Draft watch: Potential landing spots for Vonleh

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The lottery for the 2014 NBA draft took place on Tuesday night in New York and for the second straight year, the Cleveland Cavaliers landed in the top spot.

The complete order for the lottery is as follows:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers; 2. Milwaukee Bucks; 3. Philadelphia 76ers; 4. Orlando Magic; 5. Utah Jazz; 6. Boston Celtics; 7. Los Angeles Lakers; 8. Sacramento Kings; 9. Charlotte Hornets (via Detroit Pistons); 10. Philadelphia 76ers (via New Orleans Pelicans); 11. Denver Nuggets; 12. Orlando Magic (via New York Knicks); 13. Minnesota Timberwolves; 14. Phoenix Suns

Indiana forward and Big Ten freshman Noah Vonleh was among the expected lottery picks in attendance last night at the lottery and here’s an updated look at where he’s being projected to go in next month’s draft:

· Chad Ford of ESPN.com: No. 5 to Utah: “Vonleh’s ability to stretch the floor should be intriguing to the Jazz.”

· Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports: No. 6 to Boston: “Scout’s take: “He’s young [18 years old] and he has huge hands. He has a big body and he can shoot from outside, but he is not a great athlete.”

· Sam Smith of Bulls.com: No. 10 to Philadelphia: “Could the Bulls persuade them to take their two picks to move up for a shooter? You assume the Bulls would try. But with their developing kiddie corps he’s a smart versatile big man who will fill a position.”

· Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated: No. 9 to Charlotte: “Vonleh is projected to be a solid rebounder and defender, but he has also shown flashes of an untapped offensive game. Consider: Last season Vonleh made 48.5 percent (16-of-33) from three-point range. He’d benefit from working with excellent big man tutors in Charlotte coach Steve Clifford and assistant Patrick Ewing.”

· Jonathan Givony of Draft Express: No. 7 to Los Angeles Lakers: “With the Lakers frontcourt rotation potentially in flux this offseason, Noah Vonleh would provide them with a long-term answer at the power forward position as Pau Gasol hits unrestricted free agency. Measuring 6-8 without shoes with a 7-4.5 wingspan, Vonleh has impressive physical tools, is a tremendous rebounder, and has some promising tools offensively.”

· Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com: No. 6 to Boston: “Vonleh can play physical inside or step outside and hit shots from the perimeter, a promising start after one season as one of the fast-risers on the board. He is going in a very good direction.”

· NESN.com: No. 6 to Boston: “We’ve been fighting an internal debate for weeks on whether Vonleh or Marcus Smart gets the edge here. Smart’s turnaround time to adjust to the NBA is likely shorter, but the 18-year-old Vonleh has demonstrated the beginnings of some promising fundamentals and skill for his size. All other things being equal, it’s usually best to go with the big man over the potential stud guard.”

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  • Lean Blitz

    “All other things being equal, it’s usually best to go with the big man over the potential stud (guard).” – Portland Trail Blazers, just before drafting Greg Oden

  • Lean Blitz

    “All other things being equal, it’s usually best to go with the big man over the potential stud guard.” – Portland Trail Blazers, just before drafting Sam Bowie

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Both of those guys had injury problems prior to being drafted. I think this statement would be more for Embid….

  • OhioHoosier

    Call me a blasphemer but I would take Randle over Noah any day. I realize that Noah has the greater upside but Randle’s overall skill level and incredible competitiveness is too much for me to pass up. Side note: Here is to hoping my Cavs don’t mess up again this year.

  • Gregory Spera

    To me, one of the most interesting things about this draft, vis-à-vis Vonleh, is where he goes and how he is rated in relation to Randle and Gordon.

  • FinEndNow

    Well here is where I go…. Both are great rebounders. Both have great motors though Randles is higher(which it has to be with his size). But Vonleh separates himself is some major spots. Shooting. Vonleh can step out and shoot mid range and 3’s. Randle on the other hand struggled all year just hitting a mid range shot. Vonleh is a better defender than Randle. Vonleh is bigger and longer. And lastly.. Vonleh is a year younger. I could see the potential in Vonleh’s offensive game. Its the same with Andrew Wiggins. We know that the defense is there. And we can see the potential he has offensively. I’d rather take defense with offensive potential. Offense can be taught. Defense is more instinct.

  • Shawn Congo

    I think Cleveland will trade down and take Vonleh. Magic will trade up and take Wiggins.

  • BMusic

    Sorry, I just can’t bring myself to care. He wasn’t at IU long enough for me to grow attached to him or his story.

  • thrawnjan

    Now that Cleveland has the #1 pick, who knows who will end up being drafted first. Maybe Will Sheehey.

  • PocketHoosier

    “Here is to hoping my Cavs don’t mess up again this year.”
    They will.

  • Snookafly

    Posting that name on an Indiana site….smh.

  • Snookafly

    For one year of college I’d have to agree, but one of the scouts reminded me that Randle’s game relies on bullying people in the paint. He won’t be able to pull that off in the pros. He also got gassed down the stretch and disappeared at the end of some games. That’s not to say Vonleh doesn’t have his faults– especially the big question mark about his foot health– but he may have more of an upside in the long run than Randle.

