• Ole Man

    Poor Will. I feel so sorry for him after the success of the past two years. He deserves better.

  • John Temple

    No coaching staff can guarantee a team won’t have a letdown after a big win. But, at home, against one of the worst offensive teams in the conference. Only Vonleh played with any consistency and he didn’t have enough touches in the first half. It is one thing to claim the young players weren’t mature enough, but what about their leaders – Ferrell & Sheehy? Sheehy is a senior and both he and Ferrell played overseas this year with a US team on tour. I’m not buying that excuse anymore. First off, even the freshmen are 18 games into the season now and should have figured out by now that this team plays best when it plays with aggression, yet time after time they let the Wildcats dictate the tempo, were out rebounded and settled far too often for long three point shots that they’ve shown repeatedly they can’t hit with any success. After showing their strength is peed and driving to the basket for layups and forced fouls in the Wisconsin win, they settled again for a half speed tempo and jump shots. Yes, the Wildcats are physical and play solid defense. Their new coach has to be given much credit for what he has done with very slim athletic talent. But lets get real, they should never be able to bang with the Hoosiers on the boards, yet they did. Since HMP has shown an increased floor awareness in the last several games, why is he being wasted on the bench? shouldn’t he be playing alongside Vonleh, preventing them from crashing 3-4 players every possession on the talented freshman. Wouldn’t his defense and rebounding have helped open up the middle of the floor? And why oh why is Williams starting over Robinson? Right now he is a turnover waiting to happen and plays to recklessly to have any significant impact. Yet, Robinson, who demonstrated he can get to the rim and has a better short jumper, languishes on the bench for large portions of the game. I’m sorry, but this is just bad coaching and poor game management. Crean needs to take a step back and really look at what he has before they completely crash and burn.