Crash report provides more details on Davis accident

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According to an Indiana officer’s standard crash report filed after Saturday morning’s accident involving sophomore Devin Davis and freshman Emmitt Holt, the primary cause was “pedestrian’s action.”

The report states that the most severe of Davis’ injuries were to the head and internal. The report also states that his apparent physical condition was “had been drinking,” but that no tests were administered.

It also provides the following timeline of events:

“Vehicle one (the White Jeep driven by Holt) was westbound on 17th street near the intersection with Indiana Ave. Pedestrian (Davis) walked into the roadway from the north side of 17th street near the entryway to gate 6 of Memorial Stadium. Vehicle one and the pedestrian collided. Driver of vehicle one (Holt) stated that he had just pulled out from the IU football stadium lot, gate 5, onto 17th street. He stated that he began driving west when the pedestrian suddenly jumped in front of the vehicle he was driving, causing the vehicle and the pedestrian to collide. He immediately stopped the vehicle to check on the subject. Pedestrian one (Davis) was unable to provide a statement due to injuries sustained in the crash.”

The report also states that the 2012 White Jeep Liberty driven by Holt had three female passengers, one in the front seat and two in the back seat.

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  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    Good points. I agree. Too bad there isn’t a simple solution to this type of thing. This a PR nightmare. Well at least DD’s ok and our player’s haven’t been taking fake classes for 18 years.

  • INUnivHoosier

    Don’t jinx us.

  • 1901Fan

    I’m not terribly disappointed in Emmitt. First, he’s a freshman a few months into his college experience. He was obviously considered the driver for the night, and maybe had a beer or two. A mistake? Yes, but he was trying to help by the looks of it. The problem is first that there was at least one bombed player in season, on the night before an event. That indicates an enormous lack of accountability. Anyone with a knowledge of team sports know that a team’s accountability begins with the coach. We have now had four incidents in the last several months. Indiana basketball is the single biggest representative of Indiana University as a whole, and at the moment people’s perception of IU is pretty damn bad considering what the basketball program has done recently.

    Did Tom Crean drink and drive? No. Did Tom Crean go out and party the night before a family oriented event? No. Did Tom Crean drink before coaching? Considering in-game decisions, it’s debatable.

    In all seriousness, is Tom Crean responsible (at least indirectly) for this mess absolutely. These incidents are serious, and they should warrant MUCH more serious consequences than were handed down. And don’t give me the “you don’t know the whole story” line, anyone that knows people around the program knows that’s BS. Should Tom Crean be fired for this, probably not. But if serious changes don’t happen soon then one big one does.

    …Oh and by the way our team is going to be horrible. Indiana will likely miss the tournament again, so there should be some changes made on that alone.

  • INUnivHoosier

    “Oh and by the way our team is going to be horrible. Indiana will likely miss the tournament again, so there should be some changes made on that alone.”

    I think that is false, but at the very least, it is certainly up for debate.

  • pbhuff

    Because the local police and media kept quiet about

  • 1901Fan

    Davis; at least IMO, was our best fundamental big man and best rebounder. I’m not really looking for April and Priller to be huge contributors. So we’re down to Hanner, who hasn’t exactly been stellar. Yes our shooting will be better, but if Williams and Blackmon are on the floor together the other team might hit 100 before half. And the unquestioned leader is supposed to be Yogi, the same guy who tried to get into Sports with a fake on Little 5 weekend. And our coach isn’t exactly the second coming either. Yeah, I’ve got a ton of reasons to be optimistic.

  • JH Horne

    Of course, it’s true that there is nothing new about IU basketball players partying. But this is a new world that we live in. Lots of things that used to be swept under the rug are now out there for all to see. Times change, and circumstances change. Strong leadership, not excuses and endless moralizing with empty buzzwords, is called for here. I’m afraid that these players have ‘tuned out’ CTC’s moralizing.

  • Ole Man

    I have been trying to keep “my cool” through all of this, but after reading through these posts, I’m about to RMK and throw a chair across this court of quotes.

