• HoosierTrav

    Kid can flat out score. I’m not quite buying the early hype that he’s going to be better than Eric though. Let’s see how his body develops. He’s only a soph. Ours to lose I believe.

  • Rie

    He has a clean stroke and uses his body well in the post, but apart from scoring and strength, most sites have him as a four star recruit and around number thirty in the country. Anyone know the prospects of him rising up the recruiting boards? Most of the main sites are pretty outdated in their scouting, so I figure it is possible.

    How cool would that be to have all three of the Gordon brothers play at IU? (would be even funnier if they netted three seasons total)

  • Lookn4banner6

    Not that impressed. Getting tired of these overhyped music infused videos of recruits. I mean right now I could put together a really nice video of some of Indiana’s freshman, put some music behind it and amaze a lot of people, but that does not win championships. We need to start living in the present and stop hoping what the future will bring.

  • Steve Fischer

    I agree videos can make anyone look good, even actors; nevertheless I’d be willing to take a chance on him assuming he continues to improve.

  • Btown88

    I’m in Carmer for a few days. The Indy Star had Zero high school sports coverage. What gives? I’m considering going to a high school game tonight or Friday. Any suggestions of big games, preferably with IU hopefuls?

  • lookn4banner6

    Have to agree saying a sophmore in high school is going to be better then his NBA All-star brother is definitely a stretch.

  • PV Mike

    The person who has actually said this is Eric himself. I am sure this is just brotherly love. I do think he will be something special by the time he is a senior. His body has really matured since last year as a freshman.

  • sometimes I comment

    Yeah the Indy Star has really given up on being a newspaper; I am a subscriber and they sent me a survey to rate what I needed from the newspaper and I said “local sports” and the survey then asked me to explain why I chose local sports as an important feature. Since there was no box marked “because where else will the local sports be published?”, I pretty much gave up on the survey and the newspaper.

  • Gerald

    It’s a highlight video lol

  • CreamandCrimson

    I assume you mean “Carmel” and based on that assumption, Carmel hosts Center Grove on the 10th. No “big names” (although they have a terrific shooter named Ryan Cline) but Carmel is a terrific program and they’re a lot of fun to watch. Lawrence Central (and 2016 target, Kyle Guy) is hosting Columbus North. North Central (and Eron Gordon) are at Ben Davis. Hamilton Southeastern (with Zach Gunn) is playing at home on Saturday at 5:30 if you’re still looking for a game at that point.

    There’s some options….have fun!

  • SCHoosier

    U have to take them for what they are certainly .But it’s nice to see these young players in action and make judgments for ourselves about their potential. I don’t expect highlite tapes to show a lot of bad plays and errors..but I do expect the players to be making some given their ages and experience. I can remember JH’s tape (and others)..showed him knocking down a bunch of three’s having all day to get it off..and nary a defender anywhere close…so all factors have to be put in the proper perspective.

  • Schwindy