• MillaRed

    So we spent all week discussing how good they are at shooting threes then played zone most of the game. OK Coach.

  • William Hagenmaier

    lots of excuses

  • srhise

    horrendous all around press conference

  • TJK4489

    Since 90% of the post game discussion is on how the defense cost the Hoosiers the game, and Nebraska only scored 60 points, I am going to assume that Crean has given up on having any semblance of an offense. Nevermind that IU only scored 55 for the game (keep in mind the help of two ridiculous banked three pointers) and 23 in the second half. The elephant in the room is how horrible the offense is (shooting, turnovers, weave up top, etc.), but we continue to hear about the defense. Personally, I think that holding opponents to 60 points or under would garner a very high winning percentage.

  • Barancy Peloma

    well folks, here is the deal with tom crean.
    his ENTIRE offensive strategy revolves around fast break transition buckets.
    if the other team can force his squads into a half-court game, crean is toast because he just has no idea what a half-court strategy looks like. i am NOT exaggerating about that either.
    tom crean fans/defenders, ask yourself this question:
    Q: when was the last time you saw an iu player under tom crean set a screen or pick?

    A: never- you have never seen it and you NEVER will. he flat out does not believe in them even though other teams have used them on us multiple times and with great effect. the closest you will ever see resembling a half-court offense from clappy is a three man weave (practice drill) which fools no team.

    Q: have you noticed that time and again that when forced into playing half-court , we can go for very long stretches without scoring a single point?

    A: it happens every year with him and it happened at Marquette too. it all goes back to the fact that half-court offense is not even given any consideration from clappy- it is all about pushing the ball up for those transition hoops.

    ctc is a one-trick pony.

  • srhise

    Your sensationalist comment should be removed. We set on-ball screens all the time. Also, when we get good rotations I have seen Tom Crean teams play very well in the half court. I think it is the inconsistent approach and weird communication that is concerning with Crean.

  • Mattcolliu

    A lot of the turnovers, but not all, seem to be when guys try to force their way to the bucket, dribble into trouble, from Crean’s offensive, and I mean offensive, set. He demands driving to the hole, but we don’t use screens other than at the point to open things up, allow guys to help each other get open. So, we find ourselves reversing the ball (general a good concept), but getting stuck in corners or at bad angles and driving 1 on 1 or into help defense. I also HATE the drive along baseline they employ, then try to whip it side-armed to a supposedly waiting open teammate. Adjustments need to be made- c’mon. In general, the defense has improved (60 pts), with some lapses. But offense and incoherent subbing patterns have to stop.

  • Mattcolliu

    It seems obvious to everyone but the coach and his staff that he doesn’t have a credible offensive strategy or effective solutions to adjustments made in-game by opposing coaches. When have you ever left a game saying to yourself- “wow, when we decided to change that (insert offensive change-up), we really started to put their defense on their heels”, or “man, that move was a game-changer”? I don’t recall it. I do recall thinking many times, “wow, they (insert opponent) dialed up the defensive pressure or went whatever, and we just couldn’t figure it out from then on”.