Indiana confirms addition of Emmitt Holt

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Emmitt Holt, who committed to Indiana last Wednesday during an official visit, is in Bloomington and enrolled in classes for the fall semester, which began on Monday.

Earlier this afternoon, IU media relations confirmed the addition of Holt to the 2014-2015 roster in a press release, which you can read below:

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that Emmitt Holt, a 6-7, 225-lb power forward from Webster, N.Y. has accepted an offer of financial aid to attend IU and play basketball for the Hoosiers beginning this season.

He graduated this past spring from Webster Schroeder High School where he played for coach Matt Spadoni. He averaged 19.8 points, 14.6 rebounds and 5.0 blocks per game as a senior. He boasts a 7-3 wingspan and earned second team All-State honors and was a finalist for Mr. Basketball in New York. He also earned Democrat and Chronicle All-Greater Rochester team honors in 2013 and 2014.

“I think Emmitt has unlimited potential, he kept getting better and better,” noted Spadoni. “He is a team player, and I think when you put him in a highly competitive environment like that it will bring even more out.”

During the summer, he played in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) for Albany City Rocks and coach Jim Hart. In EYBL games, he posted averages of 11.6 points, 7.1 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per contest while shooting at a 60 percent clip from the field this summer. He had originally planned to go to prep school in 2015 and was encouraged to do so by many high major programs, before Crean and his staff offered him a chance to play in the Big Ten this coming year.

“He was our most important player,” noted Hart. “A lot of qualities you’d want in your point guard, he gives in your front court,” Hart said. “Most bigs don’t make perimeter guys better.”

He is the sixth member of a recruiting class that is ranked 17th in the country and includes guards James Blackmon, Jr. and Robert Johnson, forwards Max Hoetzel and Tim Priller and center Jeremiah April.

Crean on Holt
“We are excited to bring Emmitt to Indiana at such a late date. We determined that we needed another quality player up front and we were able to uncover Emmitt’s potential availability. He is coming off a very impressive high school season and also an outstanding spring and summer with the Albany City Rocks. He would have been a high level recruit this coming year and we are happy to have him now.”

“Emmitt has a plus 7 wingspan which he uses to rebound, score around the basket, and block and alter shots. His energy and competitiveness come to life quickly when you watch him. We are very impressed with his feet, touch and feel for the game and look forward to his ever growing development.”

“Chuck Martin utilized his vast network of connections to find Emmitt and we are excited about this. Chuck brings the whole package to Indiana and has the ability to identify players and their upsides, which adds to what we are about.”

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  • Brad

    This kid is going to be good.

  • Michael

    yes sir

  • Brklynhoosier

    “…has accepted an offer of financial aid…”

    That’s some mighty odd phrasing there. Not to get too legalistic, but does that mean he’s not on a basketball scholarship? Alex? Anyone?

  • Matt

    Of the “unknowns” (Prller, April, Holt) that Crean picked up late in the game Holt might turn out to be the best of the bunch, and could potentially have the most immediate impact and the greatest upside of any of them. (I’m not including Zeisloft in that mix as he is a senior.)

  • The regular signing period for a National Letter of Intent for the class of 2014 ended in late May, so all he can sign now is an offer of financial aid.

    He is on a full basketball scholarship.

  • SCHoosier

    Kid has a great smile..some wide shoulders and “open growth plates”. What more could you want:)

  • Eugene Debs

    Dude looks like a football player.

  • mark

    Is Zeisloft a senior? Thought he was junior

  • mark

    Think Reggie Evans …. that seems to be his prototype. A rebound per minute.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Academically he is a senior, or may have already earned a degree. Athletically he is a junior and can play this season and next season.

  • Btown88

    Hope he follows the VO “game plan”. Study hard and camp out at Cook Hall.

  • Michael Crawley

    OMG talk about an all American kid. Looks like dad just gave him the keys to the car. CTC does bring in all American looking kids. You as well HMP.

  • IU listed him as a senior on the roster distributed in Canada, which is why we have him as a senior on our roster on the site and on his profile page. However, he has two years of eligibility to use at IU.

  • ForeverIU

    Isn’t he in a two-year graduate program?

  • I believe so, but not totally sure on all of the specifics of the program he’s enrolled in. He’s got two years of eligibility.

    Overall point is that we have him listed as a senior only because that’s how IU had him listed on the roster in Canada.

  • ForeverIU

    This kid looks like a DYNAMO! Watch out Hoosier Nation.

  • CreanFaithful

    He redshirted one year and finished his undergrad in 3. So 2 years remaining of eligibility… Athletically, this IS his 4th year.

  • inLinE6

    My gut feeling is Chuck Martin knows how to recruit. If he and Crean both believe in someone, I’m totally on it.

  • Snookafly

    I wish we had a decent 6’10″+ guy, but this is still a very solid pickup. Here’s hoping he blossoms into a monster.

  • skotchie

    He’s a senior. I get it. If a spot is needed next year, well Nick was a senior.

  • N71

    Pairing Emmitt with Devin somewhat reminds me of a shorter version of the Pacers Dale and Antonio Davis. While there were stats to measure them by there were many other ways they influenced games.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    really excited about this kid, he’s got a bright college career ahead of him. and an immediate home run for CCM if things work out as expected. as for now, he’s got a lot of catching up to do! i just hope it doesn’t take half a season to get his conditioning where it needs to be.

  • Outoftheloop

    Can Inside the Hall get “first day of school” pics for the entire 2014-15 team? I haven’t seen a smile this bright at IU since Isaiah Thomas! Welcome Emmett! This is going to be a FUN year for Indiana Basketball! Lots of hope. Lots of energy. Lots of young guys who care that “It’s Indiana”! Now if we “armchair experts” can just lighten up and go with the flow, we might enjoy a Sweet Sixteen experience!

  • Outoftheloop

    The Davis boys were good every game!

  • Outoftheloop

    Hanner is 6’9/225 with a 7’3 wingspan and strong as an Ox. 6’10 is just an arbitrary number. By midseason both Max and Tim may be 6’10 and we know that Jeremiah is over 7’0/235. But none of them will work harder to rebound than Devin and Emmett. This will be a very good rebounding team!

  • ForeverIU

    Hallelujah! It’s Emmitt, lol. His smile IS infectious, isn’t it? Good day brother!

  • Outoftheloop

    Nick is officially a graduate student with 2 years of basketball eligibility left.

  • VanPastorMan

    If he plays great then I would expect him next yr. If he has a lot of trouble playing against B1G talent, then yes, he might be moving on.

  • Gregory Spera

    I contend that Emmitt Holt is not exactly “unknown,” having been a finalist for Mr. Basketball in the state of New York (finishing just behind Isaiah Whitehead) and having been invited to play in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League. He was just unknown to us.

  • Snookafly

    I hope you are right. Hanner is big enough, but right now DD and Holt are a little small to effectively play the 5 against some of the teams we face.

  • Danny

    Being along time IU fan i would like to welcome Emmitt and hope he has a great career while he is at IU. I realize IU has had a few young men to transfer the last couple years which a lot of other teams have had also. With the tradition that Indiana has it just seems a little puzzling this has happened so much of late. Quite often former players return to visit IU. I realize these young men are recuited by so many different colleges.

  • FL Colt Fan

    Here’s hoping we can keep the guys in Bloomington. Sounds like a good pick up. So ready to see a good team again.