Austin Conway likes consistency of IU’s approach

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Class of 2015 Aurora (Colo.) point guard Austin Conway had a decision to make last month that may have been tougher than his college choice that looms over the next few months.

A two-sport athlete at Overland High School, the 5-foot-10 Conway had multiple Division I offers for basketball and football.

Ultimately, Conway went the basketball route because many of the schools recruiting him for football wanted him as a wide receiver, not a quarterback, his position at Overland.

“Being a quarterback on the basketball court is being a point guard so I am playing quarterback just a different sport,” Conway told Aaron Matas of KUSA-TV in Denver.

With that decision out of the way, Conway can now focus on where he’ll play college basketball.

Indiana has been involved in his recruitment since 2012 and he recently made his first visit to the campus following the adidas Gauntlet stop in Fishers.

“Basically they’ve said they’re looking for a point guard,” Conway told Inside the Hall earlier this month. “They’re losing a point guard here in a couple of years, they’re looking for someone to fill that spot and they could see me filling it. They’ve been talking to me and making sure that I’m improving to fit their system.”

The No. 156 player in the country according to the 247Composite, Conway is averaging 11.1 points, 3.4 rebounds and 3.3 assists for the Colorado Hawks on the Gauntlet circuit, which is in its first season.

As a junior at Overland, he averaged 10.5 points, 4.4 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 2.2 steals per game.

Besides Indiana, Conway said Missouri, Wyoming, Harvard, Pennsylvania and Princeton are involved in his recruitment. He said he’s appreciative of the consistency that the Indiana staff has shown in recruiting him.

“I like the way that they’ve constantly been in contact with me since my freshman year,” he said. “Not only are they helping me become a better player, they’re helping me become a better person, too. They’re also talking to me about my character, trying to stay motivated, being great in the classroom as well as on the court.

“I already have a feel for the coaching staff, they’re all about me as a player and a person. That’s huge in the recruitment process.”

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  • This kid can go. Getting him also gives us a great shot at his teammate DeRon Davis.

  • SCHoosier

    Quick, smart play-maker with a seemingly good shot (nice to see a highlite tape not featuring dunks) Not sure how the 5-10 plays given the other people IU is recruiting including at least one 5-10 kid from Indiana (Edwards?)

  • CreamandCrimson

    It seems like a near perfect situation for him (and for IU). He can come in and be a freshman that plays 10-15 minutes a game behind a really good Senior PG who happens to be similar in size and build. That allows him to learn the system for a year before taking over as the starting PG for three years.

    I’ve read that the only reason his ranking is a bit low is because of his height. If we can fill the rest of the lineup with pretty good height and length, I wouldn’t be worried about his 5’10” frame at all. Plus, as Travis Sliger mentioned, he might boost our chances with Davis.

  • kyle jenkins

    Very quick, Very underrated! Reminds me a lot of Joel Berry and a little like Tyler Ulis but more athletic. This guy will be a very good college player and is a 4 YEAR GUY!

  • Alford Bailey

    Good Grief! 5’10” with some hops and quick. Phil Pressey comes to mind. No wonder Mizzou is in the hunt.

  • Bryce Kepner

    The first clip in the highlight is a dunk haha

  • Bryce Kepner

    I would love to see us get this kid! Impressive video. Already coming in with a great shot , he has great ball handling and impressive court vision. Reminds me a lot of yogi but I think he would be coming in a little more polished than Ferrell did. I think I’d like IU to pick up this guy because it would also help us land Davis in 16′

  • IU isn’t really too involved with Hyron Edwards at this point.

  • hardly

    handles the ball better than anybody we have right now.

  • Hoosier Hall

    More polished than Yogi? Doubt that. Yogi had already been on the national scene for a long time and was a McDonalds AA. Remember 2012/2013 when Yogi (a freshman) was the starting point guard for the #1 team in the country? I’d call that very polished. This guy would be a great replacement though, IMO. Especially if Yogi sticks around for 1 more year to mentor him.

  • kyle jenkins

    Yogi is one of the top ball handlers in college basketball. This kid has great handle but not better than Yogi.

  • plane1972

    Shifty! I like this kid.

  • IUDan

    I also really like that he is an athlete highly successful in two sports – I think that makes for a well-rounded player and leader … Sounds like a winner to me. Also sounds like a really good student – great fit.

  • Hoosier_DC

    He’ll be 6’2 by the time he gets to IU…without growing.

  • Ole Man

    LOL! What do you base that on?

  • marcusgresham

    + If he plays football at a D-I recruit level there should be some toughness.

    + PG is a need.
    + When you see the names “Harvard, Penn, and Princeton,” that’s a good sign academically.

    – (from my perspective,) if he’s 5’10”, is he really 5’8″?

  • N71

    Is it a foregone conclusion he’s headed to Purdue?

  • N71

    Could be the other way around, getting DeRon could increase our likelihood of landing Austin over the likes of Nebraska.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Possibly but I would think that Conway (2015) would be making his decision before Davis (2016). It doesn’t always work that way but if I were guessing, I’d say Conway decides first (which may, or may not, have a factor in Davis’ decision).

  • CreamandCrimson

    I believe he was basing that on the height inflation that goes on at every college across the country(most recent example is Gary Harris). Kids that are actually 5’10” are listed at 6’0″, or in Harris’ case, 6’2″ becomes 6’5″….etc.

  • MPmike B

    I like A.C.’s skills and his court instincts and awareness. He reminds me of Yogi when he is shooting the pull up three pointer. Also, good anticipation at the defensive end- quick on the passing lanes.

  • MPmike B

    What happened there? He was high on IU’s list a year ago. Is he a lock for Purdue now?

  • JetpackJunky

    And lets face it. Yogi is listed at 6′ by IU and he is at least two inches shorter than that.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I know there have been people on this site who have commented that have wrote something along the lines, “I stood next to Yogi and he’s no taller than 5’8″”…I think that’s an exaggeration but in general, I absolutely agree with you….he certainly doesn’t appear to be 6-feet tall (and I’m fine with that, he has proven that he gets it done on the floor).

  • INUnivHoosier

    He must be pretty smart, too, considering some of his suitors.