Video, Quotes: Bo Ryan reacts to loss to Indiana

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Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan met with the media following his team’s 75-72 loss to Indiana on Tuesday night at Assembly Hall.

Watch his comments in the media player below:

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On the issues the Badgers faced down the stretch:

I think our guys were worrying about fouls. The way it was being called, our guys became so tentative. It really surprised me that our guys were not playing the way we normally play. They were taking away our driving lanes. The key was, though, that they still had to hit some threes, and they did. I don’t know if it was back-to-back, but Yogi Ferrell and Will Sheehey hit two big threes in one stretch there. Defensively on the threes I thought we were doing a pretty decent job. Their getting into driving lines was what really hurt us.

On Yogi Ferrell:

He reminds of me how Jordan Taylor played for us. Yogi does the things that Taylor did, and if you’re playing a player who can do those things you have to find a way to stop it. Today Yogi was able to get things done. I thought our shot selection was good tonight; there really aren’t many shots I’d like to have back. It would have been nice to get to the free throw line a little more, though.

On their final possession:

If Trey went under, there was a switch planned off the ball. When you’re down three you can’t wait to try to tie it with 10 seconds to go because you need an offensive rebound if it doesn’t go. We had another action going, but if Jackson had an open look he was good to take it. We got the rebound and then another good look, but I think Ben (Brust) was a little confused where exactly his feet were before he shot it. He knew we needed a three, but he hesitated to try and make sure his feet were behind the line. When the clock is ticking in your head like that, time speeds up. He felt like there was just two seconds left instead of eight. He also wanted to give us time for a third chance if need be.

On what he takes from the game tonight:

We have some guys who are freshmen and they are young. Nigel Hayes, who hasn’t really seen this kind of environment yet, I thought he handled himself pretty well. I think we needed a little bit more help scoring off the bench, but even more than that we needed help defensively from other players. I think the guys that struggled will get better defensively as we progress.

On giving up a 10 point lead in the second half:

There were six or seven possessions in a row that we gave up. When you’re on the road you can’t do that. And when you do give those up, you have to find another way to win. There are a lot of things you tell your team that they can’t get away with. If you do two of those things, you still have a chance. If you do five of those things, you won’t get it done. Not in this league and not on the road.

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