Five takeaways from Indiana’s win over Michigan

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Indiana moved to 14-8 with a 63-52 win over No. 10 Michigan on Sunday afternoon. The victory moved the Hoosiers to 4-5 in Big Ten play and into a four-way tie for fifth in the conference standings.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from IU’s third straight win over Michigan:

· Indiana’s defensive plan made Nik Stauskas a non-factor: At the midway point of conference play, Michigan sophomore Nik Stauskas is the Big Ten’s top offensive player, but Indiana took him out of Sunday’s game by having Yogi Ferrell deny him the ball and forcing his teammates to do the heavy lifting offensively.

Stauskas finished with six points on just 1-of-6 shooting from the field and denying him the ball not only prevented him from scoring, it also stopped his ability to facilitate, an underrated part of his game. The Michigan offense typically gets a lot from Stauskas finding teammates off of ball screens, but that wasn’t the case against Indiana.

“(I was) basically just trying to limit his touches really,” Ferrell said. “Overplaying the screens, not getting screened. I didn’t want him to get the ball and get one-on-one drives.”

· Ferrell continues to prove his value as a two-way player: Offense wasn’t a big part of Yogi Ferrell’s game as a freshman, but he was one of Indiana’s better defenders. As a sophomore, Ferrell is routinely guarding some of the league’s best perimeter players while also carrying a huge load offensively for Indiana.

On Sunday, his work on Stauskas defensively was pivotal and his incredible offensive display was the best so far this season in Assembly Hall. Ferrell hit seven 3-pointers, a layup in the second half and 4-of-6 free throws on his way to a game-high 27 points.

“He’s terrific. He only took 10 shots, had 27 points, and ran his team, even in shot clock time he made big shots, huge shots,” Michigan coach John Beilein said.

· Indiana embraced the pace: The Hoosiers pushed the tempo in the non-conference portion of the schedule and have even done so at times in the Big Ten. On Sunday, Indiana had just 55 possessions, its lowest total of the season and delivered one of its top offensive games in Big Ten play with 1.14 points per possession.

Given its well-documented turnover woes and its inefficiency in transition, Indiana is best served playing stellar defense and getting its offense in the halfcourt rather than trying to force tempo unnecessarily. That was exactly what happened on Sunday as the Hoosiers scored 1.34 points per possession on the Wolverines in the second half with just six turnovers.

· Free throws and offensive rebounding shined through after halftime: Through 20 minutes, Indiana failed to take a free throw and didn’t have one second chance point despite four offensive rebounds. That changed in the second half as Indiana took 15 free throws and carved up the Wolverines for nine second chance points off of five offensive rebounds.

In total, Indiana was able to post a free throw rate of 34 percent, which was six percent higher than Big Ten opponents had been achieving against Michigan coming in, and an offensive rebounding percentage of 39.1, nearly nine percent higher than Wolverine opponents had been averaging in league play.

· Vonleh’s rebounding was once again huge: IU’s star freshman wasn’t great offensively with his back to the basket, but he was again a major force with his rebounding. Vonleh finished with 12 rebounds, three of the offensive variety, on his way to another double-double of 10 points and 12 rebounds.

The most impressive, and perhaps most important, rebound of Vonleh’s afternoon came in the game’s final minute when he dunked in a missed free throw by Ferrell to put the game out of reach at 61-52.

Game highlights, with Don Fischer on the call:

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  • pbhuff

    Height doesn’t rule Yogi out, it just makes him more of a gamble, which is why GM’s will shy away from him.

    Any attempts to compare Yogi to Burke miss the mark, because Burke had a huge freshman year (leading scorer on a team that tied for the regular season BT title). Essentially, Burke had 2 years of high level play before leaving, not to mention being more consistent over that time span than Yogi has been.

  • deebo

    Chris Paul only one that left early

  • dssnyder1

    this is a “for what it’s worth post” I went over to the UM hoops board and read what wolverine fans had to say about their loss to IU. there are plenty of fans on that board calling out their coach for not having the guts to scream at their players and also questioning his defense strategy. there were over 500 posts after the loss many questioning their players integrity and abilities. while others are taking it all in stride and not jumping off the cliff. my point is fans are the same all over the country regardless of who they pull for.

  • dssnyder1

    can’t we all just get along?
    he says sarcastically

  • Dave Carnes

    The fact that he doesn’t see the court his shooting is spotty and he isn’t athletic enough to play pro ball at 5 10

  • Dave Carnes

    Count me blind.If Yogi were a pro point he should get at least one lob assist per game. His assist to turnover ratio is horrific

  • Dee McDonald

    You’d probably be more accurate if you took what should happen and say exactly the opposite. Sadly. Let’s hope I’m not right. I like 6-3 the rest of the way out. The scary thing is that they could also win all 9! If we find some consistency and Yogi plays the way he did yesterday, nobody’s gonna want to play us come March.

