Quotes: Crean recaps Indiana’s opening practice

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Indiana officially tipped off the 2014-2015 season earlier today with its first practice in Assembly Hall. Afterward, Tom Crean talked to IUHoosiers.com and provided some observations from the opening practice, which we’ve transcribed below:

On what most excites him about this group:

“Well it’s always going to be spirited. There’s no doubt about that and it’s going to be exciting. I loved the retention that we had when we did some offensive things at the beginning of practice from the summer, but the most exciting thing for me was how guys continued to compete when fatigue came.

“We didn’t always play as smart and we didn’t always play as efficient, but we continued to compete. And we’ll clean up the skills, but the competition now and guys really being able to get after it and get after one another and play to win, that’s something that is an acquired trait. You’ve got to have something inside of you, but you’ve got to be willing to bring it out and you’ve got to be willing to bring it out in others. I thought we took some steps towards that in this first practice.”

On how he sees the extra work ethic this group has paying off in the first few weeks of practice:

“Well I think it’s ongoing. Hanner Perea had a great practice today, but we’re not supposed to be surprised at that because we know he’s capable of it. And if he’s surprised at that, then he won’t have one tomorrow.

“My message to them is that they’re always shrinking their learning curve. And their learning curve is not about how we run offense or how our play calls are, our learning curve is how we compete, how we talk, how we inspire, how we bring the most out of our teammates when fatigue comes in. When it’s not set up for us, when we’re a little sore, a little tired, alright, when we’ve got a few aches and pains, how do we continue to do that? That’s what the learning curve is all about because the people who can compete and be efficient through fatigue and through adversity, those are the ones that win big and we’ve gotta continue to learn and do that.

“But some of the things that were really big for us today were at the end to really make the possessions matter, clean up some of the details of the weakside defense and continue to get everybody inside the paint for rebounding. We got a lot done and I’m really happy with this first practice.”

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  • HoosierGrampy

    Let’s back up a minute. IU Mike talked about a likelihood that we’d see a 3-guard lineup at times and suggested that the PF slot would be the one replaced. My remarks that the 5 guards (who will likely log the majority of minutes in that scenario) haven’t demonstrated any particular rebounding skills was based on last year’s performances from Nick, Stan and Yogi and some film from HS and Summer games on JBJ and RJ. Fairly obvious that these 2 were recruited to fill a scoring deficit in much the same way as Burke and Stauskas were recruited. Kindly look at what I said to Outoftheloop below for additional comments if you care.

  • HoosierGrampy

    You may be on to something here!

  • Bryce Kepner

    I understand where you are coming from. If you go back to some of the after game interviews from Canada IBM and Rob Johnsons talked a fair amount of doing some rebounding as well. Players change when their teams change as well. Of course we have no idea how they will play this year but I think if there is a lack of big men to rebound, other guys will step up to rebound. Conley rebounded the heck out of the ball, but the games he was out or in foul trouble, we still rebounded at a high rate, usually out rebounding the other team

  • Mattb

    Dekker? You’re joking right? If I ever saw max slash from the wing and finish like dekker I’d fall right out of my chair. His ceiling will likely be something like watford and I doubt he even reaches that level and most certainly will not be as productive. That’s not to say he can’t be a serviceable player or even more than that over time but the amount of max koolaid drinking that goes on here is ridiculous.

  • Bryce Kepner

    I wasn’t saying he was anywhere near Dekker. I was responding to someone else’s post. Read before you post! Someone else posted that he was like Dekker and I was saying that MAYBE one day he could reach that level. I didn’t day he was anywhere near Dekker level. We are all on this site to talk about our favorite team in an adult discussion. I still have yet to understand why some people feel the need to bash other people’s opinions and be complete jerks

  • HoosierGrampy

    In the Derby Classic, he schooled Leron Black with a couple “slashes from the wing and finished like Dekker”. YouTube also has some video clips of similar moves. Before you watch any of them, you might want to get a real comfortable seat on the floor so that you don’t injure yourself falling out of your chair. Seriously, no one knows how any of these young ballers will develop over time in D1-level competition. My comments were simply based on the belief that the best indicator/predictor of their future “ceilings” is to look at their recent past. During several interviews (YouTube and ITH), it was obvious to me that he has a desire to get better and confidence in his game. Whether that will help him equal or exceed Watford’s or any other Hoosier’s contributions is open to discussion. While I respect your opinion, I don’t happen to agree with it–hell, Max could get “homesick” and end future dialog by transferring to a school closer to home. BTW, koolaid sucks.

  • HoosierGrampy

    Could be totally wrong, but I seem to want to recall that Feinstein wrote about that in Season on the Brink w/respect to Uwe Blab…


    Not that I needed one, but this is a good excuse to reread that one to check on that and as a warm up exercise for upcoming season. lol

  • HoosierGrampy

    Find the part in which he talked about Blab having “concrete hands” and where Uwe used to reply that he was full of sh– in German. Goes on to tell about a practice in which he ripped Dakich for not feeding Uwe and Dakich said that it wouldn’t have made a difference cause Blab would’ve mishandled it anyway….somewhere in there I believe you’ll find reference to the test. ‘course I may be full of the same substance (I’ve been called worse). 🙂


    Lol, been accused of the exact same thing

  • Guyton25

    I agree that’s a possibility but we’re going to be so small this year that the 3G-2F lineup is more risky than before when we had a glass eater down low. We have a well balanced starting 5 with a variety of defined roles. That 5 can make haste up and down as well. You can’t slide Williams to the 4 spot with 3 guards and any given 4/5 guy we have. We’re already too small, you can’t go for broke and put a smaller lineup than we need to out there, especially when our bigs are quick ones anyway.