Video, Quotes: IU players react to win over Wisconsin

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Yogi Ferrell (25 points, four assists), Stanford Robinson (13 points, five rebounds) and Will Sheehey (13 points, six rebounds and three assists) met with the media following Indiana’s 75-72 win over No. 3 Wisconsin on Tuesday night at Assembly Hall.

Watch their comments in the media player below:

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For all three of you, what was working off the rim? They just couldn’t keep you away from the thing?

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: We just wanted to transition and try to score in the first five, six seconds. Me, Stan, Will, Evan, guys like that bringing the ball up. We just wanted to keep attacking the rim. We noticed they weren’t really helping off. We just wanted to go to the rim.

What was working to cut down on the turnovers?

Will Sheehey: It’s some of the things we work on every day. Just because we had nine tonight doesn’t mean we’re not going to continue to working on it. Really just guys continuing to move the ball, playing smart, and just really playing well here.

What does it mean to finally end the slump you’ve had against Wisconsin from ’07 and to get a big win like this?

Will Sheehey: It’s something we’ve been working for all season. We’ve played some games where we’ve played some tough opponents and haven’t gotten it done. So we knew what it takes. Really we just stuck to our game plan throughout the whole time. Yogi obviously made some big plays. Stanford came off the bench and killed it tonight.

So really if we have guys that are committed to doing what we’ve been doing, committed to the game plan, playing hard, playing smart, we’re going to win games.

Stan, talk about your aggressiveness? It seemed like every time you had the ball you were able to go to the basket and it was there for you.

Stanford Robinson: Well, Yogi and Will told me in the beginning of the game that the lanes were open and they told me to just keep going because that’s one of my strong points. So two of my leaders telling me to just keep going, I felt like I had the freedom to just be me.

How much did the energy in the Hall help you guys during the game?

Stanford Robinson: For me, being the first time in Assembly Hall with that atmosphere, I know that helped me personally and then the team as well. It joined us together down the stretch. Because I mean, I’m sure everybody was tired. Just hearing that crowd go crazy like that, I know I got a lot of energy. I wasn’t tired after that one.

What does this performance and the win say about how far you guys have come at the end of the year? What’s it say about what you’ll be able to do in the Big Ten?

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: We’ve come very far, had a lot of early losses, but I felt like we learned from that just watching film. We’re going to take this win and be grateful for it. We’ve been working hard in practice, but we’re not going to be content with it. We’ll just be in the gym and practicing because we know we have some tough opponents coming up.

Kind of following that, what’s it mean for this team and what did this team take from Penn State in being able to close that game to what it was able to do tonight make big shots late and free throws late?

Will Sheehey: Yeah, obviously having young guys and getting those games very close and even the way we called it back I think we were down 15 twice in that game. Just the way those guys know that you can win games regardless of what the score is really helped us. The more games that they had that are close like that definitely helps those guys.

Yogi and I played in a bunch of games like that, but for the younger guys to know that the game is not over at a certain point really helps.

You missed your first seven threes before you finally hit that eighth one. Any hesitation before you shot that last one?

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: No, not really. I felt like I was open and pulled it. I felt like most of my threes kind of felt good, just weren’t going in. So if I had to make one three, I was glad it was that last one.

What gave you the confidence that kept you going because for most of the day you were shooting the ball.

Kevin Yogi Ferrell: I just tried to have an aggressive mindset really. I knew some of my lay ups weren’t going to fall early, but I wasn’t going to let that get to me. I was trying to get to the rim and put some points up on the board or kick it out. That’s just the mindset I always have.

The way you played these guys a lot of times, how different was the dynamic and style in any other IU Wisconsin game you’ve been in?

Will Sheehey: They’re a talented team. They know what they’re doing, and they stick to their game plan as well. I don’t think the pace of the game was that much different than normal. Maybe they played a little faster, but they really stick to their principles and they do what they do. We stuck to ours today and didn’t try to have one guy take it over or anything. The way the ball moved, it’s tough to be in moving like that.

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  • One of my favorite plays was the Hanner blocked shot. It was like ‘get that weak sh** outta here’ I mean that was so clean and underneath.. and right when we needed a stop.. I like that kid. Hope he can become a bigger contributor.. We need that when Noah comes out. he’ll also be a bright spot for next year.

  • GeneralRMK

    I will look past the name calling and ask you a question: So, Hollowell CANNOT leave IU because you know what’s best for him, his development as a player, his responsiveness to coaching, his overall happiness? That’s what I gather from your comment.

    I never said he should transfer – in fact, if No. 33 returns to the floor in Cream and Crimson, I will root for him to be successful and reach his full potential. That is a fact.

    But after a year and a half together, it is painfully obvious Crean and Hollowell don’t work well for each other (at least, not yet). I’m sure the coaching staff has exhausted all the possibilities to get Jeremy to perform up to the level of his abilities – long-term benching is, and should be, the last alternative. He has shown flashes, but clearly no consistency or willingness to perform at a high level for IU each and every game.

    You and Tom and have thrown around the words “discipline” and “disciplinary action.” That’s unfortunate, as you have absolutely no evidence Jeremy has committed a violation with his conduct personally or in the classroom. This is strictly a performance issue, and I have been commenting on his performance – much like people in these discussions comment on Crean’s coaching, when obviously he is the one employed and I venture to guess zero percent of the participants here have ever coached, let alone been paid to do so.

    The ceding of playing time is not a consequence of discipline in Hollowell’s case – it is a matter of self motivation and determination.

    And before you slap a sign on me again, let me remind you the prices we pay for tickets, the money we spend on concessions, the support we give the university allows him to have a free education. As I support, I shall be entitled to a voice.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Entitlement to a voice does not change the fact you posted derogatory statements. And saying you “never said” he should transfer is negated by your well wishing “wherever he plays next year”. The implication of that is clear, your semantics over never stating it outright is a dodge. You are held to what you actually said, not your excuse for it, and that’s why you got a sign slapped on you.

    Don’t like it? You earned it. You got legit criticism. Explanations after the fact don’t change what you did.

  • JWalts

    “Your opinion is incorrect.” Thought that was worth pointing out.