  • Rie

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Marlin saw the court before Gordon. If this is true, then the action was nothing more than a horrible sub pattern. Marlin and Howard on the court at the same time should never be rationalized. Furthermore, I know it is harsh, but Marlin should not really see the court in general. Howard has earned limited time through playing tough and doing the little things, but Marlin is simply a liability.

    If Crean was trying to make a point to the players, then the crowd was trying to make a point to Crean. We all know who was right. If he was honestly trying to make a point, he could have subbed plenty of other players in that are not a detriment in trying to win a conference game. I honestly hope the rotation is permanently shortened in terms of the main guys, but, you know, “fool me thrice…”.

  • CreanFaithful

    LOL! What are you talking about? Yogi is lightning fast. No matter who is on the call, they always talk about his elite athleticism and bulked up frame. He is an excellent defender and has a nice stroke. Not only can he bury shots, but he also has the ability to create his own. Thank goodness for that, or UM likely beats us on Sunday…

  • CreanFaithful

    Nice measurement! Must have at least one lob per game to be an NBA point. Got it… thanks!

  • CreanFaithful

    Yogi is 3rd in the league in scoring. Gary Harris is #1. Yogi shoots a better FG, 3PT and FT% than Harris. “Spotty”

  • Court Storming Hoosier

    My number one take away:

  • PDXHoosier

    I agree. he has great skill (including dribbling), but he has turned it over many times trying to make his spin move into the lane. It just gets too crowded for him to put in on the floor in the lane

  • Snookafly

    I don’t know about “teaching him a lesson,” but I do think that coaches develop a level of myopia which is hard to break. CTC probably does not listen to much of what fans say about his coaching specifics, but when 17,000 people who are supposed to be one your side start booing you I would imagine you take notice. He makes millions of dollars based on performance AND his ability to appease the fan base.

  • Dave Carnes

    A lob assists requires court awareness.Knowing where a player is going to be at not where he is. The point guard has to look the pass off.A player that gets one or two a game has got it. A player that never has any doesn’t.

  • Dave Carnes

    Yogi was listed as 5 10 in high school.

  • Dave Carnes

    Yes spotty.Yet still the best on our team.

  • Dave Carnes

    No doubt MU would have run us out of our gym without him.I do not see him as athletic as some I also don’t see him as a good enough dribbler to play pro.His drive is great but when teams pack down low he doesn’t create for others and please look at the turnovers.

  • Dave Carnes

    They hit him twice there in the second half.

  • Dave Carnes

    If you try to back us down one of our athletes will come over and take the ball from you.

  • Tomcanola

    I think most IU fans feel the same way but then …..Beiliein says that Crean did a wonderful job on defense showing him stuff that he hasn’t seen before at MI! My point we are all critical of our offense because we know what the Bob Knight motion looked like and now we see 5 guys standing around passing the ball at the top of the key pretty much accomplishing nothing. But on the other side of the coin our defense held a team that averages over 70 points a game to 52. What I am finding is the minute you give up on Crean he pulls off one of these games. He is a better coach than meets OUR eyes.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I do agree with not having 4 subs all at once but it was mentioned above about the tv timeout coming up and CTC addressed that he needed to give his guys a rest. We are not deep at the 1 and 2, that is way Marlin came in, HMP can hold his own as well as Howard for just 2 MINUTES…and then the tv time out. Then he put back his line up in. It wasn’t during a crucial point of the game anyway and we still won.

    I do have to admit as everyone has question his subs patterns throughout the season. One thing that is never discussed is how young our team is plus our starting lineup can’t play 35 plus minutes a game…and we are playing with 11 Fresh/soph’s.
    Think about it…they have never played together for an entire season and even our Soph’s last year, we had 3 of them set out for 1/3 of the season. They are getting valuable minutes for the future , if we want to be great next year than they have to have playing time experience. Not that we don’t have a chance this year but I think most of us would agree we would be lucky to make it to the sweet 16.
    Rip away…..

    We are the 2nd youngest team in the B1G the toughest conference and the 12th youngest team out of 351 NCAA nation wide. They all need playing time now to learn how to play with one another for our future, otherwise we’ll then let’s just play Yogi, HV, TW, Sheehey and fill in the blank for 30 plus minutes and see what happens. CTC has to work with what he has and plan for the future as well, not that we shouldn’t be concerned about this season.
    Just a thought to throw out there.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Question: Why was Mr. Larry B. at the game? Who was he looking at? I don’t recall him being at any other IU game?
    I think Yogi has at least one more year and NV will have one more as well. This will raise NV stock in a great NBA recruiting year and another year under his belt.

