Video, Quotes: Bo Ryan reacts to loss to Indiana

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Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan met with the media following his team’s 75-72 loss to Indiana on Tuesday night at Assembly Hall.

Watch his comments in the media player below:

Quotes are available after the jump.

On the issues the Badgers faced down the stretch:

I think our guys were worrying about fouls. The way it was being called, our guys became so tentative. It really surprised me that our guys were not playing the way we normally play. They were taking away our driving lanes. The key was, though, that they still had to hit some threes, and they did. I don’t know if it was back-to-back, but Yogi Ferrell and Will Sheehey hit two big threes in one stretch there. Defensively on the threes I thought we were doing a pretty decent job. Their getting into driving lines was what really hurt us.

On Yogi Ferrell:

He reminds of me how Jordan Taylor played for us. Yogi does the things that Taylor did, and if you’re playing a player who can do those things you have to find a way to stop it. Today Yogi was able to get things done. I thought our shot selection was good tonight; there really aren’t many shots I’d like to have back. It would have been nice to get to the free throw line a little more, though.

On their final possession:

If Trey went under, there was a switch planned off the ball. When you’re down three you can’t wait to try to tie it with 10 seconds to go because you need an offensive rebound if it doesn’t go. We had another action going, but if Jackson had an open look he was good to take it. We got the rebound and then another good look, but I think Ben (Brust) was a little confused where exactly his feet were before he shot it. He knew we needed a three, but he hesitated to try and make sure his feet were behind the line. When the clock is ticking in your head like that, time speeds up. He felt like there was just two seconds left instead of eight. He also wanted to give us time for a third chance if need be.

On what he takes from the game tonight:

We have some guys who are freshmen and they are young. Nigel Hayes, who hasn’t really seen this kind of environment yet, I thought he handled himself pretty well. I think we needed a little bit more help scoring off the bench, but even more than that we needed help defensively from other players. I think the guys that struggled will get better defensively as we progress.

On giving up a 10 point lead in the second half:

There were six or seven possessions in a row that we gave up. When you’re on the road you can’t do that. And when you do give those up, you have to find another way to win. There are a lot of things you tell your team that they can’t get away with. If you do two of those things, you still have a chance. If you do five of those things, you won’t get it done. Not in this league and not on the road.

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  • Indiana_Banners

    Best video ever? Best video ever.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    WHAT’S UP BO!!! funny how much difference a fairly called game makes, ain’t it?

    seriously, how can this guy complain? for years, he got every call under the sun against us! o well, makes the win that much more enjoyable. keep whining, dude!

  • adam

    Classic bo blaming the refs…like he doesn’t get any calls at the kohl center. Stay classy bo.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    BO KNOWS… to be a crybaby!

  • WhatsUpKnight

    would it be undignified to troll the wiscy message boards tonight? just curious

  • Snookafly

    Your team couldn’t play defense because your “guys were so worried about the fouls?” You had to foul twice in the last minute just to reach the bonus, so what are you talking about?

  • WhatsUpKnight

    that was some serious whining! can’t stand the guy, but thought he had more class.

  • Bryan

    I felt bad for the kid that asked the question “you had an 8 point lead at one point” and trailed off.

    But Bo crying about his team being afraid to foul was priceless.

  • Brklynhoosier

    As undignified as storming the court… you don’t wanna do it, you know it’s wrong, but… omigod, it’s WISCONSIN…

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I scream at the TV that I hate Wisconsin as Yogi is tackled (no call) followed by a decent defensive play by Gordon trying to stop a layup (foul). I scream at the TV that I hate Wisconsin when Evan is called for a phantom charge when the player goes down without contact followed by their player running us over 5 minutes later . . . no call!

    They still got some calls on our home floor, but Bo just doesn’t know what to do when he doesn’t get EVERY call EVERY game. It’s why they never go anywhere in the tournament because they can’t play their rugby style ball in the tournament!

  • Jeff Smith

    Bo Whining!!!!

  • WhatsUpKnight

    i hear you, but maybe just this once…

  • WhatsUpKnight

    he should change his name to Bo Cryin. horrible joke, sorry

  • Bryan

    Bizarro world. We play Wisconsin and we’re the aggressor, getting some timely calls, and working them on the interior.

    No wonder Coach Crean was so animated when we started screwing around with perimeter shots early in the second half. The Badgers parted like the red sea whenever Yogi or Stan wanted to drive. All IU had to do was be patient enough to set up space for them to do so.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    so does CTC get some love tonight (AE substitution for NV aside)? how bout Big Stan? i swear, the team looks and plays entirely different when he’s on the floor. love that kid!

  • Jeff Smith

    We took advantage of what they gave us.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    dude, no doubt!! crazy case of role reversal tonight.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    My thoughts exactly! IU barely got to the line despite shooting a majority of the shots inside the paint!