    Tonight it will have been 72 hours, 3 days: some facts are just emerging with many more obviously lacking, but on the way: DD is just emerging from danger: there has been no report on Emmitt’s state of mind (and I would dearly love to have a report on that): the story is evolving from what was initially assumed into something different:
    AND YET:

    Supposed die-hard IU basketball supporters/university supporters instead of providing the support needed; instead of demonstrating “cooler heads”; rush instead to try, convict, and crucify the young men, the team, the program, and the coach.

    If anything you wrote would help or was useful, that would be one thing. But if everything you wrote were adapted, enforced, etc., it would not change one thing; nor would it save one life.

    You can’t legislate “morality or moral behavior”; nor can you impose your will on “societal morays”.
    Your “punishment” would be nothing more than that. Punishment has been proven to be no real deterrent. “Youth will out…”

    Is this an IU problem? Not exclusively by any means.
    Is Tom Crean at fault? For some bad coach decisions, yes. In this case, I don’t see how. And how can you ignore his faith and commitment to his faith, when seeking a leader of young men facing a difficult personal crisis?

    Some of the posts are understandable. Lots of frustration, fear, anger, and anxiety among the Hoosier faithful right now. Are you going to continue to feed it, even to yourself, or do something positive?

    What to do?

    Stop being “wise”, the “older” guy with more “life experience”; don’t chastise, or criticize.

    Silently pray or hold them in prayer, no matter your religion or lack thereof–for they will go their own way–which is the exact way that we went–and that sometimes leads them into danger.

    Love them, and that doesn’t mean “Kumbaya”. It is the greatness of spirit which lives inside you and which is part of being a Hoosier.
    It is saying positive things to anyone and everyone about this event (Far too easy to dwell on the negative) — “Yes, they made a mistake but we support them, the team, and coach. They and IU only have better days ahead.” (That’s just been my personal answer to my friends—you can find your own.)

    Loving them is sending a card of support to DD/EH/the team; or a letter to the editor; or disagreeing with a nasty “column” if it borders on “attack dog”.

    Also, giving it a rest won’t hurt anything. No one’s giving the dust anytime to settle–yes, that’s the way of the modern world; doesn’t mean it’s the “best” way.

    I’ve had my say. My apologies for the long-winded rant.
    My apologies if this is too personal to anyone. That isn’t/wasn’t my intent.

  • Gregory Spera

    You can fully support Indiana Basketball, the coach and the players. You can pray for the return to heath of Devin Davis. You can shine the light of love in every corner of the program. And you can STILL fight for something better when necessary. We don’t have to tear down, but we can work together to build up.

  • Brad

    I’ve heard “fans” saying CTC should get canned because of all these alcohol related incidents. I think that’s kind of extreme even if he hasn’t properly disciplined players like some suggest he should have. Furthermore, if you refer to him as “clappy” or “clappy the clown”, you are not a true IU fan, you are just a moron.

  • Kyl470

    Agreed. While I have my opinion on this matter I’ve been waiting patiently for all the facts to come out.

  • IUDan

    Milla I want to give you credit – I think you are spot-on that there needs to be a holistic approach to this – a team-based approach.

    While it may be appropriate to level further punishment on certain individuals (personally I’m not sure I know enough to have an informed opinion), that can and should wait until all facts are out and DD is healthy.

    Everyone on the team needs to step up and take personal accountability for what is going on in their program.

  • Eugene Debs


  • oldiugymnast

    I don’t get why people are so in love with a program like AA that fails 95% of the time. I mean, I am really glad you were able to make the change you needed to make, but I hardly think it was because of AA. If that were the case, why are so many other treatment programs more successful.

  • MillaRed

    Thanks Dan. In Devin’s case, I’m pretty sure the lesson has been learned. To the max. I will give everyone in here credit for not even talking about what this means to our season. Focus is on Devin’s health and the culture of the program. Very classy stuff IMO.

  • oldiugymnast

    Zero tolerance doesn’t work. It never has and never will. One of my friends fell off the back of a motorcycle at Michigan a couple of days after he got there because he was drunk and thought he was invincible (who doesn’t at 18). Should his whole team, or even the guy who was simply giving him a ride, have suffered some over the top sanction as a result? Did our insane drug sentences reduce drug use? Does arresting someone for DUI and charging them $10k in fines, etc. for blowing a .08 – which is a BAC that has no measurable impairment – really reduce DUI? Does punishing a kid for having ONE BEER and bad luck, make him a bad kid?

