• Kevin Tolliver

    The good: seems to move with out the ball well, sets screens and understands what that does for team-mates and yourself, quick release, follows shot every time, appears to have good hands and confident with ball. The bad: unorthodox style, thin (but that can be corrected quickly), may be prone to shooting to quick and not looking for a better shot. But either way its hard to tell from a video and I’m just a fan I get paid to do something other than judge Bball players talent. Welcome Tim.

  • briefus

    It’s such an awkward looking shot. it goes in, but I’m not sure what to think about him running to the rim after every shot. Is it a good thing (aggressive/hustle) or a bad thing (no confidence in it going in?) haha. anyways. welcome to IU, can wait to see what you can do in a Hoosier jersey

  • Outoftheloop

    All great players are exceptions to the rule(s)!