Five-star guard Josh Langford talks Indiana offer

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Taking the floor for the first time since a hand injury cut his high school season short, Josh Langford showed few signs of rust last weekend at the adidas Gauntlet in Dallas, Texas.

The 6-foot-5, 200 pound guard, rated the No. 18 player nationally in the class of 2016 by the 247Composite, helped lead the Atlanta Celtics to a 5-0 record at the Gauntlet while averaging 16.6 points, 4.4 rebounds and three assists.

“It felt good to get back. I had just gotten cleared to play the weekend before,” Langford told Inside the Hall on Thursday. “It had been three months since I had been able to play against anybody. I was just real excited and hopefully I can just keep going and keep getting better.”

His strong play in Dallas caught the eye of the Indiana coaching staff, which didn’t wait long after the weekend to offer a scholarship.

Langford, who plays at Madison Academy in Alabama, said both he and his father, Tellus, spoke with Tom Crean earlier in the week and the offer was extended in that conversation.

“Coach Crean was real excited to talk. They seem like they’re real interested in me and my future,” Langford said. “Indiana is a great program and coach Crean is probably going to be a hall of fame coach. He coached Victor Oladipo and Dwyane Wade at Marquette.

“I just think it’s a great program that believes in winning, loves to win and takes everything serious.”

Langford took multiple unofficial visits last season, including stops at Vanderbilt, Louisville, North Carolina State, Duke and Kentucky.

He said his father handles most of the recruiting while he focuses on continuing to improve his game.

“I want to work on everything. I don’t think there’s a perfect player,” Langford said. “So I think I can get better everywhere, but mainly it’s just working on shooting a consistent 3-ball right now. I feel like I can shoot it, but sometimes I take it (into the lane) too deep and sometimes I can just save my body and take the beating off my body by shooting the jump shot. Just shooting it more consistently.”

During his conversation with Crean, Langford said he was able to pick up some additional areas to work on this spring and summer.

“He told me that I reminded him of a young Victor Oladipo, like in his sophomore year,” he said. “I asked him what I could get better at and he told me that I can work on my off the ball defense, holding the follow through on my jump shot and being lower when I drive.

“He just told me the sky is the limit if I can just get those things right and keep working.”

(Photo credit: Vernon Bryant for adidas)

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  • atlhoosier

    lol hall of fame coach

  • Alford Bailey

    Must admit I laughed at that one too, I like this kid, though. He will fit the system well, IMO

  • marcusgresham

    Don’t know if he’s related or not, but remember the last name “Langford,” because you’ll be hearing it a lot in the next 4 years. There’s an incoming freshman at New Albany HS named Romeo Langford (class of ’18) who is going to be out of this world.

  • OhioHoosier

    Crean’s meticulous nature is something I respect and enjoy hearing about, even though some may deem it as corny!

  • Snookafly

    Sounds like a smart kid. He understands his game, wants to get better, and has enthusiasm. Here’s hoping.

  • ForeverIU

    This might come down to a battle with Louis-town, not to mention other respectable suitors.

  • I laughed when I read that it didn’t take long for our staff to offer a scholly. BIG SURPRISE!

  • I cant see the original comment since it was deleted. I’m assuming that it was the statement that Crean will “probably be a HOF coach someday.” Comedic gold!

  • The_Bob_Michaels

    Yeah, they ought to just jack around and wait with these top-20 players.

  • Do you pay attention to recruiting? At all? If you did, you’d realize that early offers usually never lead to landing a top 20 guy. Remind me again how many of the 2014 kids were so infatuated by the early offers, and signed with IU. I’m a fan of waiting until the kids are Juniors and have visited the campus. this is what Beilein does and I think it’s better than Crean’s “let’s offer everyone and see what happens” approach.

  • ForeverIU

    I heard IU is looking to hire a recruiter/assistant. You sound like the man for the job.

  • calbert40

    There are a few items that stick out to me about this article.

    1) Regardless of whether many agree on his take on Crean, Langford seems to like him and thinks highly of him. That can’t hurt our chances in recruiting him.

    2) He asked Crean to critique his play. I like that. A lot. It says a lot about his character. He wants to get better despite being a possible All-American.

    3) Crean gave him three things to work on…and it appears as though Langford was eager to make the changes. I haven’t seen him play yet, but I’m already starting to get a crush on him! It sounds like he may be a gym rat.

    4) He mentioned Oladipo twice in a short interview. I may be reading into his comments, but the fact that he did this tells me that he likes Vic’s game. Any player who tries to model his game after Vic’s is a guy that should be at the very top of our recruiting wish list.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    Yeah. I love the Vic references. Maybe this is the summer where we benefit on the recruiting trails because of the Vic and Cody draft.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    James Blackmon Jr.

  • Caleb Moore

    Yeah I mean let’s hope instead that he fails miserably and is fired. That would be great for Indiana basketball instead of another season at #1 most of the year, another Big Ten title, and a good shot a national title right?
    Stupidity at its finest…….fans publicly clammoring for a coach to be fired for a down year>recruits see this and competing coaches use it against said coach in recruiting pitches>same fans wonder why their team has trouble landing top recruits.
    Stop hurting our programs’ chances at succeeding.

  • CreanFaithful

    I’d love to see your statistical analysis. Getting in early on guys cannot hurt. Just because we’ve missed on guys that we offered early does not mean it was because we offered them early. I’m not worried about what Beilein is doing…

  • So I’m going to be the reason that Tom Crean fails miserably? Nice try man. I’m not clamoring for the coach to be fired after 1 down year. I’m laughing at the fact that this kid said he is probably going to be a hall of fame coach. That’s a joke. He hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of the possibility of being a HOF coach. Have you stopped to consider that if opposing coaches are using this material in their recruiting pitches, that MAYBE it’s true? I highly doubt that these coaches would use this to their advantage, if there wasn’t a lot of truth to it. Don’t try and spin our misfortune on me. This rests solely on the guy in charge of the program.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Asking for a critique shows drive and desire. You’re right, it bodes well that he asked for that.

  • marcusgresham

    As per 247sports, Gordon’s composite rating is #36 and IU, Coach Crean is the one recruiting him, and IU is listed above Arizona St., Nebraska, Purdue, and Butler.
    There is no rating for Vijay Blackmon. Crean is again listed as the one recruiting him. IU is listed as his only offer with Notre Dame, Purdue, and UCLA showing interest.

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    In his defense, “usually never” is one of those proof positive statements that doesn’t’ require statistical analysis.

  • CreanFaithful

    You “usually never” comment on here these days…

  • Ryan Pride

    This young man mentioned CTC and hall of fame in the same sentence. Just what we need, another top recruit with the basketball iq of Josh Smith

  • MeniscusDiscus

    “I WISH I can…I WISH I can….”

    Hey! Being positive just worked! A new Lamborghini just showed up in my garage!

  • MeniscusDiscus

    Yeah, I love what he’s doing with Crews at St. Louis!

  • MeniscusDiscus

    I say if UConn can be banned from the NCCA Tourney one year then come back and win it all the next year, why should IU worry about a little negativity? Huh?

    Because…Winning solves EVERYTHING. And when Crean brings THAT to the table then the whinning won’t matter…eh?

  • MeniscusDiscus

    UConn got lucky, eh? If you can tell me the names and seedings of all the teams UConn beat on their way to winning the NCCA Tourney and all the teams THOSE teams beat before being beat by UConn then you might also use that info to explain the definition of the word “lucky” to all those here.

  • Barn Burner#1

    Damn Indiana makes a living in Bama for b ball prospects