lethal dose, maybe that should be more regulated? What do you think – should an effective pain reliever with few side effects other than mild cognitive impairment that has never killed anyone directly should be easier to use than a known deadly drug that barely works as advertised?

  • Gecko

    Failed drug test, wonder how many times they used and did not get caught.?? It does not take much to be a Hoosier these days. The bar has been lowered. Crean ( our strutting peacock) recruited these guys, I am sure they had transgressions in H.S, but he only cares about their bb ability, Send them packing and make Crean carry their bags. Really miss the days when it meant something to be a HOOSIER. I am sure Calbert say the light very quickly.