  • IU80

    Not an impressive or professional Q&A session by Bo.

  • Chris Cleveland

    Seriously dislike a person who can’t give credit where credit is due. IU beat them hands down. Bo Ryan is a loser!

  • Daburns0

    I thought they were getting all the calls. Was he watching a different game than I was.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    yeah, they still got plenty of calls actually

  • 5_Banners

    Yea, time where Yogi took it in against Kaminsky late in the second half and got hammered…no call?? Then the ensuing possession Kaminsky gets a three point play on the other end.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    I’m down. Got a link?

  • 5_Banners

    Great point.

  • 5_Banners

    Hey! thanks for explaining this a little better. I posted that same play sequence above. I was screaming at the TV, too. Just awful.

  • AUKevin

    Love hearing Bo gripe about how tightly they were calling the game, when
    only called 16 fouls on wisky and national average is 19.

  • SilverAtlanta

    You say Bo is whining then blaming the refs for IU losing to his team 12 times in a row? Come on people, Bo Ryan’s teams are well prepared, play their game and normally force IU to play their game. Do you think Wisconsin has better athletes than IU? I’m an IU fan, but give Bo Ryan credit for what he does with whom he has to play the game, the BS about refs only discredits IU’s efforts.

  • Chris Cleveland

    Pay attention! Everyone is saying Bo Ryan always whines about officiating when his team loses, and, if you watch their press conferences you would understand what is being said about Bo. I’ll give Bo Ryan credit when he starts giving other teams credit for beating Wisconsin because they played better. Did you hear him say one time Indiana outplayed them and were better tonight?

  • SCHoosier

    I loved it when Crean used the bench to show Yogi that those quick jumpers could be fatal..especially when he’s not “on.” Yogi came back over.

  • SCHoosier

    There are plays like that every game..and Ryan does what every coach does..tries to get every call. Works better at home than on the road though. IU got some great calls in the first so much the second.

  • SCHoosier

    Actually I thought his sideline behavior was pretty calm for him and his post game comments realistic given he’d just lost the #3 ranking. It’s ok to dislike Bo and he is a whiner..but handled himself pretty well last night I thought. “It would have been nice to get to the line more often” not a radical comment.

  • Penny Stryzek

    I don’t think Wisconsin was well prepared Tuesday night. I wonder if Wisconsin was over looking IU to the next game (Michigan). The players were slow (no hustle) and had deer in the headlights look. And Bo Ryan didnot adjust.

  • SilverAtlanta

    Funny thing about the media covering teams, they ask questions about the team they are covering…When was Ryan asked about how IU played?…He wasn’t…. You live for the approbation of the opposing coach, and expect the Wisconsin beat writers to ask him about IU?…REALLY?…I guess that makes the guy who has whipped IU’s tails the last 12 meetings a bad coach, I’ll forward your depth of comment to the press in Madison and Milwaukee, I am certain they’ll ask the question next press conference so you’ll feel better about Ryan!

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I don’t think a coach should ever complain about the Zebra’s only us fans. I live in Southern Ind and get to hear all about pUKe and listen to their, just can’t say his name, complain constantly about not only the ref’s but everything under the sun.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I didn’t get to see, won’t say his name, commits after the game but when Ark beat pUKe and the fans rushed the court that was a game that had the home court cooking. I even wished that we had SEC Zebra’s over B1G’s.
    If we got that kind of cooking at home we would be not unbeatable but close. IU seems like it never gets the calls even when we play games in CTC first two years I was at 1/3 of the games and can remember the call’s.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    He should start over TW and JH. New starting line up:
    yogi, NV, WS, Gordon, Stan the man.

  • kwang

    It’s Bo cRyan!

  • kwang

    Bo got out-coached.

  • MillaRed

    Like I said guys, my wife is a Badger fan. We watch every game. This game was officiated just like the others. Problem is, there is so much home cooking in The Kohl Center it makes you wanna puke. People here brag about it.

    You want more FTs? Stop jacking 20 footers all day. We were more athletic, quicker, hungrier and deeper. You are not deep at all. You were exhausted. Deal with it.

    The guy beats us 12 in a row and he opens with that. He’s a worm.

  • MillaRed

    If you watched the post game Jay Williams was all over that.

  • MillaRed

    Translation, “Before the new rules, you know, the rules that have been in the rule book for 100 years that we just started using? We shoved, grabbed and bumped people all over the court. Now that we have to follow the rules we can’t stop these quick and athletic players. Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

  • MillaRed

    Can someone explain the foul call when UW threw the ball out of bounds on the baseline late in the 2nd half? I looked at that 10 times and have no idea what happened. Terrible.