Video: Fred Glass, Tom Morrison update status of Assembly Hall

  • 02/19/2014 4:32 pm in

Indiana athletics director Fred Glass and vice president of capital planning and facilities Tom Morrison met with the media on Wednesday afternoon to provide an update on Assembly Hall.

The iconic building sustained damage when metal fell into the stands on Tuesday afternoon, causing IU’s game with Iowa to be postponed.

Watch Glass and Morrison’s comments from Wednesday afternoon in the media player below:

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  • Walton

    Glass says that Assembly Hall is now probably the safest arena in the Big Ten, probably in the country. Shouldn’t it have been that way before this happened??? How lightly they appear to take this situation in this press conference with smiles and what not. If that fell just a few short hours later, there wouldn’t be smiles – Mr. Morrison and some others would probably be packing up their offices. There was no accountability at all for anyone of this.

  • JetpackJunky

    What do you want them to say? It didn’t happen a few hours later. No building is being inspected every inch every hour, things happen and no one was hurt. When the massive window collapsed at an Apple Store and hit one of their customers they didn’t start firing all of the engineers. People understand that we don’t live in a bubble. They explained what happened and what an incredibly unlikely series of weather events had to happen for it to occur (massive snow, warmer temperatures then very low temperatures to ice the drains and then high temperatures to quickly melt all the snow and overwhelm the drains).

    Probability strongly favors that seat being empty when it falls and probability was right. I never understood people’s obsession with changing the facts to make it fit a worse narrative and then reacting based on that narrative. If it had happened February 24th would the talk be “What if that had occurred just one day later and if the Wisconsin game wasn’t away!?!? Someone could have been injured!”

    Everyone wants to be more concerned with punishing people for what could happen rather than what did happen.

  • Walton

    Ok lets not change the facts. Fact is: a large piece of metal fell from the top of a public building.
    My reaction: things like this rarely just happen because measures are
    put into place to prevent it. They didn’t have a crane big enough to
    even examine it, so not only was it not inspected every hour it was
    probably rarely or never inspected. Just because no one was hurt shouldn’t dismiss some type of accountability. It was so obvious what had happened but it wasn’t taken into consideration beforehand.