• Born&Bred2BleedHoosierCrimson

    Can’t wait to see what he becomes. He’s going to be special.

  • SCHoosier

    No wonder his draft stock is rising….too bad THAT Noah Vonleh didn’t play for the Hoosiers.

  • FinEndNow

    Kid has good handles and is a good shooter. We tried using him in the post too much. If only he would have stuck around for another year. Wow. Kid is super talented and has amazing potential. Doesnt turn 19 til August. Im thinking the Magic need to draft him and get Nik Stauskas if they can.

  • Ole Man

    Face it–our current offense will never use big men properly. It’s just not designed for that.
    Cody was a freak at getting out and running, so he made as much of it as any big man ever could.

  • SCHoosier

    IU needed a 5..NV..as shown here could be a really good four..he wasn’t with IU

  • ronb

    You are right but these kids were Hoosiers and recruited by our Coach who knows talent. It does not hurt IU when Coach gets back to back big men in the NBA top 10. I have been a Hoosier fan for nearly 57 years and I can not recall this ever happening before with any IU Coach.
    If we had anyone that could shoot the ball last year we could have spread the floor and given Noah more shots. Teams packed 2 or 3 men around him so he could not get open and they knew we had no knock down shooters. Too bad he left because we have the shooters this year but these kids will not pass up all that money.
    He came in with no low post game and with the I want a degree and I won’t be a one and done by his own words but when the NBA can have their way it makes it hard on these kids to pass up all the money. I hope they can get this fixed and at least put an age limit before they can jump to the NBA. This is not good for College Basketball. I still remember when Freshman could not play in College. I don’t like High School class basketball either. I guess I just long for the good old days when Basketball, Loyalty to your Team, your Coach, and getting a degree meant something. It is not the kids that have screwed up this wonderful sport. It is the older adults in charge who are to blame!

  • Ole Man

    Not sure our recruiting is so hot right now; but sure agree with most everything else you said!

  • Snookafly

    Is he working out with Jason Kidd’s sad older brother?

  • hardly

    I think Orlando takes him…they’ve shown that character and work ethic are big priorities. And while they didn’t play together at IU, I’m sure there would be some special ties there so that VO would mentor NV through the beginning of his career.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    I think their biggest priority is a PG or combo guard but you can’t go wrong with Noah. I hope they take him or Exum.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    He was a great 4

  • MK

    So you say our offense doesn’t use big men properly, yet another poster down below says we used him in the post too much…

  • SCHoosier

    ???? don’t think he ever played that position for IU..always was in the post.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    Oh yeah. Duh. I got that backwards. Disregard.

  • transplantedhoosier

    How did we waste this guy’s one year at IU? Mark Titus’ column on Grantland yesterday only made me more depressed. Vonleh should have been in the POY discussions behind Wiggins, McDermott, and Parker. What a shame.