Q & A: 2017 Hamilton Southeastern wing Zach Gunn

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INDIANAPOLIS — In a class that has played only one season of high school basketball, Zach Gunn is one of the few that already has high-major schools interested in him.

The class of 2017 6-foot-6 Hamilton Southeastern wing, who was the only freshman on his school’s varsity roster, already has an offer from Indiana and is receiving interest from multiple schools.

This past Saturday, Inside the Hall caught up with Gunn, a member of the 2017 GRIND Indy Hoosiers team, at the Indyball Shootout, following their first two games of the 2014 season.

You guys played your first couple games of the AAU season today. How do you think you guys looked out there?

“I think we looked good. We looked really fluid. We’ve got to work on some things. We didn’t shoot the ball great, didn’t box out, but it’s going good. I think it’s going to be a well-oiled machine.”

What are you most looking forward to during this AAU season?

“Just winning. We’ve all been together since second or third grade. We’ve all been together. We’ve had times at Nationals where we’ve lost and we’ve had times where we’ve won. And I think all these guys enjoy being around each other and I enjoy being around them.”

How’d you feel out on the court?

“I felt good. I need to get in shape a little more. The shot was falling on and off. And once I hit one I felt good. Once I missed one I hesitated. But I think it’s going to go good. Keep on shooting, and I’m going to be fine.”

You just finished your first high school season at HSE. How did that go?

“It was a lot of fun. We beat Carmel, that’s always nice. The guys just made me feel like I’m a part of the team right away. We’ve got a lot of guys leaving, Eric (Davidson), Tyler (Jenkins), and I wish them the best of luck where they’re going. But you know, you’ve got new guys stepping up and you’re ready to go.”

You’re just a freshman, obviously, but how — if at all — has your recruitment progressed?

“I’ve visited Butler and Michigan State and IU, and hopefully a lot more to come. I’m just looking forward to the process.”

Indiana is your only offer. What do you like about them?

“I know they’re struggling a little right now, but everything they do is together. The times I’ve been down there, coach Crean is a really nice guy. He makes me feel like I want to go there.”

What’s it like playing AAU ball with Paul Scruggs and Kris Wilkes, who also hold IU offers?

“I think it’s fun. If we end up not going to the same college, hopefully we can stay close to one another. That’d be really cool if we all played together. It’s always nice to have other guys around you that know what it’s like. They can help you with the recruiting process and all that.”

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  • HoosierFan76

    Quite the cunning linguist, anyway… 🙂

  • ForeverIU

    I too appreciate you HoosierKen. I will not forget that you upvoted my first comment on this site. It was a good omen of what’s to come. I’ve found my peace, so to speak, on this site. I don’t get upset anymore, or try not to. Nothing upsets me more than narrow provincialism and lack of curiosity. I have learned a lot from some people, even those whose style I tend not to like. I appreciate your suggestions, and will certainly look into them. Don’t get bitter, lol, but I do certainly like your edge.

  • You know I really appreciate you as well. I guess I can come off as having a bit of an edge. It’s just that I get so frustrated at some of the posters on here, that make comments as if they know it all.. and draw completely ‘out in left field’ conclusions. Typically those that irritate me most are the ones that try to ‘nail Crean’.. All too often they say it in a spirit that I believe can hurt the program. I’m not the only one that feels it can, Alex posted a thread on the ‘Forum’ a while ago, saying they should tone it down a bit. And, yet those same posters, on other threads, claim to be passionate about the program and that they have nothing against Crean. I mean you can’t have it both ways. I mean do I think Crean is the ultimate guru of all basketball coaches? NO, absolutely not. Yet, I feel he has done a great job getting IU back… and, I do believe he deserves better than that. I guees his substitution patterns are about the biggest thing I would question, however, he does know the players lot better than any of us, and I guess I’m willing to cut al little slack, hoping he’ll get better at that.
    Anyway, I do appreciate you comments. I really do think there are times I wished I had toned it down just a bit. I certainly am the first to admit I am not a coach, nor do I know everything. Guess I just sometimes get too frustrated. That is why I do go away from this site sometimes, or at least do not go into the comments. I like the reporting and like the site, and there are some posters that I enjoy what they have to say.. You certainly being one of those.

  • Kreigh Hook

    one of my best friends is jalens uncle (his step mom is jalens grandma) and he told me about Jalen and I watched highlight reels of him and hes really talented. I was sad when I found out he was dismissed. It was a silly mistake and from what I am told hes learned from it. He’s a pretty good student as far as grades. Your right on spot about Skaggs Bryce Kepner. Carter is a GREAT 1A player but is just an average 4A player. He has the worst attitude i’ve ever seen from a high school kid on court. and you can tell his dad “wants him to be the star” and babies him a ton.