• John Temple

    For me, the game came down to two things. Vonleh didn’t get enough offensive touches in the second half. His points came mostly off his rebounding and one three pointer. Perhaps just as important – the Hoosiers doubled down on turnovers in the second half, giving the Gophers many more offensive opportunities. The roller coaster ride continues.

  • Lobills

    23 games in and TC is still making reference to starting 3 frosh. Youth is simply a given in today’s college game. To consistently bring up this point, while technically true, get rather tiresome.

    Another anemic 2nd half scoring performance and a plethora of TOs…just not a recipe for success on the road. Thought the defense was really good for the most part, but our rotations were really lacking in critical moments.

    The snippy answer at the very end was strange. Obviously there’s some history between TC and Dustin. That was a Perfectly valid question to ask TC “if you wanted to get into a zone on that last defensive possession…what prevented you from doing that?” It was a deadball timeout w/ more than enough time to go zone in the half court there.

  • TomJameson

    Didn’t think I heard any snippiness, so went back and re-listened. I don’t think he was being snippy, or evasive, or even defensive. His body language and tone showed a comfort level when answering the question, and that relates to a good relationship between the two.

  • SilverAtlanta

    About as subdued as I have seen CTC. To Minnesota, 1974 called they want their paneling back!

  • Snookafly

    Coach looked depressed.

  • Roger Scott

    IU has Yogi, Sheehey, and some other veterans, plus several amazing frosh. Isn’t that the recipe that won a national championship for UK a few years ago? Isn’t that the recipe for Kansas, Duke, and UK this year? And, they are all ranked about 50-60 positions higher than IU so far this year. Last year, IU had 4 current pros (2 in NBA and 2 in pro ball in Europe), and they couldn’t make it past the Sweet 16. This year, IU is screaming toward an NIT bid with the same recipe that won UK a championship and has Kansas, Duke, and UK way ahead of IU this year. What gives?

  • Benhyoung14

    IU does not have any amazing frosh…they have a high school senior that can’t take over games. They have a leading scorer that can be lights our or ice cold on any given night and nobody else that can take a game over. What gives? The fact that IU lost 7 players last year. Let’s face it, it’s not ideal to have Yogi leading the team as a Freshman or a Sophomore. Last year IU had one point guard, an undersized shooting guard and no bench. You don’t win a championship without a bench. If Hulls was 6’3” then maybe. Too short to get his shot off and see over defenders. IU did not have all the roles covered last year. IU needed somebody past sheehey to contribute. Nobody to rest Cody, VO, or Hulls. Abell would have helped this year. There is a massive talent gap between the teams you mentioned and where IU’s recruiting class ended up. 1 more top ten player and I’d be right there with you. If it’s not talent, it’s experience. 1 returning upperclassman that isn’t a walk on or transfer.