  • CreamandCrimson

    There were two teams playing on Sunday so it could have been multiple guys from the Wolverines and Hoosiers…he could have been looking at Noah Vonleh, Glenn Robinson III, Nik Stauskas and Yogi. Or he could have just been watching basketball on an off-day for the Pacers.

  • IUJeff

    Let’s keep him a secret.
    He is a large key to IUs final four run next year..

  • IUJeff

    This team will not overcome the inconsistency soon enough to win out. And Yogi likely will never go 7 for 8 from 3 again.
    So I like DMs predictions but will say we go 5 and 4 the rest of the way then win 1 or 2 in the B1G tourney (would love to get the first title there for sure tho).
    At PU is the one I want most of all. Keep it rollin against Purdue!!

  • IUJeff

    If you mean winning out then no, we can’t keep it up. And no Crean has not figured it all out yet. He is figuring it out though.
    Having Stan start over JH is huge. Having Yogi play the 2 and Stan at the 1 in a lot of the half court sets against MU was huge as well.
    If he keeps Stan, Yogi, Noah and Will on the court for 35 mins each per game, he will have figured something else out IMO.
    The defensive gem against MU may work like the one against Wisconsin and start MU on a skid. MSU or Iowa will thank Crean for that one.

  • kbb247

    I do not disagree with you that they need rest. The problem is that this team has trouble scoring the ball with the “best” players on the floor. Almost everyone’s problem, including mine, is the wholesale changes that has about a zero chance of scoring. That can’t happen, and shouldn’t happen. It isn’t that hard to to get guys rest without having to sub 4 guys out at a time. Every time he has done that this year, nothing good has come from it. He needs to have a 9 (preferably) or 10 player rotation. Will, Troy, Evan, Stan, NV, JH, and Yogi can all play multiple positions. This isn’t rocket science, and isn’t that hard to figure out. With TV timeouts and possibly burning a timeout there is no excuse to ever have a lineup out there like that.

  • Hoosierfan2335

    because the other freshmen he is often compared to are on much better teams.

  • CreanFaithful

    Take a look at these numbers for Jahii Carson, a 5’10” sophomore at ASU, currently projected early second round pick on DraftExpress:

    PPG 19.1, FG% 45, 3PT% 42, APG 4.6, TPG 3.6, SPG .6

    How are those numbers any better than Yogi’s? Against lesser competition at that…

  • CreanFaithful

    Considering almost all players hit less shots than they make, you could call any shooter “spotty.” That’s why we use shooting averages…

  • CreanFaithful

    I understand. I just think that is an arbitrary measurement for a player being NBA ready.

  • CreanFaithful

    I agree that it is nice to be known as an “educated fan base.” I dislike when it is used by a said fan to validate a point they want to make…

  • Dave Carnes

    They are similar that is true.One thing about Jahali have you ever seen the ease in which he gets off the floor to dunk.Remember those same people who project him as second round don’t think Yogi will play pro.I love IU too but I don’t see the talent that you do in this guy.He is good Imo not elite.

  • mckillio

    In hindsight, it really urks me that Crean didn’t have them playing half court ball from the beginning of the season. You obviously knew we were young and I’m sure it was at least some what noticeable in practice. Why not have them start out slow and then speed up?

  • Dave Carnes

    Also ASU schedule is ranked a little higher than ours

  • Dave Carnes

    I am afraid for the guy” McGary” that he will go back down the draft board next year. Kind of a case for going when you can.Although NV is a can’t miss stud

  • Dave Carnes

    My guess he was looking at Robinson.Tall can shoot outside.

  • Dave Carnes

    Not likely watching for fun his back is really and he can’t sit much.

  • GaHoosier

    That would explain his poor shooting of late and also several of his poor turnovers against Nebraska.

  • pcantidote

    Just wondering if you have still yet to encounter the I hate CTC crowd at ITH?

  • VAHoosier

    Well, I’ll admit that the criticisms of CTC reached an unprecedented level after the PSU loss. And some of them went overboard. But the sheer volume (and the absence of those defending him) now gives them some legitimacy, I think. And, by and large, I still agree with them, and I certainly would not say about myself that “I hate CTC.” In fact, many of the criticisms are qualified with statements about what a great recruiter he is, or good a person he is in general. So, again, I think it is nonconstructive and a little immature to simply dismiss those who criticize the coach as simply being “haters.”