    Sure this could have been a tragedy, and hopefully Mr. Davis will make a full and speedy recovery. But if it wasn’t a beer (and I don’t think that one beer had anything at all to do with this) it would have been thrill seeking or some of the many, many other ways young men endanger themselves that caused an accident at some time. That such an over the top response has been generated is beyond me. Was it bad judgement to have one drink and drive at least 30 minutes later a bad idea? Maybe. I could argue that he was exceedingly responsible. Is it worthy of expulsion or removal from the team? Absolutely NOT.

  • MillaRed

    I think there is certainly a divide amongst the Hoosier Nation in terms of what alcohol does or does not mean in the grand scheme of things. And the fact there have been many incidents in a short period of time.

    I also think everyone is very emotional right now.

  • Eastwood88_2

    Loved Dakich this afternoon. Exactly what I was thinking. Like the rest of you, I only own Indiana “non-work” related clothing. A never ending closet of happiness. But this last incident was down right embarrassing. I am so tired of talking about this, so here is my stance.
    1. Holt did not do anything wrong. If anything, he was responsible. The drinking age is a complete joke and he was the DD. This was an accident so ease up on the kid. Stop casting stones from your glass house.
    2. Crean is responsible for his players actions. I stated this on Saturday. He knew another “alcohol” related incident would and should cause some serious consequences.
    3. IU nation should be up in arms. We have every right to be upset, but not at the players. Our leader.
    4. If I were Crean, resignation would be a serious consideration. This is not going away. Dakich stated the kids are going to get the coach fired. Crean is doing this to himself by not supervising or having heavy enough penalties.
    I am done, want the season to start. Then we can argue about time out usage and turnovers.

  • notfargj

    i can only speak from my experience. sadly, no, it doesn’t work for everyone but there are wonderful stories of people who swear by the program, some who have experienced 40-plus years of sobriety and still attend the meetings. that said, i ask the following in all sincerity. where did you find the 95% fail statistic? from what i do know, aa has been around since 1935 and continues to thrive solely through the support of its members, absolutely no fees required. the one thing it did for me was point me back to a higher power, whom i give all the credit to. in my case, aa served as a conduit to an even greater power. and, in the event you tried the program, i’m genuinely sorry it let you down. while there may be other treatment programs that serve the same purpose, i don’t know that one is necessarily better than the other. that is, i’m sure there’s a failure rate in each scenario.

  • cooper

    Williams and Robinson just suspended for drugs. Woooohooooo

  • ForeverIU

    OMG, Stan and Troy suspended for failed drug tests. What sad times for IU basketball.

  • INUnivHoosier

    Well, you just got two more reasons…


    Your last sentence in that comment ? Rare is the time that so few of words have said so much.


    Well since you obviously can see into the future and already know before the first game is even played that we will suck so bad that we will have no post season again I’m sure you will have been able to look into your crystal ball and know everything that has been said and done behind the scenes. Well at least now we all know every fact that there is to know since you are informed enough that no one need give you the, “you don’t know the whole story BS, got it, yep, it’s nice to know that somebody that knows all the details was good enough to let the rest of us in on them. I don’t need a crystal ball to know that you could have saved yourself a whole bunch of keystrokes, and the rest of us the time reading it, if you would just have come out and said Crean sucks and I don’t think he deserves to be the coach at IU !


    WOW !! IUMIKE1 stands and slowly but steadily claps after reading this comment from Ole Man. The only part of your comment I disagree with is where you apologized and called it a rant. Ole Man I have read literally hundreds of your comments, hell maybe thousands, and have disagreed very strongly at times with some of them, but I have to say that, IMHO, it is probably the best comment by you, and one of the best comments period, that I have ever read on this site ! If this was something that people could sign their name to if they agreed with it I would not only sign it but sign it without hesitation and in large bold strokes. Well done my Hoosier friend, well done indeed !

  • SilentBob

    Two games for possibly endangering someones life isn’t hard enough. I don’t care what the off the court consequences are.

  • Ole Man

    Thank you, Mike. Means a lot coming from you…….yes; we have disagreed, but you’re always straight with your words and never mean-spirited. I have a great respect for that.
    After all the news of the day, I needed something to lift my spirit. You did just that with those words, Sir.