Announcement primer: 2015 forward O.G. Anunoby

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On Tuesday evening, class of 2015 Jefferson City (Mo.) forward O.G. Anunoby will announce his college decision at his high school. The announcement is expected to come at 6:20 p.m. ET.

Here’s our primer for the announcement with everything you need to know:

The essentials

Forward, 6-8, 210-pounds, Jefferson City (Mo.), Team Thad
247Composite: 3-star (241); ESPN: (NR); Rivals: 3-star (NR); Scout: 3-star (NR)
Offers: Drake, Georgia, George Mason, Gonzaga, Illinois State, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas State, Louisiana Tech, Missouri State, Murray State, Ole Miss, San Jose State, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville, Vanderbilt, Western Kentucky, Wichita State
Official visits: Georgia, Indiana, Iowa

The primary contenders

Anunoby took official visits to three schools — Georgia, Indiana and Iowa — and also is strongly considering Ole Miss and Gonzaga. Neither Ole Miss or Gonzaga received an official visit from Anunoby.

· The Georgia recruitment: The Bulldogs got the second official visit from Anunoby, which came on the weekend of Sept. 26. On that trip, he went to the Georgia-Tennessee football game, got a chance to visit with the players and also met with academic staff. The Bulldogs staff has been active in visiting Anunoby this fall at his school and assistant coach Philip Pearson appears to have built a strong relationship.

· The Indiana recruitment: Indiana saw Anunoby over the summer where he was a teammate of Nick Marshall on Team Thad and got him on campus in August for an unofficial visit. The Hoosiers then followed that up with an official visit on the weekend of October 3. Anunoby has praised the staff for how hard they’ve recruited him and getting the last visit is never a bad position.

· The Iowa recruitment: The Hawkeyes hosted Anunoby for an official visit in early September and Fran McCaffery has made multiple trips to see him this fall at his high school. Geographically, it’s the closest of the three primary contenders, but distance doesn’t seem to be a major factor with Anunoby.

The timing

As noted above, Anunoby was considering an official visit to Gonzaga, but opted not to take it. Ole Miss is another school that he considered taking an official visit to and is listed among his finalists.

The timing here suggests that Anunoby was content to let the process play out and make a decision after stepping back and taking some time following his final visit, which was to Indiana. While Gonzaga and Ole Miss may be listed among his finalists, it’s hard to imagine him picking either of those schools when he didn’t take a visit and still has two trips he can still technically use if he was unable to settle on one of his other three choices.

From an academic standpoint, Anunoby has talked about majoring in either business or sports broadcasting.

The fit

· At Georgia: Georgia already has two commitments in its 2015 class, but is looking to add a versatile frontcourt piece and has pitched Anunoby on being that guy. Based on his post-visit comments to Athens, he seemed to have a genuinely positive experience and developed some solid relationships with some of their young players.

· At Indiana: The Hoosiers like the versatility of Anunoby, who appears to be a forward who can play and guard multiple positions and also possesses upside. Like in Athens, Anunoby spent time with a lot of Indiana’s younger players on his visit to Bloomington, including James Blackmon Jr., Robert Johnson, Max Hoetzel and Emmitt Holt.

· At Iowa: Iowa also likes to have versatile frontcourt players and just like with Georgia and Indiana, he had a chance to watch workouts and meet with academic staff while in Iowa City. The Hawkeyes are losing Aaron White after this season and will probably have some early minutes to offer assuming he continues to develop.

How to follow the announcement 

We’ll be following the announcement via various outlets who are expected to be on hand and will have a quick story posted as soon as the announcement is made. Additionally, below is a link to our Twitter account to monitor. If any live streams become available, we’ll post a link to those below.

ITH on Twitter 

In closing, please remember this is the college decision of a high school kid. Please adhere to the comment standards that have been set forth over the past seven years here on Inside the Hall regardless of the outcome.

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  • NateMH

    Judging by his rating & offer list it’s hard to get real excited about this announcement this evening. Lil more anxious about the Shake announcement tomorrow

  • AnonymousDave

    Pffft speak for youself, I’m ecstatic. I’d love to have either player but this Anunoby kid will surprise wherever he ends up going and he better fits potential needs than does Shake.

  • Scott

    OG just announced on twitter that he is pushing up his announcement time to 5:20pm ET. FYI ALEX!!

  • Brad

    I agree, we have had plenty of 3 star recruits and below lately. The ratings systems are obviously not perfect, but they give you a good indication of ability and potential.

  • 5:20 central time, which is what he’s on.

  • TomJameson

    I think I like OG. Seems like a pretty good all-around player, and if he comes in over the summer and works hard like him-we-shall-not-name LOL IMO he could have an impact in his freshman year. Of course he would have to adjust to how the college game really is (faster, bigger, etc…) but after that adjustment he could be pretty good! Just one opinion, and it depends on OGs work ethic.