  • VerdellJonesIV

    Embid also has injury problems. He didn’t play in the NCAA tournament because of his back and now his agent is only disclosing his medical records to select teams.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    That’s what I meant about being uneasy about picking him, confident in picking NV – I think NV will be a perennial allstar.




    ” Randle on the other hand struggled all year just hitting a mid range shot ”

    Couldn’t agree more and he didn’t attract half the defensive pressure that NV had all season, plus he wasn’t exactly a for sure thing at the free throw line.


    LOL !


    The exact other reason why I think NV will end up being a noticeably better player in the end, and then there’s that T Rex thing Randle has going on with his arms.

  • hoosier1158

    If the ref’s would have called traveling violations on Randle, he would not have done that much. He doesn’t have a mid or long range jumper. Noah is a much better pro prospect.

  • OhioHoosier

    I think something that is ignored is defense. I think Randle is a better defender and a more explosive athlete (neither are exceptional athletes, but are respectable). I do disagree on not being able to bully people around in the pros. Look at Zach Randolph. Overall there are not a ton of tough big men in the league right now. As we have seen with Vic, a jump shot can be developed. And obviously this all depends on each teams needs. Randle and Noah are different players with different skill sets but I believe that Noah is more of a project that people are making him out to be, I hope I am wrong!

  • ForeverIU


  • Snookafly

    I’m interested so far as how it will help future recruiting. The higher he goes, the better for us.

  • Daburns0

    I see Julius Randle being the next Michael Beasley. Great college post player, but not big enough or long enough for the pros


    Very good comparison.

  • I was almost finished typing out my entire response and I caught yours. Well done. Randle is the better athlete and has a better motor. Vonleh can come in right now, rebound, and stretch the floor with his shooting ability. Randle wont be able to play the game he’s used to at the NBA ranks. He’s not going to bully NBA power forwards for double doubles. Kid better do nothing but shoot jumpers all summer.

  • Yeah but he did decide to come here in the first place. He could have spurned us for just about anyone, but he decided to commit to Indiana. You should be more appreciative. The kid had an opportunity to live out his dream and he’s doing so. Just support the kid.

  • BMusic

    I’m not hating on the young man; it’s just an honest fact that I’m not particularly interested in him anymore. I’d rather read a story on what Verdell Jones is up to. I wish Noah well, but I don’t owe him appreciation or support any more than he owes me a sophomore season.

  • ForeverIU

    He didn’t help me with my dream, which is for him to come back for a sophomore season and help us be a stellar team next year. I know he acted in self interest and don’t necessarily fault him for that, but my measure of success is not just in millions of dollars (we’re not taking our money with us to the grave). Why would I cheer someone on for being able to drive a Corvette or Ferrari instead of a Hyundai? I want players who are so in love with IU basketball that their immediate dream first and foremost is to help us get another championship or at least make a deep run in the post-season and bring us back to national prominence.

  • If that’s the only player you want, you’re in for a life full of disappointment. 99.9999999% of these kids would take the first chance at being a lottery pick. Kids don’t wake up singing the Steve Alford song. College is a stepping stone for these kids. Just the reality. I’m sure that Noah had aspirations to win a championship at Indiana. We just didn’t have the team around him to win a title. You should be more upset at the coach for the likelihood at not winning a title next year, than Noah. He came here, worked his tail off, on and off of the court. He deserves more support from us. It’s funny how Indiana’s fan base acts so entitled. We are average at best. No wonder kids are deciding to go elsewhere. It’s the delusional fans.

  • ForeverIU

    I’m not mad at Noah. You don’t get it. I just find it hard to get excited about whether he will be the #3 or #8 pick in the lottery, or which team he will go to. And why aren’t you willing to be less negative about your coach who also works his tail off? Did it occur to you that bashing and putting down your coach could hurt our team way more than a fan being lukewarm about a player’s NBA prospects? To me a Jordan Hulls playing in Poland is just as successful and meaningful a career as the NBA. I mean, why not? Basketball is not just about the pros. I happen to have no interest in the NBA. I don’t watch it and don’t care to. BTW, Paul George suffered a concussion because of Dwayne Wade, so blame Crean for it, ha. LOL!

  • mc2030

    How nice would it have been to see a matchup between these two this year? I miss the IU vs. UK game, I really do.

  • Outoftheloop

    You never know. Both Sir Charles, Adrien Dantley, Wes Unsled, and others with smaller size have managed to “bully” anyone in the league they faced. Even this year Green (of MSU), Blair (of Pittsburgh), and others have done some serious bullying!

  • Outoftheloop

    I totally disagree! Noah was a great teammate, check out how often he refers to his buddies: Troy, Stan, and Devin! Noah was all Indiana for his one year. I will follow him and cheer hard!

  • BMusic

    I think I’m being misunderstood. I didn’t imply that he wasn’t a great teammate, nor that he wasn’t “all Indiana.” In fact, I didn’t say anything about him at all, really; my comment was 100% about my interest in his NBA career, and the simple fact that my investment therein is limited my the brevity of his time at IU.

  • Outoftheloop


  • Jeremy Pinnell

    You had better hope they take either Wiggens or Parker. If they take anyone else, I would be turning in my fan card with them.