2015 forward O.G. Anunoby closing in on decision

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The recruitment of class of 2015 Jefferson City (Mo.) forward Ogugua “O.G.” Anunoby will be coming to a conclusion soon, according to his high school coach.

Jefferson City coach Blair Thompson told Inside the Hall on Monday morning that Anunoby, who visited Bloomington over the weekend, has completed his official visits and hopes to have a decision soon.

“He said it (the Indiana visit) went really well,” Thompson told Inside the Hall. “At this point, he has taken all of the official visits to the schools at the top of his list and I would anticipate, in talking to him, a decision within the next 7 to 10 days, at the most.”

Anunoby, a 6-foot-8 forward, has taken official visits to Iowa, Georgia and Indiana.

He’s rated the No. 240 prospect nationally in the 247Composite and became a target for the Hoosier staff over the summer when they saw him play for Team Thad.

“I think they ran into O.G. this summer and saw him late this summer,” Thompson explained. “Since they saw him play with Team Thad this summer, they contacted me and have been in regular contact with O.G. and have stayed very, very persistent and active in his recruitment. They definitely have let him know that the interest is there. I think they’ve done a fantastic job of staying in communication with him and letting him know where they stand throughout the whole process.”

Thompson said that Gonzaga is also involved in Anunoby’s recruitment, but that he has not taken a visit there. His brother and father accompanied him on the official visit to Bloomington.

“I think he’s considering that as well, but all indications are that, whatever the case is, he’s wanting to make a decision pretty quick and get on with it,” he explained. “I would anticipate something this week.”

Indiana received its first commitment for the class of 2015 last month when Juwan Morgan announced for the Hoosiers.

Thompson said he doesn’t expect Anunoby to hold a press conference to announce his decision, but added that they hadn’t discussed final plans yet.

“I think his skill set is very unique in that he’s 6-foot-8 and his ability to handle the ball, shoot it and pass it is ahead of his time,” Thompson said of Anunoby. “He’ll only continue to get better as his body develops. He’s young for his class. He just turned 17. I think as his body matures, he’ll adapt to that next level very well.

“He’s a very versatile player. He scores a lot of different ways. He can shoot the 3. He can play with his back to the basket. He can put the thing on the floor and get to the rim as well. He can be a matchup problem at any level.”

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  • MK


  • Crazy Chester

    Follow your first instinct. Everyone knows this is an unethical recruiting strategy and which blatantly conflicts with all that IU stands for…

  • Outoftheloop

    Juwan will be a #4 and OG will be a #3, with 3 shooting guards!

  • Outoftheloop

    Remy made a personal mistake in leaving. But if YOUR TEAM goes to the Sweet Sixteen and beyond, the chemistry is good!

  • Outoftheloop

    If you are GREAT like: Mo his freshman year, Cody his freshman year, Yogi his freshman year, James this year, you start on day one! If you aren’t and want to be GREAT, then you work like Victor, Will, Jordy, Remy, etc. I think that Stan, Troy and Devin will be in that same group this season! The freshmen this year will absorb this “competitive culture” or go home. If they get it, Coach Crean has demonstrated that he will maximize their talents and prepare you for pro basketball!

  • Outoftheloop

    There is a BIG difference between the 5 star player (McDonald’s AA) and the 4 star player. There may be no difference at all between the 4 star player and the other, athletic, hard working, great shooting (or rebounding) good players!

  • Outoftheloop

    I disagree. Troy has more athletic talent than Glen Robinson did after his freshman year, so far he is not as good a shooter/scorer, but he seems tougher and more driven to excel!

  • Outoftheloop

    Probably right.

  • Danny

    All these young men Coach Crean is recruiting seens to be good prospects but IU really needs a proven big man in the middle even if he just plays D,rebounds,and clean up.which would be fairly easy whih our good outside shooters and our wing players driving to the basketball.

  • Bryce Kepner

    You don’t think Crean and everyone else knows that we need a big man? hahahah

  • cooper

    You think it’s working? Sorry not satisfied with not making tournament and being projected to finish 10th

  • AnonymousDave

    Nobody is satisfied with not making the tournament, but I’m not gonna get down on a guy after one bad year. We lost two lottery picks and two additional 1,000+ pt scorers. Then lost additional veteran leadership and a guy who would have started for us (Remy). Our best returning player was going into his sophomore year and designated a new role which he took to surprisingly well and our other returning player had been to that point a sixth man (Sheehey). Sheehey was better suited as a sixth man too. Our incoming class was filled with raw potential and actually surprised me as well. Most of our freshmen were no more than athletic with nice wingspans when they walked on campus for the 1st time. Troy looked like he’d just survived the Holocaust, Deven looked like he should’ve been playing tight end on the football team instead of basketball, Stan was a mini Vic and just as raw as Vic his freshmen year, and Noah had far from a complete game and was project to be here at least two years.

    I don’t buy into preseason rankings at all and was actually pleasantly surprised we even went 500 on the year. Crean swung and whiffed on the “movement.” If you watch football NFL, gm’s will talk about how a miss on the top pick in the draft can set your franchise back 10 yrs. I imagine the same is true of recruiting classes, to a lesser extent, in college.

    So what I’m basically trying to say is I was surprised like everyone else, except I was surprised we did that good. Whoever pinned this team to be in the tournament in last years preseason rankings should lose their job, because I didn’t think they had a shot in h*** and I’m far from an expert.

  • cooper

    The fact there weren’t players in the pipeline to make up for the loses is a problem not a valid reason. UK, duke other top programs absorb losing good players. IU doesn’t anymore. IU should be a top 5 big 10 team every year. If Cresn can’t do that, find someone who can

  • AnonymousDave

    Nobody is going to argue that IU shouldn’t be a top team year in and year out, but we aren’t on the same level as Duke and UK right now. That’s a fact. Maybe we can return to that level in the next few years, but if we can’t Crean will lose his job. Problems are valid reasons. Our recruiting boarders have finally been restored and kids are having confidence in our program again for the 1st time in years, and I wouldn’t suggest throwing it away after one down year where our best starting lineup frequently saw 3 freshmen and one sophomore starting.

    These aren’t the one and done type freshmen either, which I prefer because I like watching kids turn into men. They needed time to develop. If this was a stable program like Duke those kids would have been role players at best their freshmen seasons. I applaud Crean for more heavily pursuing players he thinks he can develop to fit his system than going after more “college ready” players who would have helped us win a few games last year but offered less in the long run. Now if he busts on this attempt then by all means get rid of him, but we were a one dimensional team last year in the toughest conference in the NCAA and that is a very valid reason to suck. This year we are much less one dimensional so I expect to see some improvement. Next year we have multiple 5 star big men targeted to help ease our woes even more which I expect will help us challenge for a Big 10 title.

    UNC has just suffered two down years in a row, but this year they look like legit title contenders. Building a championship team doesn’t happen over night and I will root for this team and its coaches through thick and thin because I’m a fan. Not a person of management. Nobody was on Roy Williams butt because he has proven he can hang banners. I’m not gonna get on Crean too much cause his 1st national title threat team went out early. Great coaches have their teams go out early all the time. Coach K, Self, and Izzo are infamous for it. UNC also had significantly more experience on hand in those down years. Oladipo was part of a two man class, he left early and Sheehey is far from a star. Zellers class had two other members; one transferred, the other was Austin Etherington. The “movement” so far has provided one good player. Last years class looks good but raw. Crean spotted what we needed this year and sought out to fix it and he did. He seems to be doing the same with the 2015 recruiting class. Give the man some time. He deserves it. He rebuilt this program from the ashes. If he fails management will get rid of him. I can assure you that.