  • Dan

    How do you pronounce his name?

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    I recognize the pitfalls of checking recruiting predictions, but, for what it’s worth, 24/7 currently has 4/4 predictions of Anunoby heading to Bloomington.

    The one I believe many of us think we want (Milton) currently leaning towards the Sooners.

  • NateMH

    Dave, I actually was speaking for myself fellow Hoosier.

  • ForeverIU

    Obi Wan Kenobi!

  • NateMH

    The last 3 of 4 have been “project” players. I wouldn’t mind one per class, but it’s becoming kinda regular at this point. Got kinda spoiled by the last couple classes and run of McD’s all-Americans. Hope a couple these guys pan out.

  • Bryce Kepner

    I don’t think schools like Gonzaga and Iowa are anything to brush aside though. Gonzaga offered him and they have made it to the NCAA tournament every year since 99, something that IU hasn’t. He may not be a 5 star, but the rating system is crappy anyways. HE didn’t get any exposure till this last summer when he started playing big time AAU ball

  • Bryce Kepner

    If you’ve read reports on Holt from IU practice , he is in no way a project player

  • HoosierGrampy

    No Seniors on the roster. Already have 13 on scholarship with 2 walk-ons. The recent “guarantee of 4-years on a scholarship” keeps every current player around until he leaves IU for any of several reasons or graduates. IU has more than a couple “What if’s” right now, and no way of answering any of them (Yogi &/or Troy to the League? Who’s going to transfer/stay?) For the past 2 years, TC “Over-signed Players” and either found or created ways to make the numbers work. There were Seniors/graduates on each team, though. I personally dislike the practice and feel it sends a message not only to current players but also to those being recruited that if you don’t progress to the point at which you can contribute, “Adios amigo”. Concurrently, it runs the risk of planting one of those noxious seeds of doubt in our current players’ minds–what if I’m next? This year, he is already +1 with Morgan. And IU’s still pursuing Anunoby, Milton, Bryant & Zimmerman. Unless he borrows a few schollys from Wilson or Yeagley, the numbers don’t look good. Maybe he has more “magic” in his hat than is apparent to me at this juncture. Maybe not.

  • Bryce Kepner

    Crean has over signed and gotten it all worked out before. I say its better to be over prepared than to have what has happened the last few years with guys ducking out of the program and we are left with half a squad. I think there are a few players this year that will either “put up” or will find another place to play. Of course there is a guarantee of a scholarship, but kids care more about actually playing than anything else.Besides if a few guys from the end of the bench have to go because of someone like Bryant or Zimmerman, we’d all take that.

  • Noah Cook

    I don’t want him. Outside top 200!!! REally? VO and WS were just outside the top 100, not 200. Let’s get Shake.

  • Noah Cook

    This is Indiana, we should expect to sign at least 1 Mcdonald’s all American every year. Look at what Yogi, Cody, and Noah have done. Victor Oladipo is a rare example of a 3 star that plays way above his projected potential. James might be our leading scorer this year.

  • Hoosier Pride

    You must have missed the tail end of the post, be respectful.

  • Alford Bailey

    I would love to have Shake but we are the long shot at this point. Looks like we land O.G. and then look ahead to Bryant who would be a game changer for us IMO.

  • Alford Bailey

    Would you be happy with Bryant?

  • Brad

    Practice man, you talkin about practice. Not a game, not a game, you talkin about practice.

  • Gregory Spera

    “…if you don’t progress to the point at which you can contribute…”

    You probably need to go somewhere where you CAN contribute.

  • Alford Bailey

    I’m starting to feel much better about O.G. Yes, the kid is 200+ BUT still has his senior year to improve and move up the rankings. There are some really decent schools who offered him. Probably unfair to compare him to a couple of guys Crean brought in this year, IMO.

  • Bryce Kepner

    Led the EYBL league in block shots. Thats the TOP AAU league in the US…those are games

  • Hoosier Pride

    Mcdonalds AA’s aren’t named during the summer, give the kid his senior year to fill out and hone his skills a bit more. This kid has a lot of similiar traits to his game as VO did going into his senior year. Now im not saying this is the second coming of VO or the VO 2.0 but he has great instincts and needs to grow into his body a bit more.

  • ForeverIU

    Good for the kid! Late-comer to AAU and got the attention of quality programs. I’d much rather have him on our side when we play in Iowa.

  • Hoosier Pride

    Nor am I saying he will be an AA but I like his skill set and willingness to contest shots and go to the hole.

  • b_side

    “This is Indiana”

    Below is the complete list. From 1977-2000, even the great RMK missed out 6 times for your expected McD’s recruit “every year.” Crean is on par.

