• Kent Thomas

    Crean is a bit defensive these days and clearly doesn’t know what to do.

  • james

    Couldn’t agree more. So tired of excuses. You can’t say the team still needs to grow up in the second to last game of the season when you are the one who has been coaching them. At least my opinion.

  • WestSideHoosier

    Funny thing is I didn’t even watch the video and I know exactly what he said. You’re right. It’s a broken record at this point.

  • SCHoosier

    Guess the question I would ask..and not sure I know the answer is (forget pre-conference) How much have the freshmen improved since the first B-10 game and how has overall team consistency improved during the same period. Not sure anybody who answers honestly will be happy.

  • JP

    He should have been asked why he didn’t give the (now) sophomores quality playing time last year in their blowouts vice playing the starters 38 minutes. He should have also been asked why the team has such an appalling lack of fundamental skills, specifically with their passing, communication and defense switching. He should have also been asked what he is doing specifically to prepare his team to play against zone defenses. Lastly, I would have asked would he consider renegotiating the university’s buyout if he places 7th or lower next year. Quit serving this guy softballs!

  • Don Anastas

    I have watch all the conference games and to be honest there are too many players standing around not moving without the ball. And the switching of defenses instead of merely mastering one would be more efficient and most likely result in better play. Instead of confusing the opposition it’s putting a strain on the team.

    Yogi Ferrell was given too much responsibility and seems obligated to do too much instead of run the offense. With that said many times it didn’t look like they had an offensive plan. Supposedly a fast break team they seem unable to perform under other circumstances where the fast break was not an option. How many turnovers and shot clock or near shot clock violations have we seen? Yogi dribbles too much, players watch him and stand around lock kneed and unprepared instead of moving and creating some passing routes.

    This goes down to practice, coaching and a coherent game plan. Tom Crean has demonstrated he can recruit with the best of them but this team has not improved collectively so it seems player development is a problem as well as Xs and Os. And I agree with JP below concerning reporters playing nice instead of asking the tough questions. Sidenote: IU needs to improve and toughen their pre-season opposition. This could go a long way to player expectations and preparedness when conference play begins. Maybe they will learn how to finish a game not blow leads. This goes back to coaching. I also agree with all the previous comments.