Josh Cunningham to visit South Carolina, pushes back announcement date

  • 04/05/2014 4:50 pm in

Class of 2014 Morgan Park (Ill.) forward Josh Cunningham will not announce his college decision as originally scheduled on Wednesday, Apr. 9 according to reports by Evan Moore and The Chicago Tribune.

Instead, Cunningham will now announce his decision on Friday, Apr. 18 after he gets the opportunity to visit South Carolina next weekend. The NCAA is currently in a recruiting dead period that ends at noon on Thursday, April 10.

Rated the No. 107 nationally according to the 247Composite, Cunningham visited Bloomington for IU’s win over Ohio State back on March 2.

According to the Tribune, Cunningham is still considering offers from Bradley, Creighton, DePaul, Indiana, Iowa State, Minnesota and South Carolina.

Cunningham recently helped lead Morgan Park to a second straight Class 3A title in Illinois by scoring 13 points and grabbing nine rebounds in a 59-49 win over Lincoln.

He averaged 21.6 points and 14.5 rebounds as a senior.

Indiana has three players signed in its 2014 recruiting class — James Blackmon Jr., Max Hoetzel and Robert Johnson — and three scholarships still available.

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  • JJ

    Probably not a good sign…Frank Martin can close…

  • JMAC

    I was hearing good things regarding Josh to IU, but this could be a bad sign. I think he would be a great addition to 2014. Hope we haven’t lost him.

  • recker

    He gone and maten just picked georgia. 0 for 3 so far this spring!

  • Ole Man

    If he cannot choose IU from that list of schools, then something is definitely crazy!
    SC over IU? MN won the NIT, but it’s MN.

  • Shaggy_C

    Good for him. This isn’t a decision that should be made lightly and he should weigh all the options. Hopefully when he sees everything IU has to offer when compared to those others he’ll make the right choice!

  • Gregory Spera

    We’ve lost several top recruits to NORTH Carolina over he years, but this would not be good.

  • William Hagenmaier

    we don’t need bigs just more guards

  • deebo

    Going up a creek with no paddle

  • SeeingRed

    Should be the case, of course. But Minnesota, Northwestern and even Nebraska all have impressive young coaches and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they start consistently landing some Josh Cunningham type players. The line between haves and have nots seems to be getting more and more blurred, except for the recruiting elites.

    IU is one of the schools scrapping for a place at the table.

  • Oldguyy

    Yes, Greg, they certainly wouldn’t want a coach who coached three players into the lottery in two years, would they?

  • Or who made d-wade the all star of the universe.

  • iuball11

    Or who has had a crap ton of transfers the last two seasons and has underutilized players at his position. Not everyone is looking for NBA. Other factors, for someone who isn’t a McD AA and a one-and-done, are more important.

  • Or wings who can either shoot or dribble but not both.

  • Robinski

    Jeez, how we have fallen. Crean is turning kids off.

  • Robinski

    Yes! We have become a hoops afterthought. It’s so darn sad. Crean is a religious zealot and wack job. A mediocre coach at best and can’t even get second tier players. IU is too cheap to buy him out but the long term costs are far greater

  • Robinski

    …maybe there is a reason so many are leaving? This is bad.

  • Robinski

    Yeah …. Crean had NBA talent and looked like a deer in the headlights on the sideline vs Syracuse in the NCAA tourney last year. He got disgraced by Jim Bieheim! Horrible coaching job last year with that talent…. Horrible! It was laughable. I was on board with Crean, but no more.

  • Robinski

    We need a change – period

  • Greg

    So you think Crean made Zeller 7′ tall and able to run the floor? You think he turned Victor into the workaholic he is ? Ok then that being said does that make him also responsible for the players leaving and big men avoiding IU like the plague. Did he make Vonleh an NBA player if so did he make Fischer leave. Wake up . Two years of success in 6 will not work in Bloomington , this is IU . If players don’t want to come here to play it starts at the top.

  • William Hagenmaier

    yeah he coached 2 bench warmers in nba

  • David Mason

    Sheehey is a senior. Gee, wonder why he is leaving? Oh, his eligibility is up!?
    All those kids transferring is because college students, sometimes, are flaky. Now if Yogi, and the core people remaining leave then I would reevaluate.
    I sure hope that next year the players play like they like each other…not like this year.

  • BL

    Johnson is 6’7″ swingman. Probably worried about competing for playing time with Williams and Davis.

  • JetpackJunky

    Oladipo gets an average of 30 minutes per game and 14 p 4 a 4 r per game. That’s pretty good for a “bench warmer”.

  • hag

    I was refering to cody riding the bench and vonleh will be too. Thats the two I meant. I know victor is a everyday player

  • calbert40

    I said this on the Maten thread, but it bears saying here as well. Recruits choose a school for various reasons. To look at one recruit’s list of schools and say that something is wrong, if he doesn’t choose the highest major in the bunch isn’t really fair or accurate.

    Maybe he wants to play at a smaller school, because he doesn’t want the limelight. Maybe he has built up a relationship with a coach at a smaller school, and he is going to play for a coach more than a program. Maybe he wants to be closer to home than Bloomington. Maybe he wants to play a particular position and a coach has promised him that opportunity. Maybe he wants to play with another player that is at a smaller program. Maybe he has a girlfriend that goes to one of those schools. Maybe he wants to play basketball for fun and not at the highest competition level.

    Honestly, we could go on and on over this. There are numerous reasons beyond PT that a recruit would pick a smaller school over a blue blood.

  • JetpackJunky

    My mistake. You’re right then.

  • Greg

    We all all know Howard and Shehee are seniors of coarse they are leaving. However three boys who started games at sometime this year and are not seniors are also leaving. That to me quaifies as core players. In addition Johnny Marlin had he played could very well have been as good if not better than Evan Gordon ,if you had seen him play before coming to IU. The point. Zeller was leaving not because he was developed by the IU staff. He was 7′ tall when he arrived and could run the floor. Had he stayed and been used as he should have been it would have helped him and iU. He averaged less than 9 shots a game ,many of those on offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds and fastbreaks . why? Vonleh same story 8.? shots a game . Why? Put either at Mich St. Ohio St. heck Neb. and they shoot 12-14 times a game, everygame, and take the heat off the outside shooters .The fact is big men are not interested in coming to IU . It could be style of play, it could be deeper, coaching . Look at both . What other team plays 10-11 players a game in the first half and then complains about turnovers . this might work against the pre season teams we played but not against the 1-7 players of ANY BIG TEN TEAM. The four teams below IU in the league all beat Indiana this year. 28 -30 subs a game, I counted them, doesn’t help in the flow of the offense. Who is responsible for replacing players through recruitment ?. Coaches. It is a blow to have Fischer leave . A: why did he leave ? B: that should have told other big guys there is immediate playing time . it didn’t . This is a serious problem that starts at the top. no doubt Mr. Crean is a good guy. So am I .But there is a reason I am not coaching Basketball at IU. perhaps it is the same reason we need someone else as coach besides the current one . We are not right for this job .

  • Jeff

    Bradley, DePaul, South Carolina, really? I would much rather see the list include KY, Duke, Kansas, etc on the list of our recruits.