    Tom Baker – 1977?
    Ray Tolbert – 1977?
    Landon Turner – 1978?
    Isiah Thomas – 1979?
    John Flowers – 1981?
    Daryl Thomas – 1983?
    Delray Brooks – 1984?
    Ricky Calloway – 1985?
    Jay Edwards – 1987?
    Eric Anderson – 1988?
    Greg Graham – 1989?
    Pat Graham – 1989?
    Damon Bailey – 1990?
    Alan Henderson – 1991?
    Sherron Wilkerson – 1993?
    Andrae Patterson – 1994
    ? Neil Reed – 1994?
    Jason Collier – 1996?
    Luke Recker – 1997?
    Dane Fife – 1998?
    Jared Jeffries – 2000?
    Bracey Wright – 2002?
    D.J. White – 2004?
    Eric Gordon – 2007?
    Cody Zeller – 2011?
    Kevin (Yogi) Ferrell – 2012
    Noah Vonleh – 2013
    James Blackmon Jr. – 2014

  • ForeverIU

    This weekend!!

  • Gregory Spera

    Why do people act like Crean is recruiting guys like Anunoby, Priller, and April INSTEAD of going after the five star studs? That’s crazy. Can’t we assume Crean only pulls in these guys AFTER trying and failing to land the better players? If Crean had landed Spalding, he probably wouldn’t even be after Anunoby, but he didn’t and this is where we are for 2015. I’ll be glad to get him.

  • ForeverIU

    I see what you’re saying, and I’ve had the same concerns. But what do you do? What if we have two kids leaving for the NBA (plus a transfer or two)? Then we are left scrambling for last-minute divas like Anthony Lee. It’s just the nature of the beast, the way I see it. I wouldn’t be surprised even if we sign four.

  • HoosierGrampy

    Only a fool would not welcome some Top 20 ballers to the fold, but I’m sort of old school in that I don’t offer things I’m not capable of and certain that I can produce.
    Imagine this scenario: TC goes out and “sells IU” to a couple of the lesser-ranked recruits who are currently giving it all they’ve got in hopes of getting game minutes next year or the following year. Concurrently, offers are extended to some highly ranked high school players. If any or all of them accept the offers, current players will quickly realize that someone’s got to leave to make the numbers work. IMO, this over-signing sends a bad message to the current players: You’re the best we could get at the time you signed, but someone we think will be a better fit is coming in so you need to find a new school and transfer. Now TC has the ominous task of “De-selling IU” to a couple current players. Maybe they buy into it; maybe they don’t. The price one pays for not sitting on a couple scholarships???

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    Never thumb down your nose to an athletic,glue type guy..the more the merrier …CTC has to steal a few 4 & 5 stars from outta state…Hulls,Cody,Yogi & Blackmon staying in state were HUGE gets for Crean but in order to stay consistently competing for B1G Championships gonna need some outside of state star power.

  • Ole Man

    Whatever his choice, all the best to him.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    the crystal ball is 100% good guys, so let me be the first person on ITH to welcome OG to IU. woohoo!! i did it!

  • NateMH

    Good point Bryce, keep in mind that the Zags have a top flight coach which has attributed to their success much more than recruiting

  • IUDan

    I agree with this – I think it’s a good approach to look less at the ranking and more at who has offered …

    If OG wants to be here and the staff think he can help, then sign him up and put out the welcome sign … At Cook Hall …

  • OhioHoosier

    Body type similar to a younger Caris Lavert, hesitant to compare their games but Lavert didn’t get much respect either coming out of Pickeringron North HS.

  • AnonymousDave

    Haha point taken. Excuse my brain fart. When I had made that comment I had just returned home from taking a Calculus exam which I had stayed up cramming for for 24+ hours lol. College student at its finest.

  • AnonymousDave

    This comment made my day lol. Man I miss Iverson. Total d bag but so awesome lol

  • Bryce Kepner

    I don’t think its necessarily “de-selling” IU to players. I think players are smarter than we give them credit for. No matter injuries , academics, or anything kids just want to play period. Most kids can see the writing on the wall that they won’t play a lot the following year so they look for a place where they will play. I don’t think there is any need by the coaching staff to talk a player into transferring. In the case of Jurkin, Hollowell, Etherington, and even someone like Abell, they didn’t play a lot when they were here, they saw who was coming in and realized their playing time wasn’t going to increase anymore the following year, so they looked for a new place to play. Even if its transferring to a lower level of competition, they will still do so cause they want to play. Kids will transfer if it means more playing time

  • Alford Bailey


  • Dean Olson

    We got ’em!

  • I’m with you on that. I’d really like to have Anunoby decide for IU, but think Bryant would have more potential . I won’t be too disappointed if we don’t get him, but I hope we get one of them. Also would really like to see Shake decide for us. I’m just afraid, either JBJ or Yogi, might go to the NBA and I think in that case, Shake would be a real nice get…


    Touche !