2014 forward Ray Kasongo will not visit Indiana

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Indiana is still actively recruiting for the class of 2014, but at least one of the names who was being mentioned as a potential addition will not join the program.

As first reported by Mike Miller of The Herald-Times, Inside the Hall has confirmed that Indiana will no longer host forward Ray Kasongo for a visit.

The 6-foot-9 Kasongo, who is from just outside of Toronto, Canada, was denied admission to Oregon, where he originally signed, in late June despite being a NCAA qualifier.

Several schools have expressed interest in Kasongo in recent weeks, including Kansas, Indiana and LSU.

He had planned to visit Bloomington this week, but was not admitted to the university, according to sources.

Indiana is still pursuing forward Emmitt Holt, who had reclassified to 2015, but is being pursued by the Hoosier staff as a 2014 recruit. Holt is expected to take an official visit to Bloomington beginning on Monday.

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  • jacobdetroy

    And that solves that.

  • JBishop0425

    Glad I didn’t get my hopes up too much on this kid. I’d rather it come out now than during the season.

  • ForeverIU

    Too bad. I would have liked us to get a 6-9 player who fits what we need, who occasionally tweets in French, and who tweeted an adieu to Robin Williams. Oh well. Maybe one day.

  • Dagwoods

    Remember the people that thought that we would have found a way to get Ron Patterson qualified if we had that extra scholarship? Looks like we have a standard and we’re stickin’ to it!

  • Bryce Kepner

    Admissions didn’t take that long. He officially announced his visit only a few days ago and today they announced that he didn’t qualify. That’s a lot faster than any other student would find out

  • ForeverIU

    Question for the academically self-righteous, and I’m not arguing for Ray Kasongo in particular here (because I don’t know the specifics of his case) but rather raising this more as a philosophical issue. Why is it okay to take on “basketball projects” but not “academic projects”?

  • Brklynhoosier

    There are some “projects” taken under special consideration (Ron Patterson) and there are some potatoes that are just too hot to handle…

  • dbmcubs21

    Because it is an Accredited University (and a highly ranked one at that) not a professional basketball organization. Take pride in your degree.

  • ForeverIU

    You don’t see any intellect in basketball? This has nothing to do with pride in my degree. I am a college professor and know very well the worth of degrees. All I’m suggesting is that there are accredited universities that don’t have the same academic standards for basketball players, and we shouldn’t demonize them as somehow less worthy.

  • ForeverIU

    But didn’t we end up rejecting Patterson? If so, how does he serve as an example to support your point?

  • Brklynhoosier

    We took him in the first place — under a special program for “project” students, exactly as you’re suggesting. He just didn’t stick.

  • ForeverIU

    Okay, thanks, I didn’t know.

  • Hardwood83

    Was kinda hoping he’d sign, as I think he could help. There aren’t a lot of other options. Well here’s to hoping Hanner has made some dramatic off-season progress and that April is a diamond in the rough pick-up.

    As for Holt, I’m not too interested in a 6’7″ PF, but Crean hasn’t consulted me about it yet…..waiting on that call.

  • notfargj

    Complete sidetrack – although, academic in nature – what are the chances Division I schools will one day offer a Bachelor’s degree in Basketball? Thoughts?

  • Bryce Kepner

    If it hasn’t happened by now…chances are slim.

  • Really? So I guess you’d be for accepting any warm body and establishing ‘Basket Weaving’ as a major for those that do not qualify? Would that not make us more like the ‘Basketball Factories’, that we are demonizing? And you’re saying those are not basketball factories. When kids are allowed to take tests for others that cannot study and pass the tests.. all of this is OK in your book? And, let’s see, you did say you are a professor, right? Hmmmmm. Must not be one at IU, espousing a viewpoint like that.

  • Isn’t it amazing? People on the forum had guys leaving the team and all kinds of supposition, just cause one writer wrote that IU would take both Kasongo and Holt, if they both committed.. Unbelievable..

  • I agree, a 6′ 9″ recruit sounds a whole lot better to me right now, given out ‘height deficit’, than another 6′ 7″ power forward…

  • Oldfan

    When Oregon, Kansas, and LSU all turned him down I knew something had to be wrong.

  • ForeverIU

    You are doing what you seem to do best, which is to distort what I am saying. What I am suggesting is we stop thinking of basketball accomplishment as separate from intellectual accomplishment. The more we separate the two, the more we invite a non-refined conception of the “athlete” and the more we encourage athletes to think of what they do best as “in addition to” and not “part of” their intellectual growth. It is, as I have stated, a philosophical discussion that I am engaging in. I thought this is what ITH is for, discussing basketball ideas and paradigms. We don’t think of music performance as non-academic, do we? So why should we think of sports performance as non-academic?

  • Brklynhoosier

    Better question: what are the chances, in light of the recent rulings, that “college” athletes will no longer be required to attend classes (while they collect their $1-200k/yr in allowed salary?)…

  • SCHoosier

    This entire sad saga ought to made available to every high school player in the country re: the importances of having and folowin a good academic plan regardless of your background. Impossible?? Probably, but good grief. Have to say this does not surprise me..altho the fact that it went right up to the day before RK was going to visit campus is a bit puzzling.

  • Philip Perdue

    Dude, there is no way you’re a “college professor.” That’s like Yogi Ferrell saying he’s a “sports athlete.”

    At any rate, I think you have a good point about different kinds of intelligences. The university system as a whole tends only to recognize book smarts as legitimate. There’s a book entitled The Mind at Work which argues for wider acknowledgement of multiple ways of ‘being smart.’

    As for Kasongo, I had a bad feeling about adding to this year’s team someone with connections to a shady recruiter. It seems to me like “chemistry” is going very well for this team, and coaches want to guard against throwing something into the locker room mix that disrupts a delicate balance. Also, if a kid is denied admission at a state university, there has to be something significantly problematic that will travel to other universities like IU.

  • The faces on this team will change next year as they do nearly every year under Crean, so if holt thinks he can play bring it on. On IU’s side of things they have nothing to loose. No resin to not recruit a guy over an index finger length.

  • ForeverIU

    Thanks Philip for the reading recommendation. I am going to look for the book. And just to be clear, I made to mention in a separate comment earlier that I’m interested int he larger conversation, not the case of Ray Kasongo per se. He was just an excuse to bring up a larger issue.

  • SCHoosier

    Probably already the case at some schools. I could see a Phys Ed major with a specific sport minor..but anything less that that would be a mockery don’t you think? Plus the specific sport minor would have to be a hell of a lot more than just playing the sport.

  • ‘Nuff_Said

    Do we need a big? Yes. Do we need Kasongo? No. Too much baggage and that’s the last thing we need for our team!