Video: Indiana vs. Carleton University highlights

  • 08/12/2014 1:44 am in

OTTAWA, Ontario — Indiana’s five-game Canadian tour continued on Monday evening with a 95-85 win over Carleton University at the Ravens Nest.

Inside the Hall was there for all of the action and have edited together close to two minutes of highlights, which are available below. Please note that Big Ten rules prevent us from showing more than two minutes per game on the trip.

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  • dontfiretomcrean

    don’t get caught up in the rankings. if the kid can play and he wants to come here then i want him. don’t get caught up with who’s ranked where. Crean has shown an unbelievable ability to get the most out the players that he gets (Victor being the best example of that). don’t look for immediate impact. look for contribution, whatever that might be.

  • dontfiretomcrean

    Every time a 3 ball goes in or JBJ hits that little running floater an angel gets their wings.

  • MPmike B

    Mark it down! IU is going to be the best 3-point shooting team in the Big Ten, and one of the best in the nation.